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These requests for disposition authority documents are agency requests to NARA submitted since 1973.  Older items may have subsequently been superseded by more recent submissions.  Please see the FAQ for more information. Questions about active disposition authorities should be directed to the agency records officer.

NOTE: NARA’s process for determining which records schedules in the RCS are currently valid is an ongoing work in progress. Records schedules will be marked inactive when all items on the schedule have been superseded. Before implementing disposition using these records schedules, always verify that you are using the most recent and current disposition authority (or item).

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RG-0065: Federal Bureau of Investigation

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Title Number/Filename
FBI Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Nomination System (FISANOMS) DAA-0065-2013-0003
Foreign Dissemination Database Inactive DAA-0065-2013-0004
Director's Daily Briefing DAA-0065-2014-0002
Director's Office Records DAA-0065-2015-0001
Facial Analysis, Comparison, and Evaluation (FACE) Database DAA-0065-2015-0004
Individual Health/Medical Records for Non-FBI Employees DAA-0065-2015-0005
Freedom of Information/Privacy Act (FOI/PA) Records (Classification 190) DAA-0065-2015-0006
Electronic Surveillance (ELSUR) Media DAA-0065-2016-0001
Terrorist Encounter Reporting Application DAA-0065-2016-0002
FBI Laboratory DNA Profiles Databases DAA-0065-2016-0004
Pre-Universal Case File Number (Pre-UCFN) Remaining Records DAA-0065-2016-0006
Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (Classification 183) DAA-0065-2018-0002
Domestic Security Records (Classification 100) DAA-0065-2018-0004
lntelPlus Analytical Database DAA-0065-2020-0001
Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force (FTTTF) Data Mart DAA-0065-2020-0003
Switchboard Monitoring and Recording Systems N1-065-00-001
Manual Fingerprint Cards For Individuals With Multiple Arrests Inactive N1-065-00-002
Bureau-Wide Information Program N1-065-00-003
Rap Sheets of Alcatraz and Leavenworth Prisoners Inactive N1-065-00-004
Hard Copy Teletypes Uploaded Into Automated Case Support (ACS) System Inactive N1-065-00-005
Year 2000 Program Records N1-065-00-006
Comprehensive Classification Records Schedule: 1997 Update N1-065-00-007
Non-Agent Selection Documentation and Recordings Inactive N1-065-01-002
Rap Sheets Used To Identify Case Files for Court Order Expungements N1-065-01-003
Support Personnel (Non-Agent) Selection Documentation and Recordings Inactive N1-065-02-001
Alias/False Identification (A/FID) Information Program N1-065-02-002
Suspicious Activity Report Control Files N1-065-02-003
Criminal Justice Information Services Division Fingerprint Cards and Related Indices Inactive N1-065-02-004
Criminal Justice Information Services Division - Unclassified Military Fingerprint Cards Inactive N1-065-02-005
Original Electronic Surveillance (ELSUR) Media N1-065-03-002
Asset Forfeiture Program (AFP) N1-065-03-003
Inspection Division, Work Papers and Final Reports N1-065-03-004
Special Agent Career Board Documentation and Recordings Inactive N1-065-04-001
National Crime Information Center (NCIC) System Inactive N1-065-04-002
Security Risk Assessments Inactive N1-065-04-003
Auxiliary Office Case Files (1991-10/15/95)/Office Of Origin Case Files (10/16/95-Ongoing) N1-065-04-004
Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) and Related Records N1-065-04-005
Internet Web Site N1-065-04-006
Field Office Switchboard Recordings N1-065-05-001
National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Inactive N1-065-05-003
Director's Briefing Books (DBB) N1-065-05-004
Pre-Publication Review Records N1-065-05-006
Internet Tip Line (ITL) Records N1-065-05-007
Inspected Office's Inspection Work Papers N1-065-05-008
Law Enforcement Online (LEO) N1-065-06-001
