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Title Number/Filename
Key Control System (KCS) Master Files DAA-AU-2012-0009
Communication Security (COMSEC) Incident Management Monitoring System (CIMMS) and Secure File Management System (SFMS) Master Files DAA-AU-2012-0010
Videotape Recordings of Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District Office DAA-AU-2013-0003
Automated Biometric Indentification System (ABIS) DAA-AU-2013-0007
Investigations (Army Regulation 15-6) DAA-AU-2013-0010
Individual Deceased Personnel Files (IDPF) DAA-AU-2013-0014
Depot Execution System (DEXS) DAA-AU-2014-0019
Test Equipment Management Information System (TEMIS) DAA-AU-2014-0021
Automated Tool Inventory Control Tracking System (ATICTS) Master Files DAA-AU-2014-0022
Oil Analysis Standard Inter-Service (OASIS) Master Files DAA-AU-2014-0025
Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Actions System (FRACAS) DAA-AU-2014-0028
Army Military Human Resource Records Management DAA-AU-2014-0029
Versatile Information System Integrated On-Line (VISION) DAA-AU-2014-0030
Life Cycle Management Solutions for Rockets, Missile, and Launcher System (LCMS-RMLS) Master Files DAA-AU-2014-0031
Worldwide Ammunition Reporting System New Technology (WARS-NT) System Master Files DAA-AU-2014-0032
Automated Orders and Resource System (AORS) DAA-AU-2014-0033
Post Laundry Program (PLP) DAA-AU-2014-0034
Standard Management Asset Readiness Tool (SMART) DAA-AU-2014-0036
PM Soldier Weapons Collaborative Data Environment (PM SW-CDE) DAA-AU-2015-0002
Multi-User EP Automated Review System (MEARS) DAA-AU-2015-0003
Financial Management Information System (FMIS) DAA-AU-2015-0004
Army Mobility Asset Tracking System (AMATS) DAA-AU-2015-0005
Facilities and Equipment Maintenance System (FEMS) DAA-AU-2015-0006
Corporate Management System DAA-AU-2015-0007
United States Military Entrance Processing Command (USMEPCOM) Integrated Resource System (MIRS) DAA-AU-2015-0010
Integrated Commercial Intrusion Detection System (ICIDS) DAA-AU-2015-0011
Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) Integrated Material Management System (TIMMS) DAA-AU-2015-0012
Army Career Tracker (ACT) DAA-AU-2015-0013
Arlington National Cemetery and the United States Soldiers' and Airmen's Home National Case Files DAA-AU-2015-0014
Overseas Entitlement Tracker (OET) DAA-AU-2015-0015
Senior Enterprise Talent Management System (SETMS) DAA-AU-2015-0019
The Standard Army Maintenance System Enhanced (SAMS-E) DAA-AU-2015-0020
Rock Island District Office Project Files - Aerial Photography DAA-AU-2015-0021
Consolidated Human Resources Management System (CHRMS) Database DAA-AU-2015-0023
Standard Depot System (SDS) DAA-AU-2015-0024
Army Sustainment Command Enterprise Board (E-Board) DAA-AU-2015-0025
Unmanned Aircraft System - Initiative (UAS-I) DAA-AU-2015-0026
Food Service Management Program (FSMP) DAA-AU-2015-0030
Maintenance Consolidated Database System - The Army Maintenance Management System DAA-AU-2015-0031
Care and Use of Laboratory Animals in DoD Programs DAA-AU-2015-0032
Forensic Toxicology Drug Testing Laboratory - Information Management System (FTDTL-IMS) DAA-AU-2015-0035
Performance Review Interface for Managers and Employees (PRIME) Master Files DAA-AU-2015-0036
Logistics Readiness Center - Product Data Management System (LRC - PDM) DAA-AU-2016-0004
Medical Electronic Data for Care History and Readiness Tracking DAA-AU-2016-0006
Personnel Procurement - Waivers for Enlistments DAA-AU-2016-0007
Tank Automotive Research Development Engineering Center Advanced (RDandE) Center Engineering (TARDEC-ACE) DAA-AU-2016-0009
Readiness Module (RM) of the Logistics Integrated Database (LIDB) Master Files DAA-AU-2016-0010
Corps of Engineers Planning DAA-AU-2016-0018
Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant Control System DAA-AU-2016-0021
Passport Files - Visa Passport Automated System (VPAS) DAA-AU-2016-0023
Chemical Biological Defense Materiel Surveillance Program (CBDMSP) Inspection and Testing Reports DAA-AU-2016-0025
Logistics Information Warehouse DAA-AU-2016-0026
The Distribution and Allowance (DNA) System Master Files DAA-AU-2016-0028
Environmental Document System (EDS) DAA-AU-2016-0031
DoD Contractor Online Processing System (DCOPS) Master Files DAA-AU-2016-0032
Korean National Recruitment System (KNRS) Master Files DAA-AU-2016-0033
Mobilization Personnel Processing System (MOBPERS) DAA-AU-2016-0034
Joint Electronic Type Designed Automated System (JETDAS) DAA-AU-2016-0035
Personnel Procurement DAA-AU-2016-0042
Logistics DAA-AU-2016-0045
North Atlantic Treaty Organization Status of Forces Agreement Claims System DAA-AU-2016-0049
General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS) DAA-AU-2016-0050
Force Management DAA-AU-2016-0051
Ammunition Accountability Tracking System Master Files DAA-AU-2016-0052
Third Party Request System (TPR) DAA-AU-2016-0056
Army Safety Management Information System (ASMIS) DAA-AU-2016-0063
Scholarship Processing DAA-AU-2016-0072
Laboratory Information Mangement System (LIMS) DAA-AU-2017-0002
Consolidated Equipment Data Review Application (CEDRA) DAA-AU-2017-0003
Fitzsimons Army Medical Center (FAMC) Records N1-AU-00-0002
Special Court-Martial Files (BCD) N1-AU-00-0003
General Court-Martial Files N1-AU-00-0004
Judge Advocate General Legal Services Files N1-AU-00-0005
Counterintelligence/ Security Investigations Automated Card Files N1-AU-00-0006
Information Systems Security Monitoring Files N1-AU-00-0007
Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF) Employee Benefits and Insurance Files N1-AU-00-0008
Security Assistance Programs N1-AU-00-0009
Respiratory Protection Program Files N1-AU-00-0010
Test Material Inventories N1-AU-00-0011
Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP) N1-AU-00-0012
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS) Redesign: National Guard, Reserve, Training, Emergency Employment N1-AU-00-0013
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS) Redesign: Petroleum, Inventory, Maintenance N1-AU-00-0014
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS) Redesign: Food, Clothing, Textile N1-AU-00-0015
REDTRAIN Management Files N1-AU-00-0016
Active Duty for Special Work (ADSW) Program Files N1-AU-00-0017
International Logistics Programs (ILP) Requirements (Foreign Military Sales) N1-AU-00-0018
Individual Academic Records N1-AU-00-0019
Special Access Program (SAP) N1-AU-00-0020
Airworthiness Approval Documents N1-AU-00-0021
Intelligence Oversight Activities N1-AU-00-0022
Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Official Personnel Folders (OPFs) N1-AU-00-0023
DENTRAD (Dental Readiness) N1-AU-00-0024
Biometrics Identification System (BIDS) Files N1-AU-00-0025
Automated Abbreviated Ground Accident Reporting System (AAGARS) N1-AU-00-0026
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS) Redesign:Temporary Records N1-AU-00-0027
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS) Redesign: Medical Services, Nuclear and Chemical Weapons and Materiel N1-AU-00-0028
Acquisition Information Management and Report System (AIMARS) N1-AU-00-0029
Personnel Dosimetry Files N1-AU-00-0030
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS) Redesign: Military and Civilian Personnel N1-AU-00-0031
Ammunition Accountability (AMMO) System N1-AU-00-0032
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS) Redesign: Management, Information Management, Management Information Control, Office Management, and Army Information N1-AU-00-0033
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS) Redesign: Standardization, Communcations-Electronics, Facilities N1-AU-00-0034
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS) Redesign: Transportation and Travel N1-AU-00-0035
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS) Redesign: Logistics, Product Assurance, Cataloging of Supplies N1-AU-00-0036
Dosimeter Controls N1-AU-00-0037
Army Stationing and Installation Plan (ASIP) Files N1-AU-00-0038
Hazardous Substance Management System (HSMS) Files N1-AU-00-0039
Central Site Artifact Management System (CSAMS) N1-AU-00-0040
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS) Redesign: Army National Guard, Army Reserve, Training and Emergency Employment for Active Military Service N1-AU-00-0041
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS) Redesign: Boards, Commissions, and Committees; Field Organizations; Publications; Heraldic Activities; and Historical Activities N1-AU-00-0042
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS) Redesign: Audits, Property Accountability, Statistics, and Inspector General Activities N1-AU-00-0043
Opposing Force (OPFOR) Program N1-AU-00-0044
Military Personnel Transition Point Processing (TRANSPROC) II N1-AU-01-0001
Criminal Investigation Files N1-AU-01-0002
Environmental Compliance Assessment System (ECAS) Files N1-AU-01-0003
Army Criminal Investigation Reporting System (ACIRS III+) N1-AU-01-0004
In-Processing (INPROC) System N1-AU-01-0005
