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These requests for disposition authority documents are agency requests to NARA submitted since 1973.  Older items may have subsequently been superseded by more recent submissions.  Please see the FAQ for more information. Questions about active disposition authorities should be directed to the agency records officer.

NOTE: NARA’s process for determining which records schedules in the RCS are currently valid is an ongoing work in progress. Records schedules will be marked inactive when all items on the schedule have been superseded. Before implementing disposition using these records schedules, always verify that you are using the most recent and current disposition authority (or item).

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RG-0056: Treasury, General Records of the Department of the

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Title Number/Filename
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) Records DAA-0056-2012-0001
United States Department of the Treasury Trusted Agent FISMA System DAA-0056-2012-0002
Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act Program Agency Agreements DAA-0056-2013-0001
Office of the Assistant Secretary (Enforcement) Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary N1-056-00-001
Inspector General Program and Investigative Files N1-056-00-002
Subject and Administrative Files N1-056-00-003
Year 2000 Records N1-056-01-002
Central File Photographic Negatives Documenting Treasury N1-056-01-003
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) N1-056-01-005
Assistant Inspector General (TIGTA) for Management Services N1-056-01-006
Enforcement N1-056-01-007
TIGTA Chief Counsel Files N1-056-01-008
Office of Public Affairs Unique Program Records N1-056-01-009
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center N1-056-02-002
Office of the Secretary Official Correspondence N1-056-02-003
Office of Foreign Assets Control N1-056-02-004
Partnership in Education and Public Correspondence N1-056-03-001
Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) N1-056-03-002
Assistant Secretary, Management, and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) N1-056-03-004
Office of the Treasurers Files N1-056-03-005
Office of the Assistant Secretary, Legislative Affairs N1-056-03-006
Departmental Offices (DO) - Office of Public Affairs - Photo Lab N1-056-03-007
Under Secretary Domestic Finance, Office of Sallie Mae Oversight N1-056-03-008
Air Transportation Stabilization Board (ATSB) N1-056-03-009
Departmental Offices (DO) Functional Schedule N1-056-03-010
Financial Transactions Files N1-056-03-011
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Oversight Board N1-056-04-003
Forms for Access to or Removal of Documentary Materials N1-056-05-001
TIGTA Disclosure Section Files N1-056-05-002
Secretary's Honor Awards Program N1-056-06-001
Records of the Office of the Assistant Secretary (Intelligence and Analysis) N1-056-06-002
September 11 Commission Documents N1-056-07-001
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration- Office of Audit Records (TIGTA) Office of Audit Records N1-056-08-001
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) N1-056-08-002
Financial Analysis and Reporting System N1-056-08-003
Treasury Executive Office of Asset Forfeiture (TEOAF) Agent Website and Joint Operations System (AWS) N1-056-08-004
District of Columbia (D.C.) Pensions System to Administer Retirement (STAR) N1-056-09-001
Loan Management and Control System (LMCS) Files N1-056-09-002
Foreign Credit Reporting System (FCRS) N1-056-09-003
Troubled Asset Relief Program N1-056-09-004
Strategic Planning Files N1-056-09-005
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) Assistant Inspector General (IG) for Audit N1-056-09-006
Treasury International Capital (TIC) Reporting System N1-056-09-007
Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Allocation Agreement Assessment (AAS) N1-056-09-009
Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Award Tracking System N1-056-09-010
Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Compliance and Monitoring System (CCMS) N1-056-09-011
Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Community Investment Intelligence System (CIIS) N1-056-09-012
Community Development Financial Institution: Disbursements N1-056-09-013
Community Development Financial Institution: CDFI Public Website N1-056-09-014
New Markets Compliance Monitoring System (NCMS) N1-056-09-015
Community Development Financial Institution: MYCDFI System N1-056-09-016
Community Development Financial Institution: E- Work N1-056-09-017
Correspondence Management - Office of Counsel Tracking System N1-056-09-018
Correspondence Management System N1-056-09-020
Investigation Management Information System (IMIS) N1-056-09-021
Hotline Database N1-056-09-022
TeamMate Audit Management Software N1-056-09-023
Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP) N1-056-10-001
Records of the Office of the General Counsel N1-056-10-002
Joint Audit Management Enterprise System (JAMES) N1-056-11-001
Office of Civil Rights and Diversity Files N1-056-11-002
Web Records N1-056-11-003
Hazardous Materials Program Records N1-056-11-004
Savings Bond Division Records N1-056-86-001
National Advisory Council Studies and Reports from International Financial Institutions N1-056-86-002
Office of the Assistant Secretary for International Affairs (OASIA) Central Files N1-056-86-003
Civil Rights Files and Intergovernmental Relations Files N1-056-86-004
United States Synthetic Fuels Corporation Comprehensive Schedule N1-056-86-005
Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) Operation and Administrative Files N1-056-86-006