Terrorist Screening Center N1-065-06-002
Department Order 556-73, Sufficient Request Records N1-065-06-003
White House Investigation/Name Check Consent Form N1-065-06-004
Criminal Justice Information Service (CJIS) Audit Records N1-065-06-005
Evidence Reference and Standards Information System N1-065-06-006
National Stolen Art File (NSAF) N1-065-06-007
Hostage Barricade Database System (HOBAS) N1-065-06-008
National Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Indexing System (NDIS) N1-065-06-009
Warrantless Search Consent Forms N1-065-06-010
Jewelry and Gem (JAG) Database Inactive N1-065-06-011
Joint Intelligence Committee Inquiry (JICI) Records N1-065-06-012
Policies, Procedures, Guidance, and Technical Manuals N1-065-06-013
Case File Expunged Portland Field Division Office of Origin 175-130 Inactive N1-065-06-014
Oklahoma City Field Division Office of Origin File 70C-OC-58332 Inactive N1-065-06-015
Newark Case File Expunged 281A-NK-92575 Inactive N1-065-06-016
Director and Senior Officials' Files N1-065-07-001
Fugitive Felon Program Operation Joint Venture N1-065-07-002
National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) N1-065-07-003
Training Records N1-065-07-004
Case File Expunged Columbia 288A-CO-26047 Inactive N1-065-07-005
Subscription Management System N1-065-07-006
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Classification 319: Administrative Records N1-065-07-007
Domestic Terrorism Databases N1-065-07-008
Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force (FTTTF) Data Mart Inactive N1-065-07-009
Counterintelligence Asset / Informant Tracking Databases N1-065-07-010
Indianapolis Case File Expunged 270F-IP-90916 Inactive N1-065-07-011
Operational Response and Investigative Online Network (ORION) N1-065-07-012
Computer Information Comparison (CIC) Program N1-065-07-013
Director and Senior Staff Briefing Materials N1-065-07-014
Las Vegas Field Division Office of Origin Case File Expunged 198-LV-35676 Inactive N1-065-07-015
Applicant Case Files N1-065-07-016
Document Capture System N1-065-07-017
Administrative Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) N1-065-07-018
Student Loan Repayment Program N1-065-07-019
Counterterrorism Division (CTD) Analytical Database N1-065-07-020
Counterterrorism (CT) Watch Log System N1-065-07-021
Uniform Crime Reporting Program N1-065-07-022
Employee Relocations Manager N1-065-08-001
Regime Crimes Liaison Office (RCLO) Iraqi Special Tribunal (IST) Database Synergy Application N1-065-08-002
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Management System N1-065-08-003
Wiki and Other Collaborative Tools N1-065-08-004
Case Files Expunged 29C-SL-185340; 29J-SL-187240; 29K-SL-187135 Inactive N1-065-08-005
Unsuccessful Employment Applications Dated Prior to January 1, 1921 N1-065-08-006
Foreign Disclosure Data Capture System (FDDCS) N1-065-08-007
San Francisco Case File Expunged 29J-SF-118302; Tampa Case File Expunged 164B-TP-63625 Inactive N1-065-08-008
Terrorist Screening and Operations Unit (TSOU) Log System Inactive N1-065-08-009
Strategic Execution Team Records N1-065-08-010
Terrorist Review and Examination Unit (TREX) Watchlist Nomination Log N1-065-08-011
Document Control (FD-501) System N1-065-08-012
InfraGard System and Website N1-065-08-013
Data Extraction and Extension Project (DEEP) Inactive N1-065-08-014
Case Files Expunged 29J-BF-32354; 29C-MP-56276 Inactive N1-065-08-015
Case File Expunged Springfield Division Office of Origin 265A-SI-52450 Inactive N1-065-08-016
Case File Expunged Pittsburgh 29J-PG-70390 Inactive N1-065-08-017
Case File Expunged Dallas 46B-DL-87279 Inactive N1-065-08-018
Health Care Programs Unit Records N1-065-08-019
Case File Expunged Oklahoma City 29J-OC-63713 Inactive N1-065-08-020
Strategic Information and Operations Center (SIOC) N1-065-08-021
Human Resources Records (67Q) N1-065-08-022
Classifications 259 and 260 Files N1-065-09-002
Health Care Program N1-065-09-003
