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RG-0056: Treasury, General Records of the Department of the

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Title Number/Filename
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) Records DAA-0056-2012-0001
United States Department of the Treasury Trusted Agent FISMA System DAA-0056-2012-0002
Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act Program Agency Agreements DAA-0056-2013-0001
Office of the Assistant Secretary (Enforcement) Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary N1-056-00-001
Inspector General Program and Investigative Files N1-056-00-002
Subject and Administrative Files N1-056-00-003
Year 2000 Records N1-056-01-002
Central File Photographic Negatives Documenting Treasury N1-056-01-003
Treasury Inspector General (IG) for Tax Administration N1-056-01-005
Assistant Inspector General (IG) for Management Services N1-056-01-006
Enforcement N1-056-01-007
Chief Counsel Files N1-056-01-008
Office of Public Affairs Unique Program Records N1-056-01-009
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center N1-056-02-002
Office of the Secretary Official Correspondence N1-056-02-003
Office of Foreign Assets Control N1-056-02-004
Partnership in Education and Public Correspondence N1-056-03-001
Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) N1-056-03-002
Assistant Secretary, Management, and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) N1-056-03-004
Office of the Treasurers Files N1-056-03-005
Office of the Assistant Secretary, Legislative Affairs N1-056-03-006
Departmental Offices (DO) - Office of Public Affairs - Photo Lab N1-056-03-007
Under Secretary Domestic Finance, Office of Sallie Mae Oversight N1-056-03-008
Air Transportation Stabilization Board (ATSB) N1-056-03-009
Departmental Offices (DO) Functional Schedule N1-056-03-010
Financial Transactions Files N1-056-03-011
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Oversight Board N1-056-04-003
Forms for Access to or Removal of Documentary Materials N1-056-05-001
Disclosure Section Files N1-056-05-002
Secretary's Honor Awards Program N1-056-06-001
Records of the Office of the Assistant Secretary (Intelligence and Analysis) N1-056-06-002
September 11 Commission Documents N1-056-07-001
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration- Office of Audit Records (TIGTA) Office of Audit Records N1-056-08-001
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) N1-056-08-002
Financial Analysis and Reporting System N1-056-08-003
Treasury Executive Office of Asset Forfeiture (TEOAF) Agent Website and Joint Operations System (AWS) N1-056-08-004
District of Columbia (D.C.) Pensions System to Administer Retirement (STAR) N1-056-09-001
Loan Management and Control System (LMCS) Files N1-056-09-002
Foreign Credit Reporting System (FCRS) N1-056-09-003
Troubled Asset Relief Program N1-056-09-004
Strategic Planning Files N1-056-09-005
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) Assistant Inspector General (IG) for Audit N1-056-09-006
Treasury International Capital (TIC) Reporting System N1-056-09-007
Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Allocation Agreement Assessment (AAS) N1-056-09-009
Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Award Tracking System N1-056-09-010
Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Compliance and Monitoring System (CCMS) N1-056-09-011
Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Community Investment Intelligence System (CIIS) N1-056-09-012
Community Development Financial Institution: Disbursements N1-056-09-013
Community Development Financial Institution: CDFI Public Website N1-056-09-014
New Markets Compliance Monitoring System (NCMS) N1-056-09-015
Community Development Financial Institution: MYCDFI System N1-056-09-016
Community Development Financial Institution: E- Work N1-056-09-017
Correspondence Management - Office of Counsel Tracking System N1-056-09-018
Correspondence Management System N1-056-09-020
Investigation Management Information System (IMIS) N1-056-09-021
Hotline Database N1-056-09-022
TeamMate Audit Management Software N1-056-09-023
Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP) N1-056-10-001
Records of the Office of the General Counsel N1-056-10-002
Joint Audit Management Enterprise System (JAMES) N1-056-11-001
Office of Civil Rights and Diversity Files N1-056-11-002
Web Records N1-056-11-003
Hazardous Materials Program Records N1-056-11-004
National Advisory Council to the Assistant Secretary for International Affairs Records N1-056-85-001
Office of the Fiscal Assistant Secretary Files N1-056-85-002
Savings Bond Division Records N1-056-86-001
National Advisory Council Studies and Reports from International Financial Institutions N1-056-86-002
Office of the Assistant Secretary for International Affairs (OASIA) Central Files N1-056-86-003
Civil Rights Files and Intergovernmental Relations Files N1-056-86-004
United States Synthetic Fuels Corporation Comprehensive Schedule N1-056-86-005
Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) Operation and Administrative Files N1-056-86-006
Office of Tax Policy Subject Files N1-056-87-001
Synthetic Fuels Corporation (SFC) Transition Records N1-056-88-001
Office of Tax Policy Legislative History Files N1-056-88-002
Scrapbooks of the Second Liberty Loan Campaign, 1917 N1-056-89-001
Records of the Office of the Field Director, War Finance Division N1-056-89-002
Historical and Promotional Records of the United States (US) Savings Bonds Division, 1941-1960 N1-056-89-003