Out-Processing (OUTPROC) System N1-AU-01-0006
Production Base Support Program (PBSP) Construction Projects N1-AU-01-0007
MARKS Re-design: Security Assistance, Military Intelligence, Foreign Countries and Nationals N1-AU-01-0008
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS) Redesign: Explosives and Safety N1-AU-01-0009
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS) Redesign: Security Assistance, Military Intelligence, Foreign Countries and Nationals N1-AU-01-0010
Army Recordkeeping Redesigned Process N1-AU-01-0011
Inventory Management N1-AU-01-0012P
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS) Redesign: Legal Services, Military Police, Criminal Investigation N1-AU-01-0012
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS) Redesign: Installations, Cemeteries, Army Programs N1-AU-01-0013
Equal Opportunity Surveys N1-AU-01-0014
Housing Operation Management System (HOMES) N1-AU-01-0015
Vehicle Registry Inquiry Network (VERINET) Files N1-AU-01-0016
Central Issue Facility (CIF) System N1-AU-01-0017
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS) Redesign: Education Management Information System (EDMIS) N1-AU-01-0018
Test and Evaluation Policy N1-AU-01-0019
Management of Army Models and Simulation N1-AU-01-0020
Recordkeeping Requirement Case Files N1-AU-01-0021
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS) Redesign: Research, Development, and Aqcuisition N1-AU-01-0022
Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Compensation Case Files N1-AU-01-0023
Microfilm Safety Program Records N1-AU-01-0024
Radiation Safety Program Records N1-AU-01-0025
Inspector General (IG) N1-AU-01-0026
Army International Affairs (AIA) Planning and Activities N1-AU-01-0027
Offpost Housing Complaints and Investigations Files N1-AU-01-0028
NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Accounting and Control Files N1-AU-01-0029
Current Filing Area (CFA) N1-AU-02-0001
Facilities Engineering Stock Record Accounts N1-AU-02-0002
Environmental Pollution Abatement Files N1-AU-02-0003
Public Works Work Management/Workload N1-AU-02-0004
Public Works Correspondence N1-AU-02-0005
Notarial Services N1-AU-02-0006
Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Job Descriptions N1-AU-02-0007
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS) Redesign: Security Assistance, Military Intelligence, Foreign Countries and Nationals N1-AU-02-0008
Educational and Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS) Records N1-AU-02-0009
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Testing for Chemical and Nuclear Weapons and Materiel Personnel N1-AU-02-0010
Standard Exceptions and Freezes N1-AU-02-0011
Advanced Technology Assessments N1-AU-02-0013
United States Army Reserve Military Technicians N1-AU-02-0014
Demilitarization and Trade Security Controls N1-AU-02-0015
Utilities and Solid Waste, Water, and Wastewater Records N1-AU-02-0016
Certifying/Accountable Officials Appointments N1-AU-02-0017
Officer Separation Proceedings N1-AU-02-0018
Automated Information System Security Incident Reports N1-AU-02-0019
Certification of Sanitization/Deconstruction Files N1-AU-02-0020
Continuity of Operations Files N1-AU-02-0021
General Correspondence Files N1-AU-02-0022
Radiation Safety Records N1-AU-02-0023
Professional Conduct and Legal Office Mismanagement Inquiry N1-AU-02-0024
Enlistment/Reenlistment/Transfer Packets N1-AU-02-0025
Child/Spouse Abuse Reporting System (CSARS) N1-AU-03-0001
Group Operation Passenger (GOPAX) Reports N1-AU-03-0002
Asset Management System (AMS) Masterfile N1-AU-03-0003
Operations Database (OPSDS) Masterfile and Summary Reports N1-AU-03-0004
The Information Systems Planning and Programming System (ISPPS) Information Management Acquisition Requests (IMAR) and Maintenance Reports N1-AU-03-0005
Military Assistance to Safety and Traffic (MAST) Files N1-AU-03-0006
Regimental Honorary/Distinguished Postitions N1-AU-03-0007
Enlisted Selection Board N1-AU-03-0008
Global Freight Management (GFM) System Masterfile and Transportation Discrepancy N1-AU-03-0009
Research and Experimental Case Files N1-AU-03-0010
Individual Flight Record and Flight Certificate N1-AU-03-0011
Army Antiterrorism Program Files and Terrorist Threat Incident Files N1-AU-03-0012
Total Army Personnel Database (TAPDB) Masterfile and System Documentation N1-AU-03-0013
Worldwide Ammunition Review and Technical Assistance Program N1-AU-03-0014
Army Continuity Operations (COOP) Program N1-AU-03-0015
Unconventional Warfare (UW) and Psychological Operations Source Files N1-AU-03-0016
Readiness Module of the Logistics Integrated Database N1-AU-03-0017
Installation Status Report System N1-AU-03-0018
Counterdrug Support Program N1-AU-03-0019
Army National Guard (ARNGUS) and the United States Army Reserve (USAR) Incentive Programs N1-AU-03-0020
Samy Educational Incentives and Entitlements N1-AU-03-0021
Integrated Total Army Personnel Database (ITAPDB) N1-AU-03-0022
Tort Claims Files N1-AU-03-0023
Educational and Developmental Services (EDIS) Records N1-AU-03-0024
Practitioner Credentialing Files N1-AU-04-0001
Research Medical Volunteer Registry N1-AU-04-0002
The Army Corrections System N1-AU-04-0003
Chemical Agents and Munitions Training Attendance Records N1-AU-04-0004
Basic Topographic Data Files - Aerial Photography N1-AU-04-0005
Military and Personal Preparedness Command N1-AU-04-0006
Quality Information Programs - Controls and Administration Files N1-AU-04-0007
Quality Information Programs - Controls and Administration Files N1-AU-04-0008
Tactical Personnel System (TPS) Masterfile and Output Reports N1-AU-04-0009
Personal Identification Instruments N1-AU-04-0010
Family Advocacy Component Prevention N1-AU-05-0001
Safety Training Meetings N1-AU-05-0002
Central United States Registry NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) N1-AU-05-0003
Supply Property Books and Supporting Documents N1-AU-05-0004
Scheduling of Case Files for Army Review Boards N1-AU-06-0001
Scheduling of Memoranda of Reprimand N1-AU-06-0002
Chemical Agents and Munitions Training Attendance Records N1-AU-06-0003
Interment Scheduling System (ISS) N1-AU-06-0004
Scheduling Oil Analysis Records and Product Quality Deficiency Reports N1-AU-06-0005
Incapacitation Pay Case Files N1-AU-06-0006
Waiver for Enlistment N1-AU-06-0007
Total Army Personnel Database (TAPDB) Component Databases (Active Army, Reserves) N1-AU-06-0008
Leave Control Logs N1-AU-06-0009
Army Records Information Management System N1-AU-06-0010
Army Command Policy - Pregnancy and Family Counseling N1-AU-06-0011
Controller/Maintainer Training and Proficiency Files N1-AU-06-0012
Army International Affairs (AIA) Files N1-AU-06-0013
Firearms Authorizations N1-AU-06-0014
Structural Certifications N1-AU-06-0015
Military Sentry Dogs Records N1-AU-07-0001
Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) cases N1-AU-07-0002
Flight Regulations N1-AU-07-0003
Reception Battalion Automated Support System-Redesign (RECBASS-R) N1-AU-07-0004
Synchronized Personnel Operational Tracker (SPOT) N1-AU-07-0005
Communication Records - Land Mobile Radio (LMR) N1-AU-07-0006
Aircraft Maintenance Equipment Files N1-AU-07-0007
Military Justice Files N1-AU-07-0008
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Records N1-AU-07-0009
Information Technology: Visual Information/Web N1-AU-07-0010
Training Media Files N1-AU-07-0011
Locator Records and Warehouse Plans and Layouts N1-AU-07-0012
Survey Report Status Files N1-AU-07-0013
Army Command Policy N1-AU-07-0014
Policies and Procedures for Property Accountability N1-AU-07-0015
Army Command Policy AR 600-20 N1-AU-08-0001
Logistics N1-AU-08-0002
Supporting Strategy (SS) N1-AU-08-0003
Morale, Welfare, and Recreation - Army Air Force Exchange Service Policies and Services N1-AU-09-0001
The Army Records Information Management System (ARIMS) N1-AU-09-0002
Enlisted Promotions and Reductions N1-AU-09-0003
Army Sustance Abuse Program - Alcohol and Drug Abuse Management Files N1-AU-09-0004
Army/ American Council on Education Registry Transcript System (AARTS) Master File AR 621-5 N1-AU-09-0005
Inspector General Network Master File N1-AU-09-0006
Army Strategic Readiness Update (ASRU) Master File N1-AU-09-0007
Medical Research Information Technology Systems (MeRITS) Master File N1-AU-09-0008
United States Army Audit Agency System for Information Storage and Transmission (AAAsist) Records N1-AU-09-0009
Army Sponsorship Program Files N1-AU-09-0010
Web-Based Training and Doctrine Command Automated Schedules System Master Files N1-AU-09-0011
Benning Automated Training Schedule System (BATSS) Master File N1-AU-09-0012
Fire Simulation Master File N1-AU-09-0013
Distributed Learning Management Information System (DLMIS) Master File N1-AU-09-0014
Combat XXI Combined Arms Analysis System Master File N1-AU-09-0015
Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) Master File N1-AU-09-0016
Accreditation Standards List N1-AU-09-0017
Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Budget Guidance (TBG) Master File N1-AU-09-0018