Equal Employment Opportunity Program Records N1-065-09-005
Laboratory Division's (Lab's) Quality Assurance and Training Unit's (QATU's) Training Records N1-065-09-007
Human Resources Records (67Q) Part One N1-065-09-008
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Acquired Information N1-065-09-009
Laboratory Division's Fingerprint Certification and Related Training Records N1-065-09-010
Terrorist Screening and Operations Unit (TSOU) Log Revision and Terrorist Identity Datamart Environment (TIDE) Packets N1-065-09-011
Office of Integrity and Compliance (OIC) Internal Compliance Records N1-065-09-012
Human Resources Records (67Q ) Part Two N1-065-09-014
Classified N1-065-09-015
Guardian Threat Tracking System (Guardian) N1-065-09-016
National Stolen Art File (NSAF) N1-065-09-017
National Assets Response Unit (NARU) Collaboration Tool Initiative (NCTI) System N1-065-09-018
Non-Disclosure Statement for Selection Tests and Interviews Signed by FBI Applicants N1-065-09-019
Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program Records N1-065-09-023
Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP) Database N1-065-09-024
Electronic Surveillance (ELSUR) Program Records N1-065-09-025
Key Survey Application for Training N1-065-09-026
DELTA System for Implemantation of Confidential Human Source Policy Manual N1-065-09-027
Innocent Images Case Management System (IICMS) N1-065-09-028
Bank Robbery Statistical Application (BRSA) N1-065-09-029
Hunter Project Inactive N1-065-09-030
National Name Check Program (NNCP) N1-065-09-031
Innocence Lost Database (ILD) N1-065-09-032
National Alert System (NAS) N1-065-09-033
STROHL System for Continuity of Operations (COOP) N1-065-09-034
Major Bombing Photographs and Photograph Collections of Other FBI Cases N1-065-10-001
Integrated Video Imaging System (IVIS) N1-065-10-003
National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) N1-065-10-005
Translators Online Network Support (TONS) System N1-065-10-006
Classification 278 President's Intelligence Oversight Board (PIOB) Matters N1-065-10-008
Classification 308 Evidence Response Team Matters N1-065-10-009
Law Enforcement System Audits N1-065-10-010
Visa Assessment Disposition and Exploitation Review (VADER) System N1-065-10-011
Terrorist Screening Center (TSC) N1-065-10-012
Sensitive Source Reporting Program (SSRP) Printouts Inactive N1-065-10-013
Classification 292 Domestic Emergency Support Team (DEST) N1-065-10-014
Classification 333 Legal Matters N1-065-10-015
Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) N1-065-10-016
Analysis of Evidence Databases N1-065-10-017
Enterprise Process Automation System (EPAS) Inactive N1-065-10-018
Classification 293 Foreign Emergency Support Team (FEST) N1-065-10-019
Electronic Surveillance (ELSUR) Recordkeeping System N1-065-10-020
Ombudsman and Director's Advisory Committee Records N1-065-10-021
Classification 301 Missing Persons Case Files N1-065-10-022
Security Risk Assessment (SRA) N1-065-10-024
FBI Intelligence Information Reports (IIRs) Dissemination System (FIDS) Inactive N1-065-10-025
Classification 323 Hazardous Material Response Team Matters N1-065-10-026
Special Surveillance Group Program Participant and Training Records N1-065-10-027
Language Testing and Assessment Records N1-065-10-029
Police Training System Inactive N1-065-10-030
Investigative Data Warehouse (IDW) System N1-065-10-031
HQ Classification 62 Surveillance Submission forms and Field Office Classification 66 Forms N1-065-10-032
Executive Correspondence and Electronic Request Management (CERM) System N1-065-10-033
Mesa Verde System N1-065-10-034
Malware Repository N1-065-10-035
Special Project Computers (SPC) System N1-065-10-036
Classification 800R Intelligence Program Management Potential Confidential Human Source Value N1-065-10-037
Facility Security System Inactive N1-065-10-038
Electronic System Audit Logs Inactive N1-065-10-039
Automated Case Support System N1-065-10-040
