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This bi-monthly newsletter brings you information about the work of the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, its grantees, and the archives and historical records fields.

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  • December: NHPRC awards $2 million in grants, new round of NHPRC-Mellon planning grants, free Digital Readiness Toolkit; Apply to the Archives Leadership Institute; Digital Pittsburgh; Jewish Labor and Political Archives; The Keetowah Way; Archival Awards in Texas; The Snows of Yesteryear. New Grant Opportunities for collaborative projects
  • October: Dr. Colleen Shogan Sworn In; Darin Waters Named to Commission; Julie Fisher Named Director for Publishing Programs; Jeff de la Concepcion Named Grants Management Specialist; Archives Leadership Institute Kickoff; Working from Home, Version 1.0; Utah Board Wins Award of Merit; Pinckneys Complete; Yup'ik Ghost Story
  • August: Two Professional Development Opportunities; Stories on Native American Boarding School Healing; Reimagining Nebraska; The Cactus League; Free Access to a Quarter Million Naturalization Records; Horizons-Upward Bound; Chicago Covenants; and Philly History
  • June: Meet our new Chairman--Dr. Colleen Shogan; National Archives Awards $6.5 Million in Grants; Documenting the Journey Wall at the Museum of Chinese in America; The Women of Acequia Madre; A Ghost in the Archives; Gertie Speaks!; and Tennis, Anyone?
  • April: NHPRC Makes Access Happen Video; The Extraordinary Gift of Oseola McCarty; Millard Fillmore Leaves the House; American Masters: Lena Horne; Banneker and Founders Online.
  • February: Flood Recovery at Appalshop; Darrell Meadows named Deputy Director; Julian Bond Papers to Launch Website; Freedom on the Move wins Louisiana Digital Humanities Award; Early Archives in Delaware; J.B. Lippincott: Philadelphia Publisher; Digging in the Southwest​; Rosebud Hockey



  • December: $1.9 million in new grants; Congresswoman Jahana Hayes Joins Commission, Old Dan Stokes Finally Retires, new Grant Opportunities; stories on Agnes Moorehead; Dick Bong, American Hero; The Arborglyph Collaborative; SHRAB initiatives in New Mexico and Massachusetts
  • OctoberNew Round of Mellon Grants, stories on Mountain Wolf Woman, Those Hamilton Sisters, Mississippi's Lantern Project, "Joseph Prattle: Don't You Tattle," and Edgar Allen Poe.
  • August:  Colleen Shogan nominated as AOTUS, the Archives Leadership Institute, the Institutes for Historical Editing, New Grants Opportunities for projects centering People of Color, new La Florida site, Albert Einstein, Science History, Joe Ben Wheat, Edgar Hewett, and Benedict Arnold.

  • June: $4.8 million in new awards, Lincoln Memorial Centenary, Jeffrson's Nigh Out, Women of the American Jewish Congress, Cats in History.

  • April: New Grant Opportunities, Dr. Helen Wink, the Mary Eliza Project, Early Childhood Development, Nashville's Music Row, California County Cooperative Extension Reports, and the launch of Slavery, Law & Power.

  • February: David S. Ferriero to Retire, Kim Gallon appointed to Commission, Monroe on Rotunda, Virginia Untold, New York's Old Town Records, the Keetowah Way.


  • December: New grants from November 2021, Mellon-NHPRC Planning grants, Sesame Street, Sid Sackson, Archaeology Papers, and the National Community Christmas Tree.
  • October: Darrell Meadows appointed Acting Deputy Director, Recollections Wisconsin, Ben Franklin Astrologist, Silent Film Scores, GLBT Music and Theater Collections, 1st Rhode Island Regiment, and the Haunting of Hull House .
  • August: North to Alaska, the Martin Van Buren Papers, Maryland State, the Ithaca Kitty, and the Birth of the Acid Western.
  • June: Our New Strategic Plan, Grants from the May meeting, Early Legal Records in Connecticut, Foreign Relations at 100, New Mexico Regrants, and the Marguerite Cartwright Collection, and Cicadas.
  • April: Charles Chesnutt, the Records of a Horse Thief, Global Public Health Records, Mississippi Civil War and Reconstruction Records, Charlotte's African American neighborhoods.
  • February: Mellon-NHPRC Planning Grants, three new Commissioners, Northern Michigan's UPLINK, James Baldwin and the River Styx, Dick Whittington Collection, Valley Forge, and the Peabody Awards Archives.