Master Data Files N1-AU-09-0019
Equal Opportunity Reporting System (EORS) Master File N1-AU-09-0020
Independent Simulation Module Master File N1-AU-09-0021
Automated Systems Approach to Training (ASAT) N1-AU-09-0022
After Action Review System (AARS) Master File Records N1-AU-09-0023
Battle Laboratory Collaborative Simulation Environment Records N1-AU-09-0024
Advanced Warfighting Simulation Records N1-AU-09-0025
Operational Environment Lab (OEL) Master File N1-AU-09-0026
Training Support-Material Army-wide Tracking System (TS-MATS) N1-AU-09-0027
The Army Family Advocacy Program N1-AU-09-0028
Drug and Alcohol Management Information System (DAMIS), AR 600-85 - The Army Substance Abuse Program N1-AU-09-0029
Defense Casualty Information Processing System (DCIPS) N1-AU-09-0030
Multi-Source Assessment and Feedback (MSAF) System Master File N1-AU-09-0031
Army Master Range Plan Tracker N1-AU-09-0032
Training Support Information Management System (TSIMS) Master File N1-AU-09-0033
Civilian Mobilization Tracking System (CIVTRACKS) Master File N1-AU-09-0034
Enlisted Distribution Target Model (EDTM) System Master File N1-AU-09-0035
Keystone-Retention System-Client Server (RETAIN) Master File N1-AU-09-0036
Enlisted Distribution and Assignment System (EDAS) Master File N1-AU-09-0037
Material Requirements Master Files N1-AU-09-0038
Records Pertaining to Personal Affairs of Soldiers N1-AU-10-0001
Security Systems Master Files N1-AU-10-0002
Army Selection Board System (ASBS) Master File N1-AU-10-0003
Personnel Electronic Systems (Master Files) N1-AU-10-0004
Environmental Restoration Information (ERIS) System Master File N1-AU-10-0005
Laboratory Information Management System Master File N1-AU-10-0006
Resource Management Online System Master File N1-AU-10-0007
Structure and Manpower Allocation System (SAMAS) Master File N1-AU-10-0008
Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation System (NES) Master File N1-AU-10-0009
Physical Disability Case Processing System (PDCAPS) Master File N1-AU-10-0010
The Army Authorization Docs System (TAADS) Master File N1-AU-10-0011
Military Occupation Speciality Codes (MOSC) N1-AU-10-0012
Receipt and Issue Transaction/Workload Forecasting System Master File; Army War Reserve Deployment System/Automated Battle Books System N1-AU-10-0013
Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System Master File N1-AU-10-0014
Security Information Management System (SIMS) Master File N1-AU-10-0015
Civilian Personnel Employment Systems Master Files N1-AU-10-0016
Judge Advocate General's Corps Network (JAGCNET) Master File N1-AU-10-0017
Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence Automated Reporting Collecting System (CHARCS) Master File N1-AU-10-0018
Meteorological Measuring Set (MMS) Master File N1-AU-10-0019
Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Master File N1-AU-10-0020
Automated Military Postal System (AMPS) Master File N1-AU-10-0021
Troop Program Unit Management Subsystem (TPUMS) Master File N1-AU-10-0022
Reserve Recruiting and Retention System (RRS) Master File N1-AU-10-0023
Army Review Board Agency (ARBA) Case Tracking System (ACTS) Master File N1-AU-10-0024
Analyst Projection Assistance System (APAS) Master File N1-AU-10-0025
Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Programs (MWR) and Non-appropriated Fund Instrumentalities (NAFI) Systems Master Files N1-AU-10-0026
Army Safety Program - Dosimetry Files N1-AU-10-0027
Real Property Master Planning Files N1-AU-10-0028
Biometrics Indentification System for Access (BISA) Master File N1-AU-10-0029
Security Master File N1-AU-10-0030
Special Liaison Office (SLO) Master File N1-AU-10-0031
Personnel Authorizations Module (PAM) System Master File N1-AU-10-0032
Army Food Management System (AFMIS) Master File N1-AU-10-0033
Project Prioritization System (PPS) Master File N1-AU-10-0034
Programming Administration and Execution (PAX) Master File N1-AU-10-0035
Engineering and Base Operations Support System (ENBOSS) Master File N1-AU-10-0036
Installation Executive Information System (IEIS) Master File N1-AU-10-0037
Army Criteria Tracking System (ACTS) Master File N1-AU-10-0038
Computer Aided Cost Engineering System (CACES) Master File N1-AU-10-0039
Resident Management System (RMS) Master Files N1-AU-10-0040
Training Management Information System Master File N1-AU-10-0041
Institutional Digital Education Plan (IDEP) Master File N1-AU-10-0042
Automated Survey Generator Master File N1-AU-10-0043
Resident Individual Training Management System Master File N1-AU-10-0044
Digital Training Management System (DTMS) Master File N1-AU-10-0045
Manuever Center of Excellence, Modeling and Simulation Tool (MCOE, M & S) Master File N1-AU-10-0046
Standard Army Maintenance Systems Level I (SAMS-1) and Level II (SAMS-2) Master File N1-AU-10-0047
Career Management Decision Support Model (CMDSM) System Master File N1-AU-10-0048
Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC) Decision Support System (ADSS) Master File N1-AU-10-0049
Internet Complaints Tracking System (I - COMPLAINTS) Master File N1-AU-10-0050
Court- Martial Files N1-AU-10-0051
Mobilization Personnel Processing System (MOBPERS) and Unit Identification Code (UIC) N1-AU-10-0052
Competition Advocate's Shopping List (CASL) N1-AU-10-0053
Electronic Maintenance System (EMS) N1-AU-10-0054
Ammunition Peculiar Equipment Management System (APEMS) N1-AU-10-0055
Security Assistance Management Directorate Repair and Return (SAMDR-R) N1-AU-10-0056
Army Logistics Management College (ALMC) Computer Information System Master File N1-AU-10-0057
Roofing Engineered Management System (ROOFER) Master File Railroad Track Engineered Management System (RAILER) File Pavement Management System (PAVER) Master File N1-AU-10-0058
Army Management Staff College Computer Information System Master File N1-AU-10-0059
Space Management System Master File N1-AU-10-0060
Capabilities Needs Analysis Master File N1-AU-10-0061
Officer Selection Support System (OSSS) Master File N1-AU-10-0062
Army Energy and Water Reporting System (AEWRS) Master File N1-AU-10-0063
Sustainable Range Program (SRP) N1-AU-10-0064
Range Facility Management Support System (RFMSS) Master File N1-AU-10-0065
Go Army Education (GoArmyEd) System Master File N1-AU-10-0066
Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) System Master File N1-AU-10-0067
Army Center for Substance Abuse Program Web (ACSAP Web) System Master N1-AU-10-0068
Army Reserve Mission, Organization, and Training System Master File N1-AU-10-0069
Centralized Inventory Management of the Army Supply System Master Files N1-AU-10-0070
Replacement Operations Automated Management System (ROAMS) Master File N1-AU-10-0071
Department of the Army Photograph Management Information System (DAMPIS) Master File N1-AU-10-0072
Munitions Transportation Management System (MTMS) Master File N1-AU-10-0073
Deployment and Reconstitution Tracking Software (DARTS) Master File N1-AU-10-0074
The Retirement Points Accounting System (RPAS) Master File N1-AU-10-0075
Wounded Warrior Accountability System (WWAS) Master File N1-AU-10-0076
Reserve Statistics Accounting System/ Reserve Components Common Personnel Data System (RSAS/ RCCPDS) Master File N1-AU-10-0077
Certified Pay (CEP) System Master File N1-AU-10-0078
Receipt and Issue Transactions (RIT) Workload Forecasting System (WSF) Master File N1-AU-10-0079
Training Evaluation and Scheduling System (TESS) Master File N1-AU-10-0080
Cost Analysis Strategy Assessment (CASA) System Master File N1-AU-10-0081
Risk Reduction Program (RRP) System Master File N1-AU-10-0082
Enlisted Selection Board System (ESBS) Master File N1-AU-10-0083
Financials and Asset Management System (FAMS) Master File N1-AU-10-0084
Personal Development System (PDS) Master File N1-AU-10-0085
Innovator System Master File N1-AU-10-0086
Mobility Inventory Control Accountability System (MICAS) N1-AU-10-0087
Single Stock Fund (SSF) Middleware (MW) N1-AU-10-0088
Resources Allocation Selection System (RASS) N1-AU-10-0089
Resumix (RSX-CFSC-Resumix) N1-AU-10-0090
Condition Based Maintenance - Data Warehouse (CBM - DW) N1-AU-10-0091
Design Review and Checking System (DrChecks) N1-AU-10-0092
Homeowner's Assistance Program Management Information System (HAPMIS) Master File N1-AU-10-0093
The Army Authorization Documentation System N1-AU-10-0094
Security Management System (SMS) Countermeasures (CM) System Master File N1-AU-10-0095
Real Property Planning and Analysis System (RPLANS) Master File N1-AU-10-0096
Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF) Employee Benefits Management Systems (NEBMS) Master File N1-AU-10-0097
Patient Administration - Medical Services; Third Party Collections; Affirmative Claims N1-AU-10-0098
Army Point and Click Web Ordering System Master File N1-AU-10-0099
Criminal Investigation Command (CIDC) Information Management System (CIMS) Master File N1-AU-10-0100
Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) FreeBalance System Master File N1-AU-10-0101