Investigative and Operational Assistance Unit Database N1-065-11-001
National Data Exchange (N-DEx) System N1-065-11-002
National Crime Information Center (NCIC) N1-065-11-003
Special Identities Unit (SIU) Database N1-065-11-004
Workers' Compensation Case Management Reference System N1-065-11-005
Department of Justice Order 556-73 Sufficient Request Records N1-065-11-006
Congressional Affairs N1-065-11-008
Institutional Review Board (IRB) Records N1-065-11-009
File Review Sheets N1-065-11-010
Accounts Receivable Records N1-065-11-011
Classification 300A Counterterrorism Preparedness Special Events N1-065-11-012
Base Jumper System N1-065-11-013
Language Quality Records N1-065-11-014
General Counsel Tracking Databases N1-065-11-015
Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) N1-065-11-016
Foreign Language Program Records in Classification 321E and Filed Separately N1-065-11-017
Law Enforcement System Supporting Audit Findings Data N1-065-11-019
Analytic Tools Platform of Investigative and Intelligence Data N1-065-11-020
Data Integration and Visualization System (DIVS) N1-065-11-021
Classification 63 Miscellaneous Non-Subversive Files N1-065-11-022
I-Complaints Case Management System (CMS) N1-065-11-024
Special Operations Group (321C and 66I) and Bureau Aircraft Operations Program (321D and 66H) Records N1-065-11-025
New Agent Development and Logbooks Intelligence Analyst (IA) Logbooks N1-065-11-026
Headquarters Zero 0 Administrative Files - Permanent N1-065-11-027
Headquarters Zero 0 Administration Files - Permanent and Temporary N1-065-11-028
Testing Records for Leadership Skills Assessment (LSA) , Special Agent Selection System (SASS), and Police Officer Selection System (POSS); POSS Database N1-065-11-029
Civil Rights Information System N1-065-11-032
Inner Harbor N1-065-11-035
National Backstopping Information Management System N1-065-11-036
Regional Task Force Database N1-065-11-041
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Lab DNA Profiles N1-065-11-042
Child Pornography Victim Assistance Program Database N1-065-12-001
Virtual Command Center N1-065-12-003
Government Deployment Overseas Tracking (GDOT) System N1-065-12-004
Classification 62 Miscellaneous Subversive Files N1-065-13-001
Case File Expunged San Antonio Case 100-11912-1 N1-065-86-001
Case Files Expunged 47-57335; 62-5-49931x30 N1-065-86-002
Case Files Expunged 44-23907-NR N1-065-86-003
Case File Expunged New Orleans Case 9-3510 N1-065-86-004
Case Files Expunged 9-47550, 32-7367-366, 32-7367-367, 32-7367-489, 32-7367-490; 197-122-131 N1-065-86-007
Case Files Expunged Southern District of New York 197-122-127; 179-1713 N1-065-86-008
10 Case Files Expunged District Court for D.C. N1-065-86-009
Case Files Expunged 62-120068; 87-157681; 191-122-210 N1-065-86-010
11 Case Files Expunged Western District of Oklahoma N1-065-86-011
Field Office "Destroyed Files" Listings N1-065-86-012
National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC) Computerized Records System Inactive N1-065-86-013
Routine Correspondence Prepared Without File Yellow Inactive N1-065-86-014
J. Edgar Hoover (JEH) Personal Background and Official Activities N1-065-86-015
Case File Expunged Detroit 100-451694-673 N1-065-86-017
Case File Expunged 100-462483-1129 N1-065-86-018
Case Files Expunged Eastern District of Pennsylvania 32-8449-7958, -7959; 67-732032-98; 89-0-2895x; 89-0--2910; 89-0-2916; 89-457; 89-R-1 N1-065-86-019
Case Files Expunged Omaha 100-8855; Omaha 100-8755-45; NR 10/27/85; NR 11/7/85 N1-065-86-020
District of Massachusetts Case Files Expunged 62-5900-20; 62-5900--21 N1-065-86-021
Case File Expunged 105-139862 N1-065-86-022
Comprehensive Classification Records Schedule Amendment: Tax and Tax Return Information, Grand Jury, and Title III Materials N1-065-86-023
Case Files Expunged 105-79285-137; 134-11845-NR; 105-104335-NR N1-065-86-024
Comprehensive Classification Records Schedule Amendment: Field Office 00 Files, Interesting Files, Electronic Surveillance (ELSUR) Index and Abstracts N1-065-86-025