Promotional Records and Historical Data of Advertising and Promotional Branch, Savings Bonds Division N1-056-89-005
Working Group Files and Economic Briefing File from Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy N1-056-89-006
Information Systems Plans, Treasury Systems Committee File N1-056-90-001
Records Relating to Participation in the National Security Council (NSC) N1-056-90-002
Office of Domestic Finance N1-056-90-003
Fiscal Correspondence Files N1-056-90-004
Office of Tax Policy/ Closed Regulation Files 1970-1987 N1-056-90-005
Office of Law Enforcement/ Training and Investigation Coordination N1-056-90-006
Fair Employment Policy Files, (1948-1962) N1-056-90-007
Compromise Case Files, 1935-1960 N1-056-90-008
Economic Analyses, World War II N1-056-90-009
Grant in Aid Application Forms (SF 240) N1-056-90-010
Special Assistant to Secretary for Law Enforcement/Correspondence 1962- 1969 N1-056-90-011
Office of Law Enforcement Coordination/Correspondence, 1934-1964 N1-056-91-001
Henry Morganthau Jr. "Diaries", ca. 1933-ca. 1948 N1-056-91-002
Energy Petroleum Supply Committee Files, 1973- 1975 N1-056-91-003
Charles Walker, Under Secretary Files, 1969-1971 N1-056-91-004
Synthetic Fuels Corporation Central Project File Index N1-056-91-005
Synthetic Fuels Corporation/Budget Files N1-056-92-001
Domestic Finance, Federal Finance Bank Comprehensive Schedule N1-056-94-001
Office of General Counsel: Revisions to Comprehensive Schedule N1-056-95-001
Office of the Assistant Secretary International Affairs (OASIA): United States -Saudi Arabian Joint Commission Files N1-056-95-002
Assistant Secretary Enforcement: Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) Comprehensive Schedule N1-056-95-003
Comprehensive Schedule-Thrift Depositor Protection Oversight Board N1-056-95-004
Federal Financing Bank: Revisions to Schedule N1-056-98-001
United States Saudi Arabian Joint Commission Program Office N1-056-99-001
Disposal Request for Records from the Office of Revenue Sharing NC-056-75-001
Policy and Procedural Issuance Pertaining to Mission and Functions of the Office NC-056-75-002
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms: Basic Files of Establishments Requalified as of July 1, 1959 NC-056-75-003
Gold License Case Files - Active and Inactive - 1933-1975 NC-056-76-001
Disposition Instructions Covering Unique Program Documentation NC-056-76-002
Correspondence, Memoranda & Other Receiving Action from the Department of the Treasury NC-174-000110
Comprehensive Monetary Records from the United States Department of the Treasury NC-174-000112
Development Calls for the Formulation and Implementation of Treasury Positions NC1-056-76-03
Record Schedule Accumulated by the Legal Division of the Office of the Secretary NC1-056-76-04
Administration of the Foreign Portfolio Investment Project NC1-056-76-05
Law Enforcement Policy and Treasury Enforcement Activities NC1-056-76-06
Supersession of Comprehensive Schedule # 1 of the Tax Advisory Staff NC1-056-77-01
Amendment to NC-56-76-2 Schedule 1 NC1-056-77-02
Foreign Credits Report Forms NC1-056-77-03
Disposal Request for Files Relating to Meetings and Studies on Organized Crime and Narcotics NC1-056-78-01
Files Relating to the Department of Treasury's Bicentennial Program NC1-056-78-02
Board of Directors and Center Interagency Work Group Meeting Files NC1-056-78-03
Office of Intelligence Support (OIS) Correspondence and Reference Files NC1-056-78-04
Policies and Guidance of Treasury Department Activities in International Monetary Affairs NC1-056-78-05
Records Accumulated by the Legal Division of the Office of the General Counsel NC1-056-78-06
Policies and Programs Formulated and Executed by the Office of the Secretary NC1-056-78-07
Document Management Branch Reports on the Business Situation, 1950-1973 NC1-056-78-08
Still Photographs, Negatives, and Proofs of the President of the United States NC1-056-78-09
Individual Income Tax Model Control Stream and Data Sample NC1-056-78-10
Office of the Inspector General NC1-056-79-01
Office of the Secretary Assistant Secretary (Economic Policy) NC1-056-79-02
Cancelled and Renumbered nc1-265-79-01 NC1-056-79-03
Office of Tariff Affairs National Security Act Trade Investigative Case Files NC1-056-79-04
Office of the Secretary Treasurer of the United States NC1-056-79-05
Emergency Loan Guarantee Board (ELGB) Comprehensive Records Control Schedule NC1-056-79-06
Office of the Secretary Individual Income Tax Model Control Stream and Data Sample NC1-056-79-07
Office of the Secretary Assistant Secretary (Economic Policy) NC1-056-79-08
Office of the Secretary Assistant Secretary (Legislative Affairs) NC1-056-79-09
Office of the Secretary Assistant Secretary (Domestic Finance) NC1-056-79-10
Office of the National Advisory Council (NAC) NC1-056-79-11
Records of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Enforcement and Operations NC1-056-80-01
Records of the Office of the Assistant Secretary International Affairs NC1-056-80-02
Records of the Immediate Offices of the Secretary and Deputy Secretary NC1-056-80-03
Analysis of Proposed Tax Legislation and Tax Programs/ Economic Trends Affecting Tax Bases NC1-056-81-01
Chrysler Corporation Loan Guarantee Board (LGB) NC1-056-84-02
National Advisory Council to the Assistant Secretary for International Affairs Records NC1-056-85-01
Office of the Fiscal Assistant Secretary Files NC1-056-85-02
Savings Bonds Division from the National Archives & Records Service NN-173-000186