Office of Tax Policy Subject Files N1-056-87-001
Synthetic Fuels Corporation (SFC) Transition Records N1-056-88-001
Office of Tax Policy Legislative History Files N1-056-88-002
Scrapbooks of the Second Liberty Loan Campaign, 1917 N1-056-89-001
Records of the Office of the Field Director, War Finance Division N1-056-89-002
Historical and Promotional Records of the United States (US) Savings Bonds Division, 1941-1960 N1-056-89-003
Promotional Records and Historical Data of Advertising and Promotional Branch, Savings Bonds Division N1-056-89-005
Working Group Files and Economic Briefing File from Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy N1-056-89-006
Information Systems Plans, Treasury Systems Committee File N1-056-90-001
Records Relating to Participation in the National Security Council (NSC) N1-056-90-002
Office of Domestic Finance N1-056-90-003
Fiscal Correspondence Files N1-056-90-004
Office of Tax Policy/ Closed Regulation Files 1970-1987 N1-056-90-005
Office of Law Enforcement/ Training and Investigation Coordination N1-056-90-006
Fair Employment Policy Files, (1948-1962) N1-056-90-007
Compromise Case Files, 1935-1960 N1-056-90-008
Economic Analyses, World War II N1-056-90-009
Grant in Aid Application Forms (SF 240) N1-056-90-010
Special Assistant to Secretary for Law Enforcement/Correspondence 1962- 1969 N1-056-90-011
Office of Law Enforcement Coordination/Correspondence, 1934-1964 N1-056-91-001
Henry Morganthau Jr. "Diaries", ca. 1933-ca. 1948 N1-056-91-002
Energy Petroleum Supply Committee Files, 1973- 1975 N1-056-91-003
Charles Walker, Under Secretary Files, 1969-1971 N1-056-91-004
Synthetic Fuels Corporation Central Project File Index N1-056-91-005
Synthetic Fuels Corporation/Budget Files N1-056-92-001
Domestic Finance, Federal Finance Bank Comprehensive Schedule N1-056-94-001
Office of General Counsel: Revisions to Comprehensive Schedule N1-056-95-001
Office of the Assistant Secretary International Affairs (OASIA): United States -Saudi Arabian Joint Commission Files N1-056-95-002
Assistant Secretary Enforcement: Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) Comprehensive Schedule N1-056-95-003
Comprehensive Schedule-Thrift Depositor Protection Oversight Board N1-056-95-004
Federal Financing Bank: Revisions to Schedule N1-056-98-001
United States Saudi Arabian Joint Commission Program Office N1-056-99-001
Disposal Request for Records from the Office of Revenue Sharing NC-056-75-001
Policy and Procedural Issuance Pertaining to Mission and Functions of the Office NC-056-75-002
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms: Basic Files of Establishments Requalified as of July 1, 1959 NC-056-75-003
Gold License Case Files - Active and Inactive - 1933-1975 NC-056-76-001
Disposition Instructions Covering Unique Program Documentation NC-056-76-002
Correspondence, Memoranda & Other Receiving Action from the Department of the Treasury NC-174-000110
Comprehensive Monetary Records from the United States Department of the Treasury NC-174-000112
Development Calls for the Formulation and Implementation of Treasury Positions NC1-056-76-03
Administration of the Foreign Portfolio Investment Project NC1-056-76-05
Amendment to NC-56-76-2 Schedule 1 NC1-056-77-02
Foreign Credits Report Forms NC1-056-77-03
Files Relating to the Department of Treasury's Bicentennial Program NC1-056-78-02
Board of Directors and Center Interagency Work Group Meeting Files NC1-056-78-03
Office of Intelligence Support (OIS) Correspondence and Reference Files NC1-056-78-04
Policies and Guidance of Treasury Department Activities in International Monetary Affairs NC1-056-78-05
Records Accumulated by the Legal Division of the Office of the General Counsel NC1-056-78-06
Policies and Programs Formulated and Executed by the Office of the Secretary NC1-056-78-07
Document Management Branch Reports on the Business Situation, 1950-1973 NC1-056-78-08
Still Photographs, Negatives, and Proofs of the President of the United States NC1-056-78-09
Individual Income Tax Model Control Stream and Data Sample NC1-056-78-10
Office of the Inspector General NC1-056-79-01
Office of the Secretary Assistant Secretary (Economic Policy) NC1-056-79-02
Cancelled and Renumbered nc1-265-79-01 NC1-056-79-03
Office of the Secretary Treasurer of the United States NC1-056-79-05
Emergency Loan Guarantee Board (ELGB) Comprehensive Records Control Schedule NC1-056-79-06
Office of the Secretary Individual Income Tax Model Control Stream and Data Sample NC1-056-79-07
Office of the Secretary Assistant Secretary (Economic Policy) NC1-056-79-08
Office of the Secretary Assistant Secretary (Legislative Affairs) NC1-056-79-09
Office of the Secretary Assistant Secretary (Domestic Finance) NC1-056-79-10
Office of the National Advisory Council (NAC) NC1-056-79-11
Records of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Enforcement and Operations NC1-056-80-01
Records of the Office of the Assistant Secretary International Affairs NC1-056-80-02
Records of the Immediate Offices of the Secretary and Deputy Secretary NC1-056-80-03
Analysis of Proposed Tax Legislation and Tax Programs/ Economic Trends Affecting Tax Bases NC1-056-81-01
Assistant Secretary of Administration Office of Personnel NC1-056-82-04
Office of Administrative Programs - Audiovisual NC1-056-83-01
U.S. Savings Bond Promotion Files, 1952-1975 NC1-056-83-02
U.S. Savings Bond Division Motion Picture Films NC1-056-84-01
Chrysler Corporation Loan Guarantee Board (LGB) NC1-056-84-02
U.S. Savings Bond Division Exhibit Case Files NC1-056-84-03
National Advisory Council to the Assistant Secretary for International Affairs Records NC1-056-85-01
Office of the Fiscal Assistant Secretary Files NC1-056-85-02