Case File Expunged 157-15152-2, -6 N1-065-87-001
Case File Expunged 67-815026-4 N1-065-87-002
Case File Middle District of Pennsylvania Expunged 32-8449-7956, -7957 N1-065-87-003
Case File Middle District of Pennsylvania Expunged 32-8449-7956, -7957 N1-065-87-004
Routine Correspondence Prepared Without File Yellow Record System Justice/FBI-005 Inactive N1-065-87-005
Case Files Expunged 62-115530-11214x2; 87-70295-33; Detroit 87-11576 N1-065-87-006
Case Files Expunged 100-411752; 62-60527-38711; 61-7341-31-39; 61-7341-31-75X; 61-7341-31-82; 140-6055-10 N1-065-87-007
Case Files Expunged 62-5-32809; 62-5-32813 N1-065-87-008
Case Files Expunged 26-279725; 62-5-38830 N1-065-87-009
Management Aptitude Program (MAP) Records N1-065-87-010
Comprehensive Classification Records Schedule: 1986 Update N1-065-87-011
Case Files Expunged 105-0-29033; Richmond 105-6899; Richmond 203-0-3 N1-065-87-012
Case Files Expunged 44-48327-2, -NR;2 47-4680-1 (SF), -3, -5; 65-63183-18; 190-1254-x4, -x3, -xl, -2 (SF report), -5; 47-4680-2 (SF); 190-1254-5 N1-065-87-013
Case File Expunged 77-148121-1, - 9 N1-065-87-014
Case Files Expunged 32-15346-1648; 32-15346-1649; 32-15346-1657; 32-15346-1658; 32-15346-1658; 32-15346-1689; 32-15346-1690; 63-0-63436 N1-065-87-015
Negative Name Check Requests from 1984 Olympic Accreditation Process N1-065-87-017
Identification Division Correspondence N1-065-87-018
Pen Register Tapes N1-065-87-019
Case File Expunged 77-143716-29, -30, -33 N1-065-88-001
Visa Applicant Correspondence N1-065-88-002
Case Files or Contents in Conflict with the Privacy Act N1-065-88-003
Pornographic Materials Reference File (PMRF) N1-065-88-004
Original Cartoons Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of J. Edgar Hoover as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Inactive N1-065-88-005
Case File Expunged 105-2011 N1-065-88-006
Temporary Files, Index Cards and Related Material N1-065-88-007
17 Case Files Expunged N1-065-88-008
Reference Materials About J. Edgar Hoover (JEH) from Crime Division, 1920-81 N1-065-89-001
Case Files Expunged 190-17518-10; 65-18753-4; 65-51229-1; 100-397379-6; 100-345865-1; 100-359834-8, -16 N1-065-89-002
Classified N1-065-89-003
Audio and Video Tapes of Speeches of William Webster, 1980-86 Inactive N1-065-89-004
11 Case Files Expunged N1-065-89-005
Case Files Expunged Portland 62-0-100860; 62-0-100860 A and B; 62-0-100693; 62-0-100693 A thru Z; 62-0-100693 AA thru KK; 105-6498-5 N1-065-89-006
Headquarters General Index (HQGI) Cards N1-065-89-007
Classified N1-065-89-008
Identification Division Records System Inactive N1-065-90-001
Automated Headquarters General Index System N1-065-90-002
Physical Intelligence Surveillance Tapes Inactive N1-065-90-003
Office of Planning, Evaluations and Audits Work Papers/Final Reports Inactive N1-065-90-004
Office of Public Affairs Videotapes, 1978-86 N1-065-91-001
Movement of Foreign National Control Files N1-065-91-002
Field Office Special Surveillance Groups (SSG) Daily Worksheets N1-065-91-003
FBI Academy Training Division Films and Videotapes, 1960-86 Inactive N1-065-91-004
Office of Public Affairs Still Photography, 1930-85 Inactive N1-065-91-005
Motion Pictures and Videotapes for Law Enforcement, Recruitment, Interviews with Officials, and Media Coverage N1-065-91-006
Still Media Records N1-065-91-007
Informant and Informant-Related Case Files N1-065-91-008
Media Services Unit (MSU) Audio Recording N1-065-93-001
Headquarters Electronic Surveillance (ELSUR) Indices Records Inactive N1-065-93-003
Career Development Records Inactive N1-065-93-004
Foreign Counter Intelligence (FCI) Electronic Surveillance Audio Tapes N1-065-93-005
Comprehensive Classification Records Schedule: 1991 Update N1-065-93-006
Director's Abstracts N1-065-93-007
Director William Session's E-Mail Printouts, 1992-93 N1-065-94-001
Classification 252 Violent Crime Apprehension Program at Quantico, Virginia N1-065-94-002