Confinement and Correction Files N1-AU-10-0102
Contractors Accompanying the Forces - Budget, Contracting, and Acquisition Files N1-AU-10-0103
Unit Level Logistics System - Aviation (ULLS-A) Master File N1-AU-10-0104
Standard Army Retail Supply System-1 (SARRS-1) N1-AU-10-0105
Deployed Theater Accountability System (DTAS) Master File N1-AU-10-0106
Program Control System (PCS) II Master File N1-AU-10-0107
Numerical Models (NUMMODS) System Master File N1-AU-10-0108
Soldier Management System - Korea (SMS-K) Master File N1-AU-11-0001
Knowledge-Based Corporate Reporting System (KBCRS) N1-AU-11-0002
Resource Management On-Line Master File N1-AU-11-0003
Munitions Items Dispositions Action System (MIDAS) Master File N1-AU-11-0004
Ammunition Stockpile Reliability Program-Firing Data (ASRP Firing Data) N1-AU-11-0005
Army Electronic Product Support (AEPS) System Master File N1-AU-11-0006
Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR) System Master File N1-AU-11-0007
Soldier Query (SOQ) System Master File N1-AU-11-0008
Product Data Management System (PDMS) Master File N1-AU-11-0009
Contract File Room (CFR) System Master File N1-AU-11-0010
Total Officer Personnel Management Information System (TOPMIS) Master File N1-AU-11-0011
Force Management System (FMS) Master File N1-AU-11-0012
Reserve Component Automation System (RCAS) Master File N1-AU-11-0013
Integrated Resource Management Information System (IRMIS) Master File N1-AU-11-0014
United States Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) Resource Management System (FRMS) Master File N1-AU-11-0015
National Guard Bureau Budget Track (NGB BT) Master File N1-AU-11-0016
Senior Leader Development Management System ( SLDMS) Master File N1-AU-11-0017
Objective Supply Capability Redesign (OSCAR) System Master File N1-AU-11-0018
Inter- Component Data Transfer (ICDT) System Master File N1-AU-11-0019
Force Development Investment Information System (FDIIS) Master File N1-AU-11-0020
Aviation Roundout Maintenance Management System (ARMMIS) Master File N1-AU-11-0021
Program Optimization and Budget Evaluation System Master File N1-AU-11-0022
Electronic - Military Personnel Office (e-MILPO) System Master File N1-AU-11-0023
Automated Battlebooks System (ABS) Master File N1-AU-11-0024
Army War Reserve Deployment System Master File N1-AU-11-0025
Wildcat Maintenance Management System - Directorate of Logistics (WMMS-DoL) N1-AU-11-0026
The Computerized Movement Planning and Status System (COMPASS) N1-AU-11-0027
Personnel Records Management System (PRMS) Master File N1-AU-11-0028
Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced (PBUSE) Master File N1-AU-11-0029
Property Book and Supporting Documents N1-AU-11-0030
Procedures for Investigating Officers and Boards of Officers AR 15-6 N1-AU-12-0001
Enlisted Promotion Files N1-AU-86-0001
Foreign Scientific Information Files N1-AU-86-0002
News Media and Release Files N1-AU-86-0003
Organizational Effectiveness Files N1-AU-86-0004
Manufacturing License and Technical Assistance Agreements N1-AU-86-0005
Commercial Arms Export Cases N1-AU-86-0006
Access Road Project Files N1-AU-86-0007
Passport Files N1-AU-86-0008
Materiel Status Record N1-AU-86-0009
Research Reporting Files N1-AU-86-0010
Test Material Inventory Files N1-AU-86-0011
Financial Statements and Schedules N1-AU-86-0012
Savings Program Reporting Files N1-AU-86-0013
Miscellaneous Expense Contingency Funds N1-AU-86-0014
Adjustment Documents N1-AU-86-0015
Currency Controls N1-AU-86-0016
Military Payment Certificate Accountability Files N1-AU-86-0017
Indemnity Bonds N1-AU-86-0018
Audit Background Files N1-AU-86-0019
Nonappropriated Fund Audit Files N1-AU-86-0020
Department of Defense Inspector General (DODIG) Audit Reporting Files N1-AU-86-0021
Civil Works Cost Basic Reporting Files N1-AU-86-0022
Ration Control Systems Files N1-AU-86-0023
Patient Treatment Film N1-AU-86-0024
Temporary Army Series N1-AU-86-0025
Mapping Program Priority Files N1-AU-86-0026
Mapping Index Files N1-AU-86-0027
Map Format Files N1-AU-86-0028
Map Accuracy Files N1-AU-86-0029
Map Identification Files N1-AU-86-0030
Mapping Contract Specifications Files N1-AU-86-0031
Map Correction Files N1-AU-86-0032
Work Assignment Files N1-AU-86-0033
Production and Reproduction Control Files N1-AU-86-0034
Cartographic Reference Files N1-AU-86-0035
Map Distribution Policy Files N1-AU-86-0036
Marginal Data Files N1-AU-86-0037
Geodetic Computation Control Files N1-AU-86-0038
Preliminary Geodetic Computation Files N1-AU-86-0039
Geodetic Reference Files N1-AU-86-0040
Intermediate Manuscript Files N1-AU-86-0041
Final Reproduction Manuscript Negative Files N1-AU-86-0042
Diapositive Files N1-AU-86-0043
Map Requisition Files N1-AU-86-0044
Mapping, Charting, and Geodetic Publication Record N1-AU-86-0045
Map Stock Level Files N1-AU-86-0046
Reproduction Manuscript Control Files N1-AU-86-0047
Field Recovery Note Files N1-AU-86-0048
Topographic Symbol Files N1-AU-86-0049
Reproduction Maunscript Cancellation Files N1-AU-86-0050
Fire Training Records N1-AU-86-0051
Research Medical Volunteer Registry N1-AU-86-0052
Individual Aircrew Training Folder N1-AU-86-0053
Task Analysis Backgroud Files N1-AU-86-0054
Accounting Documents N1-AU-86-0055
International Military Standardization Agreement Files N1-AU-86-0056
International Meeting Files N1-AU-86-0057
Medical Statistical Summaries N1-AU-86-0058
Health and Hospitalization Data N1-AU-86-0059
Technical Report Record Files N1-AU-86-0060
RD Project Control Files N1-AU-87-0001
Research and Development Supervisory Files N1-AU-87-0002
Project Management Planning Files N1-AU-87-0003
Information Manager Designations/Appointments N1-AU-87-0004
Army Information Management Program N1-AU-87-0005
Information Management Plans N1-AU-87-0006
Information Management Master Plan (IMMP) N1-AU-87-0007
Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Individual Pay Records N1-AU-87-0008
Threat Assessment Files N1-AU-87-0009
Threat Support Intelligence Products N1-AU-87-0010
Technology Transfer Cases N1-AU-87-0011
Country Files N1-AU-87-0012
Systems and Materiel Files N1-AU-87-0013
Child Development Services N1-AU-87-0014
Ammunition and Explosives Malfunction N1-AU-87-0015
Vietnamese Financial Archives (Pay Related Records) N1-AU-87-0016
Academic Evaluation Report Appeals N1-AU-87-0017
Enlisted Evaluation Report Appeals N1-AU-87-0018
Vietnamese Financial Archives (Contract Records) N1-AU-87-0019
Capability Request (CAPR) for Information Mission Area (IMA) Resources N1-AU-87-0020
Environmental Support Group Case Files N1-AU-88-0001
Army Court Martial Management Information Systems (ACMIS) N1-AU-88-0002
Court Martial and Disciplinary Information Management Systems (CDIMS) N1-AU-88-0003
United States Army and Joint Services Environmental Support Group (ESG) N1-AU-88-0004
Military Intelligence Excepted Career Program N1-AU-88-0005
United States Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) N1-AU-88-0006
General Court Martial of Lieutenant(1Lt) William F. Calley, Junior N1-AU-88-0007
Legal Assistance Interview Records N1-AU-88-0008
Professional Responsibility Inquires N1-AU-88-0009
Legal Assistance Cases N1-AU-88-0010
Inquiry and Eligibility Files N1-AU-88-0011
Civil Works Projects Files,Civil Works Small Project Files, and the Project Operation Maintenance Basic Files N1-AU-88-0012
Army Library Management Reporting Systems (ALMRS) N1-AU-88-0013
Army Property Damage Claim N1-AU-89-0001
Medical Expense Claims N1-AU-89-0002
Claim Investigation Reports N1-AU-89-0003
Physical Security Equipment (PSE) Enhancement N1-AU-89-0004
Court-Martial Locators N1-AU-89-0005
Reduction and Realignment Actions N1-AU-89-0006
Official Military Personnel Folder Files N1-AU-89-0007
Child Care Center Veterinary Inspections N1-AU-89-0008
Intelligence Confidential Funds N1-AU-89-0009
Individual Retirement Record Controls N1-AU-89-0010
Clothing Issue/Sales Stores Establishment Files N1-AU-89-0011
Vending Facility for the Blind on Federal Property Files N1-AU-89-0012
Contract Audits N1-AU-89-0013
Army National Guard and Army Reserve N1-AU-89-0014
Command Logistics Review Program (CLRP) N1-AU-89-0015
Faculty Board Files N1-AU-89-0016
Flagging System Management N1-AU-89-0017
Personnel Action Suspension Reports N1-AU-89-0018
Internal Review and Audit Files (Formerly Internal Review Files) N1-AU-89-0019
International Logistics Programs (ILP) N1-AU-89-0020
Army Logistics Readiness and Sustainability N1-AU-90-0001
Summaries of Significant Actions N1-AU-90-0002
Laundry and Drycleaning Operations N1-AU-90-0003
Materiel Fielding Files N1-AU-90-0004
Military Personnel Survey Files N1-AU-90-0005
System Safety Historical Files N1-AU-90-0006
Non Appropriated Fund Employment Applications N1-AU-90-0007
Manpower and Personnel Integration (MANPRINT) in the Materiel Acquisition Process N1-AU-90-0008
Criminal Investigation Cases N1-AU-90-0009
Occupational Health Surveillance X-Rays N1-AU-90-0010
Threat Support Files N1-AU-90-0011