  • December: New grants from November 2020, the Osborne Computer, Western Swing at the Country Music Hall of Fame, HistoryForge, and downtown Christmas windows.
  • October: Geoff Shepard appointed to NHPRC, Special Election Issue, John Jay added to Founders Online, Edgar Allen Poe.
  • August: Founders Online is Seven Years Old, Transcribing Jane Addams, Dartmouth Vietnam Project, the Washington Monument, Condi Rice in the newspaper, celebrating the 19th Amendment, the Iowa State Fair.
  • June: Grants from the May meeting, Early Legal Records, Massachusetts Roving Archivist, Rhode Island School of Design, John Dickinson, and LBJ White House Tapes.
  • April: Dealing with COVID, North Country At Work, Wichita Pioneers, La Florida, Frederick Douglass on Lincoln Inauguration.
  • February: Mellon Digital Edition Publishing Cooperatives, Black Champions, Jefferson's Weather, Valentine's Day.


  • December: Grants from the November meeting, Oscar Wilde, Correspondence of James K. Polk, Crowdsourcing in Texas, the Bambi Chronicles.
  • October: Ghosts in the Appalshop Archives, Fremont in Colorado, MiPOPS in Seattle, Kentucky Civil War Governors, John Adams on Ghosts, Spirits, Fairies, and Witches.
  • August: Dog Days of Summer issue, Digital North Carolina, Clements Library on Jeff Davis, Hot Dogs!, Moby-Dick, and Eleanor Roosevelt on the Dangers of Complacency
  • June: Grant from the May meeting, Next Generation of Documentary Editions, Rightfully Hers, Robert Treat Paine, War Department Re-design, and Walt Whitman's 200th birthday
  • April: Publications Catalog now Online, Freedmen Project, the Mechanical Turk, Apple Pioneers Processed


  • December: Read about new grant program for Small & Underserved Archives, Nurses in the Great War, new bios of Douglass and the Founders Heirs, and a Letter to Santa from 1874
  • October : Read about Archives Month, regrants in Oklahoma, the history of a company town, and Connecticut in the Great War
  • April 2018: Read about new Executive Director Christopher Eck, the Mellon-NHPRC partnership for Digital Edition Publishing Cooperatives, and more.


  • October 2017: Read about the new bio on Ulysses S. Grant by Ron Chernow, Walt Whitman and Richard Maurice Bucke, the Practical Navigator, and how a cat earned its (Pan-Am) wings.
  • August 2017: Read about the departure of Kathleen Williams, Lou Gehrig at Columbia U, Saving Cyanotypes, and Dorothea Lange.
  • June 2017: Read about the completion of the First Federal Congress documentary history, Kent State's May 4 archival collection, and the Lost State of Franklin.
  • April 2017: Read about the new NHPRC-Mellon Digital Publishing Cooperatives, the O.O. Howard Papers, Ima Hogg, Cleveland Nature Archives, Phillis Wheatley, the fight against AIDS, and Helen Keller's friendship with Mark Twain.


  • December 2016: Read about November grants, new Commission Members, the Wildlife Conservation Society, Women's Overseas Service League, the Yale Indian Papers, Tweeting the Election, and the 225th Anniversary of the Bill of Rights.
  • August 2016: Read about the revised Access to Historical Records program, Jefferson's Petroglyphs, Georgia O'Keeffe and Maria Chabot, Princeton University and the Cold War, and Decoding Civil War Telegrams.
  • June 2016: Read about the Archivist Awards $3.2 Million in New Grants, Pacifica Radio Archives "American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982" project, the Colorado 20th-Century Photography Collections Project, and Walt Whitman and Base Ball.
  • April 2016: Read about our commission news, Alexander Hamilton's letter to his wife, a social media feed manager, the Uprising of '34, and Dorothy Knox.
  • February 2016: Read about our grant deadlines, Celebrating African American History, Bessie Jones and the Georgia Sea Island Singers, Annie McPheeters, Grace Marilynn James, M.D., Thomas "Blind Tom" Wiggens and Maryland Manumission Records.


  • December 2015: Read about our revised Strategic Plan, grant deadlines, Howard Thurman, Custer's Trials, the Dodge City Cowboy Band and Lucy Rider Meyer.
  • September 2015: Read about our new Strategic Plan, Arabella Chapman, Kentucky Civil War Governors, Owen Wister material and the Thomas Edison's Talking Doll.
  • July 2015: Highlights in this issue include the Award of Merit to New Mexico Board, Remembering RFK, Pioneer Days in Florida, and EPADD: Saving Email Records.
  • April 2015: Read about the newest Commission members and the latest grant deadlines, the Blackwell family, Pan American World Airways, a new musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda which drew upon The Papers of Alexander Hamilton.