Field Office Employment Applications Inactive N1-065-95-001
Field Office and Quantico Training Administrative Files N1-065-95-002
Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division Identification Records N1-065-95-003
Special Service Contact (SSC) Contact, 1941-55 N1-065-96-001
Comprehensive Classification Records Schedule: Exceptional Case File Update N1-065-96-002
Special Projects Section (SPS) Work Orders N1-065-97-001
Single Criminal Fingerprint Cards for Individuals Born Before 1921 Inactive N1-065-98-001
Administrative and Non-investigative Field Office Records Inactive NC-065-75-001
Field Office Records of Cases not Prosecuted or Otherwise not Followed Up Inactive NC-065-75-002
Fingerprint Cards Inactive NC-065-75-003
Inactive Criminal Fingerprint Cards Inactive NC1-065-76-01
Sealed File Containing 1969 Surveillance NC1-065-76-02
Disposal of Closed Field Records Inactive NC1-065-76-03
Enclosures and Other Additions to HQ Cases; Reference Material Incorporated into Central File Inactive NC1-065-76-04
Administrative Memoranda in Headquarters Divisional and Field Office Inspection Files Inactive NC1-065-76-06
Erroneous Information in a Fraud Against the Government Investigation NC1-065-76-07
Racial Matters Incidents Case File, 1971-74 NC1-065-77-01
Case File Expunged 116-82462 NC1-065-77-04
Case File Expunged 100-444154 NC1-065-77-05
Case Files Expunged 26-143127; 76-18343 NC1-065-77-06
Case File Expunged 100-478363 NC1-065-77-07
Case Files Expunged 62-109869; 94-53867 NC1-065-77-08
Case File Expunged 100-433657 NC1-065-77-09
Case File Expunged 63-207 NC1-065-77-10
Field Office Criminal Classifications Inactive NC1-065-77-11
Case File Expunged 70-46010 NC1-065-78-01
Case File Expunged 100-456174 NC1-065-78-02
Case Files Expunged 100-448681; 62-0-72622 NC1-065-78-03
Case File Expunged 70-62339 NC1-065-78-04
Case Files Expunged 105-34074; 105-12189 NC1-065-78-05
Case Files Expunged 100-454458; 77-0-29191; 100-446761-10-85; 100-463701-80X; 62-112128-9 NC1-065-78-06
Case Files Expunged 128-1884; 138-3120 NC1-065-78-07
Case File Expunged 26-143074 NC1-065-78-09
Case File Expunged 105-174253 NC1-065-78-10
Case File Expunged 105-264215 NC1-065-78-11
Case File Expunged 100-472913 NC1-065-78-13
Case File Expunged 157-17412 NC1-065-78-14
Case Files Expunged 44-10547, 44-16906, 9-36585,9-27477, 9-34826; 9-37554 NC1-065-78-15
Case File Expunged 52-89053 NC1-065-78-16
Case File Expunged Baltimore 157-5624 NC1-065-78-17
Case File Expunged 151-1857 NC1-065-78-18
Case File Expunged 121-26020 NC1-065-78-19
Case File Expunged 170-4939 NC1-065-78-20
Case Files Expunged 100-351684; 121-44244 NC1-065-78-21
Case File Expunged 120-9893 NC1-065-78-22
Case File Expunged 26-382357 NC1-065-78-23
Case File Expunged 100-392430 NC1-065-78-24
Case Files Expunged 62-105431; 105-43104 NC1-065-78-25
Case Files Expunged Buffalo 100-20606; Chicago 100-49801 NC1-065-78-26
Case File Expunged 116-259769 NC1-065-78-27
Case Files Expunged 100-402086; 140-18772 NC1-065-78-28
Case File Expunged 25-555801 NC1-065-78-29
Case File Expunged 62-66356 NC1-065-78-30
Case File Expunged 58-2557 NC1-065-78-31
Case File Expunged 137-11045 NC1-065-78-32
Case File Expunged 140-26716 NC1-065-78-33
Case File Expunged 100-445198 NC1-065-78-34
Log Tapes of National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and NCIC Computerized Criminal History (CCH) Transactions Inactive NC1-065-78-35
Expunge Records Involving Possession of Controlled Substance Under Controlled Substance Act NC1-065-78-37
Case Files Expunged 100-454318; 62-112228-10-71; 88-50450-506; 100-158790-135; 100-439048-10-90; 158 NC1-065-78-38
Case File Expunged 100-461283 NC1-065-78-39
Case File Expunged 92-11600 NC1-065-78-40
Case File Expunged 46-61260 NC1-065-78-41
Case File Expunged 70-70715 NC1-065-78-42
Case File Expunged 43-16048 NC1-065-78-43
Case File Expunged 94-4 sub 1949 NC1-065-78-44
Case File Expunged 157-13181 NC1-065-78-45
Case File Expunged 95-183438 NC1-065-78-46
