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Tip 1: Use Phrases in Quotes

Example:  "audit files"

Without quotation marks, any page containing the words "audit" OR "files" will appear in results.
When surrounded by quotation marks, the words are treated as a phrase and only pages with the exact phrase "audit files" will appear in results. This is the most powerful query refinement technique.

Tip 2: Use a Plus (+) or Minus (-) Sign to Require or Reject Words

Example:  audit files +system -withdrawn

You can require that the word "system" be in any documents in the results list by placing a plus (+) sign before it.
You can reject words with the minus (-) sign.
In the example, no documents with the word "withdrawn" will appear on the results page unless a search engine is programmed to make them appear above the regular results list.

Tip 3: Combine Tips 1, 2

Example:  audit files +"Internal Revenue Service" +system

By combining phrases with a plus (+) or minus (-) sign, and capitalizing where it's appropriate, you can increase the relevance of search results.

Tip 4: Spell Out All Acronyms

Example:  Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Avoid using acronyms for instance: IRS for Internal Revenue Service can be mistaken for another acronym such as IRS-CI and effect search results.

Tip 5: Searching by Job Number

Example:  N1-016-00-001

NOTE: You MUST enter the job number in the correct format. Consult the SF 15 Numbering Key if necessary.


RG-0145: Farm Service Agency

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Title Number/Filename
Emergency Programs for Disaster Assistance DAA-0145-2014-0001
Organization Files DAA-0145-2014-0005
Investigative and Audit Case Files DAA-0145-2014-0006
Appeals and Litigation Files DAA-0145-2014-0007
Tobacco Programs DAA-0145-2014-0008
Conservation Reserve Program Files DAA-0145-2015-0001
Agricultural Foreign Investment Disclosure Act Reports (AFIDA) DAA-0145-2015-0003
Agency Handbooks and Directives DAA-0145-2015-0005
Production Adjustment Programs DAA-0145-2015-0006
Schedule of Daily Activities - High Level Officials DAA-0145-2015-0008
Consolidated Natural Disaster Program Information Systems DAA-0145-2015-0010
Consolidated Financial Management Information Systems DAA-0145-2015-0012
Outreach and Farm Program Accounting Files DAA-0145-2015-0013
Farm Loan Program Files DAA-0145-2015-0014
Legal Affairs Files DAA-0145-2015-0015
Base Acre Reallocation, Yield Updates, Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) and Price Loss Coverage (PLC) DAA-0145-2015-0016
Margin Protection Program for Dairy (MPP-Dairy) DAA-0145-2015-0017
Aerial Photography DAA-0145-2015-0019
Federal Acquisition Contracting Records DAA-0145-2016-0003
County Committee Election Records DAA-0145-2016-0004
Rural Environmental Programs Case Files DAA-0145-2016-0005
Deficiency Payment Program DAA-0145-2016-0006
State and County Office Records DAA-0145-2016-0007
Federal Register Notice and Rule Making Case Files DAA-0145-2016-0008
Producer Payments Reporting Records DAA-0145-2016-0009
Defense Preparedness Program DAA-0145-2016-0010
Marketing Quota and Acreage Allotment Programs DAA-0145-2016-0012
CCC and FSA Check and Commodity Certificate Records DAA-0145-2016-0014
CCC and FSA Claim Records DAA-0145-2016-0015
Forest Incentive Program / Forest Land Enhancement Program DAA-0145-2016-0016
Organic Certification Cost Share Program DAA-0145-2017-0001
Rural Environmental Programs Case Files DAA-0145-2017-0002
Emergency Forest Restoration Program (EFRP) DAA-0145-2017-0003
Conservation Reserve, Grassroots Source Water Protection, Boifuels Infrastructure Partnership (BIP), and Geographically Disadvantaged Farmer or Rancher (RTCP) DAA-0145-2017-0004
Social Media DAA-0145-2017-0017
Farm Service Agency Electronic Systems DAA-0145-2017-0018
Geospatial Information (aerial photography) DAA-0145-2017-0020
Investigative / Audit Case and Electronic Copies N1-145-00-001
Appeals and Litigation Group Case Files and National Appeals Division (NAD) Summaries N1-145-02-001
Emergency Programs for Disaster Assistance N1-145-05-002
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) / Farm Service Agency (FSA) Check Writing System N1-145-11-001
Strategic Performance and Evaluation Staff Records (SPES) N1-145-12-001
Livestock and Dairy Division N1-145-86-001
Technical Assistance Center in the Kansas City Management Office N1-145-87-002
Conservation Reserve Program Files N1-145-88-001
Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) Files N1-145-90-001
Issuance of and Accounting for Checks or Certificates N1-145-90-002
Commodity Certificates N1-145-90-003
Checks N1-145-90-004
Check Accounting System (CAS) N1-145-90-005
State and County Office Automation Project (SCOAP) Software/ File Releases/Transmittals N1-145-91-001
Administrative Management Records N1-145-95-001
Commodity and Soil Division Records N1-145-98-001
Case Files on Record of Employment in Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS) County Offices NC1-145-77-01
Administrative Records Listed in the General Records Schedules NC1-145-79-01
Rural Environmental Programs NC1-145-79-02
Aerial Photography (1956) - Survey Negatives Covering Areas in Idaho, Nevada, and Utah at Various Scales NC1-145-80-01
Slides Primarily of Fields of Tobacco and Peanuts (1971 to Present) - For Assurance that Agricultural Producers Have Adhered to Compliance Regulations NC1-145-80-02
Rand Conversion Unit Packages NC1-145-81-01
Minutes of State Committee Meetings, and Minutes of County and Community Committee Meetings NC1-145-81-02
Records Relating to the Control of and Accounting for Sight Drafts NC1-145-81-03
State and County Office Administrative Correspondence Files NC1-145-81-04
Records of the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS) State and County Offices NC1-145-81-05
Agricultural Foreign Investment Disclosure Act Reports NC1-145-81-06
Rural Environmental Programs Case Files NC1-145-82-01
Cotton, Grain, and Rice Price Support Division NC1-145-82-02
Federal Register Notice and Rule Making Case Files NC1-145-82-03
Aerial Photography Files NC1-145-82-04
Equipment Utilization Reports NC1-145-83-01
Foreign Agreements and Purchase Authorizations Case Files NC1-145-83-02
Rural Environmental Programs Case Files NC1-145-84-01