Aerial Photography in the Still Pictures Branch

While the Cartographic Branch holds the majority of aerial photography held at the National Archives, the Still Pictures Branch also holds a large amount of aerial photography. The Still Pictures holdings are particularly strong on Air Force bombing. See more about these photographs below.

Record Groups

Record Group 18: Records of the Army Air Forces

Record Group 26: Records of the U.S. Coast Guard

Record Group 35: Records of the Civilian Conservation Corps

Record Group 38: Records of the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations

Record Group 42: Records of the Office of Public Buildings and Public Parks of the National Capital

Record Group 71: Records of the Bureau of Yards and Docks

Record Group 72: Records of the Bureau of Aeronautics

Record Group 77: Records of the Office of the Chief of Engineers

Record Group 80: General Records of the Department of the Navy

Record Group 111: Records of the Office of the Chief Signal Officer

Record Group 127: Records of the U.S. Marine Corps

Record Group 156: Records of the Office of the Chief of Ordnance

Record Group 165: Records of the War Department General and Special Staffs

Record Group 169: Records of the Foreign Economic Administration

Record Group 171: Records of the Office of Civilian Defense

Record Group 181: Records of Naval Districts and Shore Establishments

Record Group 185: Records of the Panama Canal

Record Group 196: Records of the Public Housing Administration

Record Group 208: Records of the Office of War Information

Record Group 220: Records of Temporary Committees, Commissions, and Boards

Record Group 226: Records of the Office of Strategic Services

Record Group 237: Records of the Federal Aviation Administration

Record Group 242: National Archives Collection of Foreign Records Seized

Record Group 255: Records of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Record Group 260: Records of U.S. Occupation Headquarters, World War II

Record Group 270: Records of the War Assets Administration

Record Group 286: Records of the Agency for International Development

Record Group 306: Records of the U.S. Information Agency

Record Group 319: Records of the Army Staff

Record Group 326: Records of the Atomic Energy Commission

Record Group 336: Records of the Office of the Chief of Transportation

Record Group 337: Records of Headquarters Army Ground Forces

Record Group 342: Records of U.S. Air Force Commands, Activities, and Organizations

Record Group 370: Records of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Record Group 374: Records of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency

Record Group 378: Records of the Economic Development Administration

Record Group 393: Records of U.S. Army Continental Commands

Record Group 407: Records of the Adjutant General's Office

Record Group 412: Records of the Environmental Protection Agency

Record Group 418: Records of St. Elizabeths Hospital

Record Group 428: General Records of the Department of the Navy

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