Integrated Logistic Support Plan (ILSP) N1-AU-90-0012
Medical Materiel Adoption N1-AU-90-0013
Passenger Standing Routing Orders N1-AU-90-0014
Report of Discrepancy (ROD) - Foreign Military Sales (FMS) N1-AU-90-0015
Controlled Substance Record N1-AU-90-0016
Commissary Marketing/Stockage Program N1-AU-90-0017
Configuration Management N1-AU-90-0018
Quality Assurance of Medical Materiel N1-AU-90-0019
Personnel Dosimetry Files N1-AU-90-0020
Economic Analysis Studies N1-AU-90-0021
Investigative Case Files N1-AU-90-0022
Department of Defense (DOD) Wage Setting Division N1-AU-90-0023
Microfilmed Press Releases Pertaining to Korean War Casualties, 1952-1955 N1-AU-90-0024
Personnel Strength Zero Balance Reports and Personnel Transaction Register by Unit N1-AU-91-0001
Register Number Files N1-AU-91-0002
Electronic Records Created During the War in Southeast Asia by Headquarters, Pacific Command (PACOM) N1-AU-91-0003
Country Law Tax Studies N1-AU-91-0004
Tax Negotiations N1-AU-91-0005
Installation Management and Organization Files N1-AU-91-0006
Military Personnel Procurement Statistics N1-AU-91-0007
Evaluation and Control of Occupational Exposure to Agent GB (Isopropyl Methylphosphonoflouridate) N1-AU-91-0008
Carrier Performance Files N1-AU-91-0009
General/Flag Officer's Quarters Management Files N1-AU-91-0010
Office of the Surgeon General (OTSG) Clinical Reference File N1-AU-91-0011
The Army Integrated Publishing and Printing Program N1-AU-91-0012
Accomodation of Religious Practices Files N1-AU-91-0013
Information Systems Life Cycle Management N1-AU-91-0014
Army Apprenticeship Program N1-AU-91-0015
Special Access Programs (SAP) Policy Files N1-AU-92-0001
Program Records of the Joint Clemency Processing Center Relating to Vietnam War-Era Unconvicted Military Deserters, 1974-1975 N1-AU-92-0002
Authorization for Early Disposal of Short Term Records Accumulated by Closing Bases N1-AU-92-0003
Published Map and Chart Records N1-AU-92-0004
Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) Billet Files N1-AU-92-0005
Army Nuclear Test Personnel Review (ANTPR), 1978-1987 N1-AU-92-0006
Civilian Dental Files N1-AU-93-0001
Medical Malpractice Case Files N1-AU-93-0002
Medical Expense and Performance Reporting System (MERPS) Data Source Files N1-AU-93-0003
Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Registry Files N1-AU-93-0004
Exceptional Family Member Program Management N1-AU-93-0005
The Army Combatting Terrorism Program N1-AU-93-0006
Professional Conduct Files N1-AU-93-0007
Congressional/Army Strategy Papers N1-AU-93-0008
Health Hazard Assessment Reports N1-AU-93-0009
Army Health Promotion Files N1-AU-94-0001
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Program Management N1-AU-94-0002
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Program (ADAPCP) Clinical Certification N1-AU-94-0003
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Rehabilitation N1-AU-94-0004
Counterintelligence Special Operations Files N1-AU-94-0005
Foreign Personnel and Organizational Files N1-AU-94-0006
Provisioning Army Systems Documentation N1-AU-94-0007
Delay Board Proceedings N1-AU-94-0008
USA (United States of America) Reenlistment Eligibility N1-AU-94-0009
General Information Management Correspondence Files N1-AU-94-0010
Maintenance of Supplies and Equipment - Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) N1-AU-94-0011
Vessel Logbooks and Crew List Records N1-AU-94-0012
United States Army Intelligence Activities N1-AU-94-0013
Product Improvement of Materiel N1-AU-94-0014
Access to Messages N1-AU-94-0015
Total Ammunition Management Information System (TAMIS) Data Input Records N1-AU-94-0016
Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) Records N1-AU-94-0017
Medical Services - Medical Record Administration N1-AU-94-0018
Financial Privacy Requests N1-AU-94-0019
Army Personnel Proponent System N1-AU-94-0020
Telephone Circuit Usage Reports N1-AU-94-0021
Enlistment Contracts N1-AU-94-0022
Army Foreign Materiel Program (FMP) N1-AU-94-0023
Functional Users Manual for the Army Maintenance Management System-Aviation (TAMMS-A) N1-AU-94-0024
Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors N1-AU-94-0025
Military Intelligence - Investigative Records Repository (IRR) N1-AU-94-0026
Quality File Test Reporting Files N1-AU-94-0027
Casualty Cases and Evidence N1-AU-94-0028
Wetlands Delineator Certification Program N1-AU-94-0029
Corps of Engineers Case Management Information Files N1-AU-94-0030
Corps of Engineers Civilian Uniform Records Files N1-AU-94-0031
Department of Defense (DOD) Committee Files N1-AU-94-0032
Leased Bachelor Housing Files N1-AU-94-0033
Counterintelligence Collection Files N1-AU-94-0034
Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Collection Files N1-AU-94-0035
United States Prisoners of War (POW)/Missing in Action (MIA)/Detainee Intelligence Files N1-AU-94-0036
Counterintelligence/Security Investigations N1-AU-95-0001
Polygraph Technical Files N1-AU-95-0002
Numerical Files (Internal) N1-AU-95-0003
District of Columbia National Guard Records N1-AU-95-0004
Technical Surveillance Index (TSI) N1-AU-95-0005
Life Cycle Management of Reserve N1-AU-95-0006
Ammunition Lot Histories N1-AU-95-0007
Laboratory Notebooks N1-AU-95-0008
Radiation Analysis N1-AU-96-0001
Federal Advisory Committee Files N1-AU-96-0002
American University Chemical Experiment Station Records, 1917-1918 N1-AU-96-0003
Military Radiation Oncology/Therapy Records N1-AU-96-0004
Patient Treatment Film N1-AU-96-0005
Environmental Restoration Programs N1-AU-96-0006
Congressional Visit Reports N1-AU-97-0001
Ammunition and Explosives Malfunction N1-AU-97-0002
Military Affiliated Radio System (MARS) Member Files N1-AU-97-0003
Individual Deceased Personnel Records N1-AU-97-0004
Casualty Cases N1-AU-97-0005
Threat Support Files N1-AU-97-0006
Professional Conduct Files N1-AU-97-0007
Personal Financial Record Folders N1-AU-97-0008
Individual Retirement Records N1-AU-97-0009
Army Aircraft Inventory, Status, and Flying Time N1-AU-97-0010
Aircraft Maintenance Records N1-AU-97-0011
Periodical Approvals N1-AU-97-0012
General Counseling Statements N1-AU-97-0013
Inspector General (IG) Inspections N1-AU-97-0014
REDTRAIN (Readiness Training) Management Files N1-AU-97-0015
Judge Advocate General (JAG) Legal Opinion Records N1-AU-97-0016
Civilian Misconduct Action Authority Files N1-AU-97-0017
Army Lessons Learned Program System Records N1-AU-97-0018
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Sample Prescreening/Testing Report Files N1-AU-97-0019
Office Temporary Duty Travel N1-AU-97-0020
Inquiries N1-AU-97-0021
Surveillance Historical Data N1-AU-97-0022
Museums and Historical Properties N1-AU-97-0023
Military Pay Reports N1-AU-97-0024
Suitability Evaluation Boards N1-AU-97-0025
Regular Army and Army Reserve Enlistment Program Files N1-AU-97-0026
Opposing Force (OPFOR) Training Files N1-AU-97-0027
Personal Property Shipping and Storage Documents N1-AU-97-0028
Combined Federal Campaign Planning Files N1-AU-97-0029
Production/Financial Management Files N1-AU-97-0030
Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Registry Files N1-AU-97-0031
Miscellaneous F&AO Reports N1-AU-97-0032
Advanced Technology Assessments N1-AU-98-0001
Quality Film Test Report Files N1-AU-98-0002
Individual Mobilization Augmentation (IMA) Program N1-AU-98-0003
Congressional Correspondence Files N1-AU-98-0004
Construction Project Files N1-AU-98-0005
Placement Considerations N1-AU-98-0006
Ammunition and Explosives Safety Records N1-AU-98-0007
Individual Travel Charge Card Records N1-AU-98-0008
General Military Intelligence Products N1-AU-98-0009
Message Access Files N1-AU-98-0010
Ordnance Incident Reports N1-AU-98-0011
Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP) Records N1-AU-98-0012
Short-Term Records Accumulated by United States Army South (USARSO) N1-AU-98-0013
Counterdrug Support Program State Plans and Correspondence N1-AU-99-0002
Foreign National Personnel Training Files N1-AU-99-0003
Demilitarization and Trade Security Files N1-AU-99-0004
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Preventive Medicine (PM) Records N1-AU-99-0005
Department of Defense (DOD) Wage Setting Records N1-AU-99-0006
Foreign National Tours N1-AU-99-0007
Domestic Technology Transfer Files N1-AU-99-0008
Gorgas Hospital Mortuary Records 1906-Present N1-AU-99-0009
Historical Property Accounts N1-AU-99-0010
Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) Billet Files N1-AU-99-0012
Local Intelligence, Counterintelligence, and Security Files NC-AU-75-0002
United States Army Communications Command, Records for Destruction NC-AU-75-0003
Forms Composing the Individual Flight Record and Flight Certificate NC-AU-75-0004
Birth Reporting Files NC-AU-75-0005
Veterinary Activities Reporting Files NC-AU-75-0006
Epidemic Disease Reporting Files NC-AU-75-0007
Scientific and Professional Article Files NC-AU-75-0008
Remote Area Designation Files NC-AU-75-0009
Medical Records Access Files NC-AU-75-0010
Blood Program Files NC-AU-75-0011