  • December 2014: Read about the newest Commission members and the latest grant deadlines, PERTTS, SERI, and the Saving of Electronic Records, transcribing Yates, President Theodore Roosevelt and the Archives, and Reimagining Archives in a Digital Age.
  • September 2014: Read about the latest grant deadlines, preserving family archives, the Arizona Historical Records Advisory Board, Trevor McKenzie, Project Archivist for the W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection, and the St. Albans raid.
  • June 2014: Read about the latest grants, the first anniversary of Founders Online, the 100th anniversary of the Baltimore Museum of Art, and about primary sources used in print.
  • April 2014: Read about the revised grants program, grant deadlines, political collections at the College of Charleston, the papers of Thomas Edison and President Thomas Jefferson and the Megalonyx.



  • December 2013: Read about the latest awarded grants, George Washington's Financial Papers, regrants in Ohio, JFK and the Editors and the story behind "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Raeindeer".
  • August 2013: Read about the latest grant opportunities, Martin Luther King Jr. and "I Have a Dream," Rhode Island and the Constitution, Regrants in Arizona, and Princeton's Cold War Archives.
  • June 2013: Read about the latest grant opportunities and awards, and the Founders Online site launches.
  • April 2013: Read about the latest grant opportunities, Frederick Douglass and The Columbian Orator, the Blackwell Family, Pioneer Days in Florida and Augusta County Chancery.
  • February 2013: Read about the latest grants, the final volume of the papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, Digital Stewardship and the Environmental Design Archives.



  • November 2012: Read about the Archives Leadersip Institute, The '12 Election, the Georgia Historical Society, ACLU Processing Project and Vermont court records.
  • August 2012: Read about digitizing James Sayre Show Business photographs, The North American Journals of Prince Maximilian of Wied, State and National Archival Partnership (SNAP) in Missouri and the W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection.
    June 2012:
  • Read about Eleanor Roosevelt: Spokesperson for Democracy, The Briscoe Center for American History, Hubert Humphrey: "The Happy Warrior" and The Strange Case of Constantine Rafinesque.  
  • April 2012:
    Read about the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Encoded Archival Description, and Stanford University's Archive of Recorded Sound.  
  • February 2012:
    Read about the Mount Holyoke Electronic Records, Grant's final victory, and the Alaska Oil Spill records.  



  • December 2011:
    Read about the George Kennan Papers, the Samuel Gompers Papers project, and Getty Research Institue project called "Living the American Dream: Housing and Urban Development in Los Angeles, 1936-1997.".  
  • September 2011:
    Read about Interning at the NHPRC, the Founding Gardners, and projects at Duke and the Heinz Center for History in Pittsburgh.  
  • July 2011:
    Read about NHPRC grant deadlines, the Spring Meeting, and news from the field.
    May 2011:
  • Read about NHPRC grant deadlines, FY 2011 Budget, and news from the field.
    March 2011:
  • Read about NHPRC Policy changes, grant deadlines, Founding Fathers Advisory Committee, and News from our Grantees.


  • December 2010:
    Read about NHPRC grant deadlines, Fall Grants, Founding Fathers Advisory Committee, Archives Leadership Institute and New from our Grantees.
    October 2010:
  • Read about NHPRC grant deadlines, Archives Month, papers of the War Department (1784-1800), Civic Engagement Collections in Pennsylvania, Alan Chesney and the Johns Hopkins Medical Archives.
    August 2010:
  • Read about NHPRC reauthorization, the new Commissioner Erin Mahan, the Kansas State Historical Society, Photo Archives at George Mason, and the Norman Rockwell Museum.
    June 2010:
  • Read about NHPRC grants, the new version of Annotation, the Selected Papers of John Jay and other NHPRC-funded projects.
    March 2010:
  • Read about NHPRC and Open Government, hidden archival collections related to Los Angeles arts and culture and renowned artist Rudy Wendelin.
    January 2010:
  • Read about FY 2010 Appropriations, Archivist Takes Oath of Office, Grant deadlines and The American Record.


  • November 2009:
    Archivist David Ferriero is new Chair of the NHPRC, applications for the Archives Leadership Institute, America's Swamp and the Grand Canyon.
    September 2009:
  • Read about John Quincy Adams on Twitter, NHPRC receives SAA's Distinguished Service Award, and much more news and information.
    July 2009:
  • Read about the NHPRC 75th Anniversary, reports on the FY 2010 budget recommendations, and news from our grantees.
    May 2009:    HTML   |   PDF
  • Read about Summer Institutes and the Fiscal Year 2010 budget, and download the 75th Anniversary logo!
    March 2009:
  • Read about new Commission members, updates from NHPRC grantees, and more!
  • January 2009:
    Read about Lincoln, Obama, and the NHPRC and more!
    Annotation Archives
  • Annotation was published through 2008.