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Deck Log Resources

The National Archives has several resources that may assist researchers with researching Navy Deck Logs. Provided below are links to additional resources divided into categories such as veterans research, genealogy research, and historical research. We encourage researchers to explore the links below and discover more ways to research Navy Deck Logs. 

Log Books of the U.S. Navy and Other Vessels

Navy Ship Deck Logs: Navy Deck Logs Available in the National Archives Catalog

Navy Ship Deck Logs: Logbooks of the US Navy at the National Archives

Navy Ship Deck Logs: Catalog Links to Logs Through 1940

Navy Ship Deck Logs: Old Weather

Navy Ship Deck Logs: USS Jeannette

Navy Ship Deck Logs: Special List 44 - Named Vessels

Vessel and Station Logs: Vessel and Station Log Books at the National Archives

Navy and Maritime Records: Navy/Maritime Records in Washington, DC

Veterans Resources

Veterans Research: Military and Veterans Research and Resources at The National Archives

Veterans Research: Records for Veterans Presentation

Reference Information Paper: Military Service Records

Know Your Records: Veterans Handout Revised

Military Research: Vietnam War: In Country

Military Research: Brown Water Vessels to be Scanned as Part of the Vietnam War Deck Log Digitization Pilot Project

Congressional Affairs: Frequently Asked Questions

Citizen Archivist: Honoring Our Veterans 

Genealogical Research

Genealogy Fair: World War 1 Navy and Marine Corps Records Research

Genealogy Fair: Navy and Marine Corps Records Research Handout

Genealogy Fair: National Archives Hosts Virtual Genealogy Fair

Genealogy Fair: National Archives Virtual Genealogy Fair Videos 2019

Genealogy Fair: National Archives Virtual Genealogy Fair Videos 2013

Genealogy Fair: Genealogy Through Deck Logs

Genealogy: National Archives Catalog Guide for Genealogists and Family Historians

Prologue Magazine: Civil War and Later Navy Personnel Records at the National Archives, 1861-1924

Prologue Magazine: An Overview of Records at the National Archives Relating to Military Service

Resources for Genealogists: Frequently Asked Questions

Military Research: Finding Information on Personnel Participation in World War 2


Prologue Magazine: Reports from the Front

Prologue Magazine: The War of 1812: Stoking the Fires

Prologue Magazine: KAMIKAZES! When Japanese Planes Attacked the U.S. Submarine Devilfish

Prologue Magazine: The United States Armed Forces and the Mexican Punitive Expedition: Part 2

Prologue Magazine: U.S. Marines in the Boxer Rebellion

Prologue Magazine: BAKUHATAI: The Reconnaissance Mission of the USS Burrfish and the Fate of Three American POWs

Pieces of History: New Year’s poems from Navy Deck logs

Archives Library Information Center: Military Resources: World War II

Vietnam War: Post-Conflict Events

Speeches & Writing: Welcome Remarks for "Indianapolis: The True Story of the Worst Sea Disaster in U.S. Naval History"

Military Research: Treasures from World War II US Navy Command Files

National Archives News: Records Relating to Amelia Earhart

National Archives News: Records Help Tell Story of USS Juneau, Sullivan Brothers

Reference Information Paper: Record Relating To The Korean War

Pearl Harbor

Prologue Magazine: Remembering Pearl Harbor . . . 70 years later

Prologue Magazine: Winter 2011

Prologue Magazine: The Day of Infamy

Press Release: New National Archives Video Short Gives Fresh Look at Pearl Harbor Attack

National Archives News: Remembering Pearl Harbor

Citizen Archivist: Remembering Pearl Harbor

Pacific Currents: Pearl Harbor: In Their Own Words

Around the National Archives

Awards: Welcome Remarks for the Archivist’s Awards Ceremony 

Genealogy: Genealogy Fair 2018

Volunteers: Remarks for Volunteer Appreciation Day

Recovered Items: Recovered Lost and Stolen Documents

FOIA: Freedom of Information Act Requests-Full Report FY2020

FOIA: Freedom of Information Act Requests-Full Report FY2016

FOIA: Freedom of Information Act Requests- Full Report FY2014

FOIA: Freedom of Information Act Requests-Full Report FY2013

Digitization Partnerships

Press Release: Digitization Partnership Supports Veteran Claims, Access to Records

Press Release: National Archives and NOAA Announce Historic Navy Deck Log Digitization Partnership

Press Release: Innovative project uses citizen scientists to transcribe historic Arctic weather data

Press Release: Grant Allows Digitization of 19th Century Navy Deck Logs

National Archives: Researcher News, Autumn 2012

Notice: Scanning of Vietnam-era Deck Logs

News Article: Students Create Tool Using Records to Help Navy Vietnam Veterans Get Benefits