Medical Information Release Files NC-AU-75-0012
Dental Health Record Files NC-AU-75-0013
Microforms Document and Information System NC-AU-75-0014
Command Health Reporting Files NC-AU-75-0015
Electroencephalographic Tracing Files NC-AU-75-0016
Criminal Investigator Accreditation Files NC-AU-75-0017
Organization Planning Files NC-AU-75-0018
Microforms Document and Information System Records NC-AU-75-0019
Counterintelligence Survey and Inspection Files NC-AU-75-0020
Serious Incident Reporting Files NC-AU-75-0021
Birth and Death Reporting Files NC-AU-75-0022
Civil Disturbance Task Force Operation and Reporting Files NC-AU-75-0023
The Adjutant General Center Disposal Request NC-AU-75-0024
United States Military Academy Cadet Files NC-AU-75-0025
Foreign Jurisdiction Case Files NC-AU-75-0026
Military Real Property Record Drawing Files NC-AU-75-0027
Organizational History Files NC-AU-75-0028
Medical Statistical Machine Tabulation Files NC-AU-75-0029
Microforms Document and Information System NC-AU-75-0030
Military Personnel Procument Planning Files NC-AU-75-0031
Military Occupational Specialities Information Files NC-AU-75-0032
Test Background Data and Specimen Test Material Files NC-AU-75-0033
Prisoner Admission Files NC-AU-75-0034
Baptism, Marriage, and Funneral Files NC-AU-75-0035
Army Audit Agency (AAA) Audit Reporting Files NC-AU-75-0036
Test Material Stock Control Files NC-AU-75-0037
Test Material Inventory Files NC-AU-75-0038
Qualification Test Answer Files NC-AU-75-0039
Military Police Investigator Certification and Consideration Files NC-AU-75-0040
Separation Statistical Files NC-AU-75-0041
United States Military Academy Entrance Examination Result Files NC-AU-75-0042
Program and Budget Guidance Files NC-AU-76-0001
Utilities Contract Files NC-AU-76-0002
Principal Project Cost Files NC-AU-76-0003
General Accounting Office Audit Reporting Files NC-AU-76-0004
Appeal and Grievance Log Files NC-AU-76-0005
Repromotion Eligibility Files NC-AU-76-0006
Data Processing Register and Schedule Files NC-AU-76-0007
Individual Academic and Collateral Training Records 1892 - 1946 NC-AU-76-0008
Army Emergency Relief Organization Files NC-AU-76-0009
Reserve Officers' Training Corps Scholarship Selected Applicant Files NC-AU-76-0010
Bandsman Evaluation Board Planning Files NC-AU-76-0011
Vehicle Registration and Driver Record Files NC-AU-76-0012
Criminal Investigation Case Files NC-AU-76-0013
Official Military Personnel Folder Files NC1-AU-76-014
Corps of Engineers Management Information System Files for Finance and Accounting Subsystems NC1-AU-76-015
Baptism, Marriage, and Funeral Files NC1-AU-76-016
Accounting Documents Files NC1-AU-76-017
Accounting Documents Files NC1-AU-76-018
Examination and New Trials Division, United States (US) Army Judiciary NC1-AU-76-019
Personnel Processing Activities Reporting Files NC1-AU-76-020
Clinical and Pathological Laboratory Reporting Files NC1-AU-76-021
Academic Evaluation System Files NC1-AU-76-022
Evaluation Reporting Systems Files NC1-AU-76-023
Evaluation Research and Development Files NC1-AU-76-024
Corps of Engineers Management Information System (COEMIS) Files for Finance and Accounting (F and A) Subsystems NC1-AU-76-025
Postal Planning, Design, and Construction Correspondence Files NC1-AU-76-026
Postal Design Development Files NC1-AU-76-027
Postal Construction Project Files NC1-AU-76-028
Postal Construction Contract Files NC1-AU-76-029
Postal Project Authorization Files NC1-AU-76-030
Postal Procurement Transactions Files NC1-AU-76-031
Postal Construction Supervisory Files NC1-AU-76-032
Tactical or Combat Telecommunications Project Files NC1-AU-76-033
Personnel Type Order Files NC1-AU-76-034
Publication Record Set Files NC1-AU-76-035
Permanent Order Record Set Files NC1-AU-76-036
Secretary of the Army Designee Files NC1-AU-76-037
Medical X-Ray Teaching Files NC1-AU-76-038
Civil Works Site Audit Files NC1-AU-76-039
Finance and Fiscal Principal Reporting Files NC1-AU-76-040
Cost Accounting Principal Reporting Files NC1-AU-76-041
Project Construction Work Order Cost Files NC1-AU-76-042
Project Plant in Service Subsidiary Ledger Files NC1-AU-76-043
Military Establishment Audit Files NC1-AU-76-044
Civil Works Contract Files NC1-AU-76-045
Military Construction Contract Files NC1-AU-76-046
Civil Works Construction and Maintenance Contract Files NC1-AU-76-047
Utilities Contract Files NC1-AU-76-048
Communication Facility Lease Request Files NC1-AU-76-049
Foreign National Clinical Record Files NC1-AU-76-050
Atomic Information Exchange Files NC1-AU-76-051
Chemical and Nuclear Operational Files NC1-AU-76-052
Personnel Clinical Record Files NC1-AU-76-053
Personnel Outpatient Record Files NC1-AU-76-054
Foreign National Outpatient Record Files NC1-AU-76-055
Applicant Medical Records NC1-AU-76-056
Dining Facility Operations Files, Field Relation Issue and Delivery Files NC1-AU-76-057
Practitioner Credentialing Files NC1-AU-76-058
Army Gift Offer Files NC1-AU-76-059
Coordinating Committee Files NC1-AU-76-060
Navigable Waterway Files NC1-AU-76-061
Master Planning Files NC1-AU-76-062
Career Management, Value Engineering, Civilian Training Program, and Stock Record Account Files NC1-AU-76-063
Interface Planning Files NC1-AU-76-064
Documents Relating to Development of Test Philosophies, Proposals, Plans, Procedures NC1-AU-76-065
Configuration Management Files NC1-AU-76-066
Data Standardization Files NC1-AU-76-067
Army Budget Ledger Files, Operating Program Progress Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-001
Personnel Security Investigation Files NC1-AU-77-002
Counterintelligence Investigation Files NC1-AU-77-003
Counterintelligence Special Operations File NC1-AU-77-004
Foreign Biographic Files NC1-AU-77-005
Intelligence/Counterintelligence Source Files NC1-AU-77-006
Organizational Files NC1-AU-77-007
Routine Incident Investigation Files NC1-AU-77-008
Major Incident Investigations Files NC1-AU-77-009
United States Prisoner of War/Missing in Action/Detainee Intelligence Files NC1-AU-77-010
International Standardization, Conference and Working Group, Equipment Loan Files NC1-AU-77-011
Litigation Case Files NC1-AU-77-012
Legislation Files NC1-AU-77-013
Legislation Comment Files NC1-AU-77-014
Congressional Correspondence Files NC1-AU-77-015
Congressional Investigation Files NC1-AU-77-016
Congressional Visit Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-017
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Files NC1-AU-77-018
Nontactical Telecommunications Project Files NC1-AU-77-019
Tactical or Combat Telecommunications Project Files NC1-AU-77-020
Tactical or Combat Telecommunications Policy Files NC1-AU-77-021
Emergency Planning Files NC1-AU-77-022
Operational Test Files NC1-AU-77-023
Child Protection Case Management Files NC1-AU-77-024
Information Book Files NC1-AU-77-025
Security Assistance Program Files NC1-AU-77-026
Security Assistance Planning Files NC1-AU-77-027
Security Assistance Organizations Files NC1-AU-77-028
Security Assistance Personnel Files NC1-AU-77-029
Readiness Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-030
Chemical and Nuclear Accident/Incident Control Files NC1-AU-77-031
Chemical and Nuclear Demilitarization Files NC1-AU-77-032
Chemical and Nuclear Site Restoration Files NC1-AU-77-033
Chemical and Nuclear Site Upgrading Files NC1-AU-77-034
Chemical and Nuclear Planning Files NC1-AU-77-035
Chemical and Nuclear Surety Files NC1-AU-77-036
Chemical and Nuclear Safety Files NC1-AU-77-037
Alcohol/Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Files; Active Duty Military Client Files NC1-AU-77-038
Small Business Solicitation Review Files NC1-AU-77-039
Safety Hazard Files NC1-AU-77-040
Program and Budget Guidance Files NC1-AU-77-041
Procurement and Separation X-Ray Files NC1-AU-77-042
Contract Appeal Files NC1-AU-77-043
Cataloging Activity Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-044
Maintenance Summary and Management Files NC1-AU-77-045
Maintenance Technical Assistance Files NC1-AU-77-046
National Stockpile Shipping Files NC1-AU-77-047
Packing, Boxing, and Crating Files NC1-AU-77-048
Ammunition, Guided Missile, and Rocket Status Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-049
Food Program Project Files NC1-AU-77-050
Food Program Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-051
Port Control Files NC1-AU-77-052
Procurement Misconduct Case Files NC1-AU-77-053
Debarred Bidder List Files NC1-AU-77-054
Military Urgency Planning List Files NC1-AU-77-055
Labor-Management Dispute Files NC1-AU-77-056
Labor Standard Exception Files NC1-AU-77-057
Labor Standard Violation Files NC1-AU-77-058
Contractors Insurance Files NC1-AU-77-059
Contractors Bond Files NC1-AU-77-060
Bid and Award Protest Files NC1-AU-77-061
Coordinated Procurement Program Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-062
Equipment Management Survey Files NC1-AU-77-063
Recreation and Entertainment Case Files NC1-AU-77-064
Recreation Services Recognition Files NC1-AU-77-065