Case File Expunged 62-111441 NC1-065-78-47
Case File Expunged 100-474577 NC1-065-78-48
Transmittal Documents from Field Office to Headquarters NC1-065-78-49
Case Files Expunged 65-39323; 105-79527 NC1-065-79-01
Case File Expunged 140-41000 NC1-065-79-02
Case File Expunged 100-465217 NC1-065-79-03
Case File Expunged 25-559121 NC1-065-79-04
Case File Expunged 44-25739 NC1-065-79-05
Case Files Expunged 140-36211; 100-438269 NC1-065-79-06
Case File Expunged 140-38564 NC1-065-79-07
Case File Expunged 100-194990 NC1-065-79-08
Case File Expunged 31-91645 NC1-065-79-09
Field Office Cases Inactive NC1-065-79-10
Case File Expunged 94-4 Sub 2289 NC1-065-79-12
Case File Expunged 100-459635 NC1-065-79-13
Case File Expunged 42-73328 NC1-065-79-14
Case File Expunged 77-32419 NC1-065-79-15
Case File Expunged 100-450778 NC1-065-79-16
Case File Expunged 100-415617 NC1-065-79-17
Case File Expunged 100-459610 NC1-065-79-18
Case Files Expunged 49-21837; 147-12628 NC1-065-79-19
Case File Expunged 100-463409 NC1-065-79-20
Case File Expunged Albany 100-22355 NC1-065-79-21
Witness Protection Program Headquarters (File 62-113932) and Field Office Inactive NC1-065-79-22
Headquarters Copies of Past Issues of The Congressional Record and Components File Number 66-1731 NC1-065-79-23
Case File Expunged 100-459492 NC1-065-79-24
Case File Expunged 100-450467 NC1-065-79-25
Case File Expunged 77-72330 NC1-065-79-26
Case File Expunged 44-15527 NC1-065-79-27
Case Files Expunged 121-13228; 64-40198 NC1-065-79-29
Case Files Expunged 100-379270 NC1-065-79-30
Case Files Expunged 100-450714 NC1-065-79-31
Case File Expunged Seattle 100-31435 NC1-065-80-01
Headquarters Classification 95 Inactive NC1-065-80-02
Case File Expunged Detroit 100-34073 NC1-065-80-04
Case File Expunged 124-8851 NC1-065-80-05
Case File Expunged 26-52806 NC1-065-80-06
Case Files Expunged 116-348607; 121-35349 NC1-065-80-07
Case File Expunged 100-475493 NC1-065-80-08
Case Files Expunged New York 134-21350; 174-2211 NC1-065-80-09
Personnel Records NC1-065-80-10
Expungement of 71 Names and Related Index Cards NC1-065-81-01
Case File Expunged 100-181812 NC1-065-81-02
Case File Expunged 157-21874 NC1-065-81-03
Case File Expunged 100-463450 NC1-065-81-04
Case File Expunged 47-54412 NC1-065-81-05
Case Files Expunged 9-46155; 29-41881; 63-16319; 92-5585; 122-3308; 161-6573 NC1-065-81-06
Case File Expunged 1-10088 NC1-065-81-07
Case File Expunged 100-471687 NC1-065-81-08
Case File Expunged 100-364440 NC1-065-81-09
Case File Expunged 157-29245 NC1-065-81-10
Case File Expunged 100-192690 NC1-065-81-11
Case File Expunged 100-484211 NC1-065-81-12
Case File Expunged 105-254262 NC1-065-81-13
Certain Offenses Which Appear in Copies of Identification Records NC1-065-82-01
Case Files Expunged 70-67428; 65-0-10069; 70-72524; 70-72515 NC1-065-82-02
Answer Sheets Forms for Special Agent Applicants NC1-065-82-03
Comprehensive Classification Records Schedule per American Friends Service Committee, et al., v. William H. Wetster, et al. NC1-065-82-04
Comprehensive Classification Records Schedule Amendment: Modifications and Clarifications NC1-065-82-05
Case File Expunged 100-343490 NC1-065-82-06
Case File Expunged 46-14772 NC1-065-82-07
Case Files Expunged 44-32016; 65-63925 NC1-065-82-08
Case File Expunged 105-171585 NC1-065-82-09
Case File Expunged 100-472562 NC1-065-82-10
Case File Expunged 9-29114 NC1-065-82-11
Case File Expunged 151-464 NC1-065-82-12
Case File Expunged 196-2306 NC1-065-82-13
Case Files Expunged District of Massachusetts 105-174403; 140-29382; 151-913 NC1-065-82-14
Case File Expunged Butte 44-647 NC1-065-82-15
Case Files Expunged 65-800; 65-46310;, 77-9361; 121-13297 NC1-065-82-16
Case File Expunged 25-455835 NC1-065-82-19
Case File Expunged Detroit 100-39767 NC1-065-82-20
Case File Expunged 91-18389 NC1-065-82-21
Case File Expunged 42-340020 NC1-065-82-22
Case File Expunged 46-11190 (WFO) NC1-065-82-23
Comprehensive Classification Records Schedule Amendment: Address and Resolve Dispositions of Records in Legal Attache Offices NC1-065-82-24