Recreation Services Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-066
Army Band Official Music File NC1-AU-77-067
Production Requirement Data Files NC1-AU-77-068
Production Equipment History Files NC1-AU-77-069
Strategic and Critical Material Requirement Forecasting Files NC1-AU-77-070
Material Engineering Case Files NC1-AU-77-071
Value Engineering Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-072
Value Engineering Study Files NC1-AU-77-073
Supply Operations Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-074
Standardization Document Formulation Files NC1-AU-77-075
Standardization Document Files NC1-AU-77-076
Organizational History Files for Units Below Regimental Command Level NC1-AU-77-077
Representative Sample Files NC1-AU-77-078
Bid Experience Files NC1-AU-77-079
Chaplain Privileged Counseling Interview Communication Case Files NC1-AU-77-080
Hydrological and Hydraulic Data Files NC1-AU-77-081
Sound Recording Files NC1-AU-77-082
Radio Recording Files NC1-AU-77-083
Alcoholic Beverage Files NC1-AU-77-084
Nuclear and Chemical International Military Standardization Files NC1-AU-77-086
Course Publications Files NC1-AU-77-087
International Nuclear Logistics Files NC1-AU-77-088
Nuclear and Chemical Capabilities Files NC1-AU-77-089
Secondary School Academic Record Files NC1-AU-77-090
Individual Academic Record Files NC1-AU-77-091
Nuclear and Chemical Warfare Budget Formulation Files NC1-AU-77-092
Theater Nuclear Force Structure Development Files NC1-AU-77-093
Special Strategic Forces Planning Files NC1-AU-77-094
Nuclear and Chemical Progress and Statistical Reporting NC1-AU-77-095
Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological National Security Affairs Files NC1-AU-77-096
Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Warfare Arms Control Files NC1-AU-77-097
Nuclear and Chemical Strategy Formulation Files NC1-AU-77-098
Nuclear and Chemical Politico-Military Affairs Files NC1-AU-77-099
Nuclear Manpower Utilization / Requirement Files NC1-AU-77-100
Joint and Combined Organizations and Functions for Nuclear Matters Files NC1-AU-77-101
Nuclear and Chemical Strategy Application Files NC1-AU-77-102
Nuclear and Chemical Requirements Files NC1-AU-77-103
Nuclear and Chemical Cost Analysis File NC1-AU-77-104
Nuclear Command and Control Communications Files NC1-AU-77-105
Letter Requirement Files NC1-AU-77-106
Basis of Issue File NC1-AU-77-107
Army Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Defense Program Review and Analysis Files NC1-AU-77-108
Nuclear, Chemical Warfare and Biological Defense Scientific and Technical Information Files NC1-AU-77-109
Aviation Policy Files NC1-AU-77-110
Joint Planning Comment Files NC1-AU-77-111
Material Development Objective File NC1-AU-77-112
Unit Identification Code Files NC1-AU-77-113
Operations Security Files NC1-AU-77-114
Tables of Organization and Equipment Development Files NC1-AU-77-115
Nuclear and Chemical Manpower Allocation Files NC1-AU-77-116
Household Shipment Bill of Lading Files NC1-AU-77-117
Ammunition Lot History Files NC1-AU-77-118
Legal Opinion Precedent Files NC1-AU-77-119
Fund Files NC1-AU-77-120
Joint Research Development Objectives and Joint Operational Requirement File NC1-AU-77-121
Training Device Requirement Files NC1-AU-77-122
Solicitation Review Files NC1-AU-77-123
Procurement Directive Files NC1-AU-77-124
Program and Budget Input Files NC1-AU-77-125
Criminal Investigative Case / Complaint Log Files NC1-AU-77-126
Polygraph Certification Files NC1-AU-77-127
Foreign Jurisdiction Case Files NC1-AU-77-128
Criminal Investigation Case Files NC1-AU-77-131
Legislation Files NC1-AU-77-132
Congressional Investigation Files NC1-AU-77-133
Legislation Comment Files NC1-AU-77-134
School Accreditation Files NC1-AU-77-135
Program Development Files NC1-AU-77-136
Program and Budget Guidance Files NC1-AU-77-137
Operating Program Progress Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-138
General Ledger Files NC1-AU-77-140
Internal Output Files NC1-AU-77-141
Personnel Control Facilities Files NC1-AU-77-142
Civil Affairs Function Records NC1-AU-77-143
Basic Topographic Data Files NC1-AU-77-144
Hydrological and Hydraulic Data Files NC1-AU-77-145
Commercial - Industrial Type Functions Program Files (CITF) NC1-AU-77-146
Atmospheric Annual Graph Files NC1-AU-77-147
Master and Special Menu Files NC1-AU-77-148
Army Aircraft Inventory, Status, and Flying Time Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-149
Civil Service Retirement Fund Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-150
Branch Office Ledger Files NC1-AU-77-151
Request Approval for Changes to Official Personnel Folder Files NC1-AU-77-152
Activity Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-153
Alcohol and Narcotic Control Files NC1-AU-77-154
Individual Academic Record Files NC1-AU-77-155
Program and Budget Guidance Files NC1-AU-77-156
Criminal Information Reports and Cross Index Cards NC1-AU-77-157
Criminal Information Bulletins NC1-AU-77-158
Lateral Criminal Information Reports NC1-AU-77-159
Essential Elements of Criminal Information NC1-AU-77-160
Criminal Information Data Files NC1-AU-77-161
Criminal Information Index Printout NC1-AU-77-162
Chaplain Activity Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-163
Energy Survey and Study Files, Energy Conservation Project Files, and Energy Conservation Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-164
Meal Ticket Files NC1-AU-77-165
Postal Personnel Designation Files NC1-AU-77-166
Commercial Vessel Pier Files NC1-AU-77-167
Government Vessel Pier Files NC1-AU-77-168
Planning Standardization and Improvement Files; Organization Planning Files NC1-AU-77-169
Technical Report Record Files NC1-AU-77-170
Heraldic Item Files NC1-AU-77-171
Personal Clothing Record Files NC1-AU-77-172
Postal Directory Files NC1-AU-77-173
General Combat Development, Study, Material Requirement Files NC1-AU-77-174
Maintenance and Disposition of Training and Education Functional Files NC1-AU-78-001
Maintenance and Disposition of Training and Education Functional Files NC1-AU-78-002
Chaplain Activity Reports, Baptism, Marriage, and Funeral Files NC1-AU-78-003
Criminal Investigation Status Reporting Files NC1-AU-78-004
Evidence Ledger and Evidence Custody Documents NC1-AU-78-005
Maintenance and Disposition of Facilities Functional Files NC1-AU-78-006
Army Band Utilization Files NC1-AU-78-007
Operational Management and Reporting Files NC1-AU-78-008
Statistical Material Clearance Files NC1-AU-78-009
Unfunded Study Files NC1-AU-78-010
Investigative Activities Reporting Files NC1-AU-78-011
Maintenance and Disposition of Communications Functional Files NC1-AU-78-013
Maintenance and Disposition of Intelligence, Security, Military Police and Mapping Functional Files NC1-AU-78-014
Maintenance and Disposition of Legal and Information Functional Files NC1-AU-78-015
Army Inspector General Inspections and Investigations NC1-AU-78-016
Military History Program and Operations Files NC1-AU-78-017
Office of the Secretary of the Army: Committee Management Files and Advisory Committee Activity Reporting Files NC1-AU-78-018
Management and Control of Transactions Entering International Balance of Payments NC1-AU-78-019
Investigative Project Files NC1-AU-78-020
Army Publications NC1-AU-78-021
Maintenance and Disposition of Facilities Functional Files NC1-AU-78-022
Prisoner of War Censorship Files NC1-AU-78-023
Specification and Drawing Files NC1-AU-78-024
Legal Systems of Nations where United States Forces are Stationed - Comprehensive Records NC1-AU-78-025
Maintenance and Disposition of Legal and Information Files NC1-AU-78-026
Intelligence Gathering Activities NC1-AU-78-027
Signal Security Management Files NC1-AU-78-028
Documents Used in Obtaining Forces, Facilities, and Material Required NC1-AU-78-029
Research and Development Files NC1-AU-78-030
Maintenance and Disposition of Finance and Fiscal Functional Files NC1-AU-78-031
Maintenance and Disposition of Facilities Functional Files NC1-AU-78-032
Foreign Trade Zone Files NC1-AU-78-033
International Standardization of Tactical Doctrine, Organizations, Intelligence and Training, Operations, Administration NC1-AU-78-034
Preparation, Review, Approval and Issuance of Organizational and Doctrinal Media NC1-AU-78-035
Review and Analysis of Progress in Approved Programs and Budgets NC1-AU-78-036
Obtaining Forces, Facilities, and Material Required to Meet Broad Objectives NC1-AU-78-037
Formulation of the Army's View on Foreign Relations and National Situations or Problems NC1-AU-78-038
Planning, Gathering, Evaluating Information; Improving Psychological Operations NC1-AU-78-039
Planning, Gathering, Evaluating Information; Unconventional Warfare NC1-AU-78-040
Maintenance and Disposition of General Personnel Management and Safety Functional Files NC1-AU-78-041
Responsibilities for Controlling and Administering National and Post Cemeteries NC1-AU-78-042
Transportation Functional Files NC1-AU-78-043