Press Clippings Maintained in the Director's Office, 1920-72; Hoover Congratulatory Letters and Replies, 1924-72; Photographs Accumulated by J. Edgar Hoover, 1930-72 Inactive NC1-065-82-25
Case Files Expunged 183-2237; Jackson 183-127 NC1-065-82-26
Case Files Expunged 105-73247; Detroit 100-26571 NC1-065-82-27
Case Files Expunged 161-16107-7, -10, -13, -20, -21; Albuquerque 161-626; Washington Field Office 161-15589 NC1-065-82-28
Case Files Expunged 61-7341-37-122; 62-39749-1101; 62-62736-1125; 62-64210-120; 65-4389-28; 65-8946-1521 NC1-065-82-29
InveCase Files Expunged 105-55030-55, -56, -57; 105-195696-413, -440,-453, -576, -583, -608, -724 NC1-065-83-01
Case Files Expunged 100-457751-1008; 100-457751-1324 NC1-065-83-02
Case Files Expunged 44-0-41418; 44-0-52931; 44-0-54458; 44-0-56315; 44-0-59385 NC1-065-83-03
Case File Expunged 100-432667-3 NC1-065-83-04
Case Files Expunged Norfolk 105-1711; 105-0-26112x NC1-065-83-05
Case Files Expunged 100-24628-2159, -2160; 100-33049-34-15X1 NC1-065-83-06
81 Case Files Expunged NC1-065-83-07
26 Case Files Expunged NC1-065-83-08
21 Case Files Expunged NC1-065-83-09
Hoover Memorabilia, 1924-72 NC1-065-83-10
Case File Expunged 100-456095-15 NC1-065-83-12
Case Files Expunged 63-2406-7; 62-105546-1; 62-105546-2; 63-0-32849, -X, -X1; 100-146964-239 NC1-065-83-13
Case Files Expunged 62-119643; Atlanta 62-3203 NC1-065-83-14
13 Case Files Expunged Eastern District, Michigan NC1-065-83-15
Case File Expunged 157-12446-1 NC1-065-83-16
Case File Expunged 77-110827-8 NC1-065-83-17
Case File Expunged 25-559067 NC1-065-83-18
Case File Expunged 121-26792 NC1-065-83-19
Comprehensive Classification Records Schedule Amendment: Rectify a Discrepancy in a Sub-Item Related to the Central Records System NC1-065-83-20
Case File Expunged 100-357240 NC1-065-83-21
Case File Expunged 123-15024-5 NC1-065-83-22
Case File Expunged 88-84095-3 NC1-065-83-23
Case File Expunged 29-63467-1; 29-79062-1 NC1-065-83-24
Case File Expunged 77-118151-21 NC1-065-83-25
User-Free (UF) System Records NC1-065-83-26
Case File Expunged 100-234791 NC1-065-84-01
Case Files Expunged Jacksonville 87-137995 87-15172 NC1-065-84-02
Case File Expunged 77-108477-12 NC1-065-84-03
Case File Expunged 62-103487 NC1-065-84-04
Case File Expunged 70-34981 NC1-065-84-05
Case File Expunged 116-433406 NC1-065-84-06
Comprehensive Classification Records Schedule Amendment: Sample Guidelines for Restricted Nonpublic or Set Aside Investigative Cases NC1-065-84-07
Case File Expunged 46-67012 NC1-065-84-08
Case File Expunged 105-160224-5, -7 NC1-065-84-09
Case Files Expunged Albuquerque 139-85-4 ; Charlotte 100-9943-149 NC1-065-84-10
Case Files Expunged 73-16904; 26-167152; 32-2980-2837, -3223, -3224, -3225, -3287, -3288, -3296, -3360, -3661 NC1-065-84-11
Case File Expunged 52-94781-308 NC1-065-84-12
Case File Expunged 25-598913; 32-34-149, -150 NC1-065-84-13
Case Files Expunged 44-0-56899; 32-2972-22804 NC1-065-84-14
Sound Recording Reference Files NC1-065-84-16
Comprehensive Classification Records Schedule Amendment: Statutorily Restricted Material, Field Office Files, and General Corrections NC1-065-85-01
Case Files Expunged 9-65938-1 NC1-065-85-02
Case File Expunged 9-48031 NC1-065-85-03
Case File Expunged 52-93689 NC1-065-85-04
Case Files Expunged 62-112954-2 NC1-065-85-05
Case File Expunged 62-109060-5912 NC1-065-85-06
Case Files Expunged 52-94781-243, -244, -252, -253, -255, -261, -270, -283 NC1-065-85-07
Case Files Expunged 52-102317-5; 67-495675-174; 97-5507-9, -44, -99, -106; 134-13734-119; 5 183-582-5 NC1-065-85-08
Case Files Expunged 52-94781-259, -264, -303, -305, -307, -313, -316, -317, -318, -319 NC1-065-85-09
Case File Expunged 62-62736-2-6594 NC1-065-85-10
Case Files Expunged 157-758-60, -41; 100-7060-24 NC1-065-85-11
Case File Expunged 140-26457-1, -3 NC1-065-85-12
Case Files Expunged 134-7488; 100-344537-110 NC1-065-85-13
Case Files Expunged 157-24090; 105-165706-4374 NC1-065-85-14