Maintenance and Disposition of General Personnel Management and Safety Functional Files NC1-AU-78-044
Maintenance and Disposition of General Personnel Management and Safety Functional Files NC1-AU-78-045
Preparation, Review, Approval and Issuance of Organizational and Doctrinal Media NC1-AU-78-046
Application of Management Practices and Supervisory Controls NC1-AU-78-047
Development, Forces and Material Needed to Counter Threats to National Security NC1-AU-78-048
Maintenance and Disposition of Medical Functional Files NC1-AU-78-049
Maintenance and Disposition of Civilian Personnel Functional Files NC1-AU-78-050
Maintenance and Disposition of Civilian Personnel Functional Files NC1-AU-78-051
Testing and Evaluation of New Organizations and New Operational Concepts by Field Experiments, Troop Tests and War Games NC1-AU-78-052
Army's Relationship with the Planning Board of the National Security Council NC1-AU-78-053
Test and Evaluation of New Operational Concepts and Applicability of Material NC1-AU-78-054
Preparation, Review, Approval and Issuance of Organizational and Doctrinal Media NC1-AU-78-055
Military Police Investigative and Complaint Files NC1-AU-78-056
Maintenance and Disposition of Intelligence, Security, Military Police and Mapping Functional Files NC1-AU-78-057
Medical Facility Incident Reporting Files NC1-AU-78-058
Contract Appeal Files NC1-AU-78-059
Army Band Utilization Files NC1-AU-78-060
Development of Time-Phased Schedules NC1-AU-78-061
Study, Selection, Use and Management Control of Automatic Data Processing Equipment, Operations and Systems NC1-AU-78-062
Maintenance and Disposition of Military Personnel Functional Files NC1-AU-78-063
Committee Files NC1-AU-78-064
Command Reporting NC1-AU-78-065
Logistical Documentation Accumulated in and Administered by Army NC1-AU-78-066
Maintenance and Disposition of Finance and Fiscal Functional Files NC1-AU-78-067
Files to be Converted to Microform NC1-AU-78-068
Records Related to the Programming and Budgeting Activities of the Office of the Chief of Engineers NC1-AU-78-069
Maintenance and Disposition of Legal and Information Functional Files NC1-AU-78-070
Differential and Allowance Files NC1-AU-78-071
Doctrinal Media Formulation Files NC1-AU-78-072
Housing Referral Service, Realtor Listing, Specific Rental Actions Files NC1-AU-78-073
Military History Program and Operations Files NC1-AU-78-074
Foreign Personnel and Organizational Files NC1-AU-78-075
Material Relating to Fort Sill, Field Artillery Corps, and Field Artillery School NC1-AU-78-076
System Safety Files NC1-AU-78-077
Criminal Investigation Data Reference Files NC1-AU-78-078
Maintenance and Disposition of General Personnel Management and Safety Functional Files NC1-AU-78-079
Morning Reporting Files NC1-AU-78-080
Appeal and Grievance Case Files NC1-AU-78-081
Adverse Action Files NC1-AU-78-082
Photograph Identification Files NC1-AU-78-083
Military Police Investigator Certification Files NC1-AU-78-084
General Office Records to be Converted to Microfiche NC1-AU-78-085
Standing Signal Instruction Files NC1-AU-78-086
Permanent Order Record Set Files NC1-AU-78-088
Temporary Microfilm Conversion of Hardcopy Records NC1-AU-78-089
Energy Survey and Study Files NC1-AU-78-090
Supply Files NC1-AU-78-091
Military Construction Project Files NC1-AU-78-092
Access to Information Files NC1-AU-78-093
Research and Study Fellowship Files NC1-AU-78-094
Safety Award Files NC1-AU-78-095
Station Establishment Files NC1-AU-78-096
Mail Distribution Scheme Files NC1-AU-78-097
Army Post Office Establishment Files NC1-AU-78-098
Automatic Data Processing Management Reporting Files NC1-AU-78-099
Trophy Firearms Registration NC1-AU-78-100
Clothing Material Project Files NC1-AU-78-101
Comprehensive File Descriptions that Relate to Information Documentation Accumulated in the Army NC1-AU-78-102
Comprehensive File Descriptions Related to Financial Documentation Accumulated in the Army NC1-AU-78-103
File Descriptions Related to Information Documentation Accumulated in the Army NC1-AU-78-104
Trademark Soliciting and Opposition Files NC1-AU-78-105
Security Clearance Information NC1-AU-78-106
Test Scheduling Files NC1-AU-78-107
Flight Rules and Information Documentation Accumulated in the Army NC1-AU-78-108
Publication Approval Files and Printing Plant Establishment Files NC1-AU-78-109
Maintenace and Disposition of Logistics NC1-AU-78-110
Facilities Files of the Office of Chief of Engineers NC1-AU-78-111
Comprehensive Files Related to Transportation Functional Files Accumulated in the Army NC1-AU-78-112
Maintenance and Disposition of Facilities Files NC1-AU-78-113
Telephone Equipment and Service Control Files NC1-AU-78-114
Legal Assistance Operation Files NC1-AU-78-115
Army Request 340-18-15, Maintenance and Disposition of Facilities Files NC1-AU-78-116
Comprehensive Security Files NC1-AU-78-117
Comprehensive Interference Reduction Files NC1-AU-78-118
Recruting Facilities, Installation Housing, and Food Processing Facility Files NC1-AU-78-119
Proffer and Infringement Claim Docket and Patent Docket Files NC1-AU-78-120
Acquistion Files NC1-AU-78-121
Disposal Reporting Files NC1-AU-78-122
Facilities Files of the Office of the Chief of Engineers NC1-AU-78-123
Facilities Files of the Office of the Chief of Engineers NC1-AU-78-124
Acquistion Correspondence Files NC1-AU-78-125
Maintenance and Disposition of Research and Development Files NC1-AU-78-126
Relocation Assistance Case Files and Homeowners Assistance Case Files NC1-AU-78-127
Maintenance and Disposition of Planning, Programming, Management, Historical, and Combat Development Functional Files NC1-AU-78-128
Personnel Type Order Files 1973- 1975 NC1-AU-78-129
Individual Academic Record Files NC1-AU-78-131
Recruiter Malpractice Investigation Files NC1-AU-78-132
Reserve Office Training Corps Cadet Record Files NC1-AU-78-133
Criminal Investigation Data Reference Files NC1-AU-79-001
United States Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory Reporting Files NC1-AU-79-002
Reserve Unit Attendance Files NC1-AU-79-003
Foreign National Tour Arrangement And Protocol Files NC1-AU-79-004
Loss, Theft, and Recovery of Firearms, and Foreign Student Officer Files NC1-AU-79-005
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Statistical and Management Files NC1-AU-79-006
Records Related to Legal and Information Functions NC1-AU-79-007
Security Function Performed in the Army NC1-AU-79-008
Inspector General Complaint Files NC1-AU-79-009
Register Number Files NC1-AU-79-010
Automatic Data Processing Systems Specific Study Files NC1-AU-79-011
Surface Meteorological Observation Files NC1-AU-79-012
Privately Owned Animal Record Files NC1-AU-79-013
Instructions for Key Facilities List File NC1-AU-79-014
Telephone Directories NC1-AU-79-015
Ceremony Files NC1-AU-79-016
Numerical Files NC1-AU-79-017
Practitioner Credentialing Files NC1-AU-79-018
Automatic Data Processing Equipment Acquisition Case Files NC1-AU-79-019
Army Medical Corps Officer Status Cards NC1-AU-79-020
Test Development Files NC1-AU-79-021
The Army Functional Files System (TAFFS) Records NC1-AU-79-022
International Balance of Payments Budget Schedule Files NC1-AU-79-023
Dental Reporting Files NC1-AU-79-024
Material Status Office Operation Files NC1-AU-79-025
Civilian Personnel Program Reporting Files NC1-AU-79-026
Office Nonregistered Classified Document Destruction Certificates NC1-AU-79-027
Congressional Real Estate Acquisition Reporting Files NC1-AU-79-028
Congressional Real Estate Disposal Reporting Files NC1-AU-79-029
Record Holding Reporting Files NC1-AU-79-030
Command Inspection Files NC1-AU-79-031
Individual Deceased Personnel Files NC1-AU-79-032
Audiovisual Records NC1-AU-79-033
Reserve Unit Attendance Files NC1-AU-79-034
Personal Property Traffic Distribution Record File NC1-AU-79-035
Telecommunications Center Operation Files NC1-AU-79-036
Personnel Dosimetry Files NC1-AU-79-037
Informant Files NC1-AU-79-038
Annual General and Special Inspection Files NC1-AU-79-039
Army Inventory of Privacy Act Issuances NC1-AU-79-040
Privacy Act Statistical Report NC1-AU-79-041
Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP) NC1-AU-79-042
Homeowners Assistance and Relocation Assistance Program NC1-AU-79-043
Investigative Activities Reporting Files NC1-AU-79-044
Railway Engineering and Operational Data NC1-AU-79-045
Non- Interstate Highway System Files NC1-AU-79-046
Blood Donor Files NC1-AU-79-047
Acquisition Management Review Files NC1-AU-79-048
Army Aircraft Inventory, Status, and Flying Time Reporting Files NC1-AU-79-049
Dental Stock Records Files NC1-AU-79-050
Acquisition Files Held by the Office of the Chief of Engineers NC1-AU-79-051
Defense Freight Railway Interchange Fleet Files NC1-AU-79-052
Intellectual Property Clause Deviation Files NC1-AU-79-053
Aircraft Operations Files NC1-AU-79-054
Patent Application Security Review Files NC1-AU-79-055
Veterinary Subsistence Service Files NC1-AU-79-056
Accident Experience Files NC1-AU-79-057
Accident and Incident Case Files NC1-AU-79-058
Office Equipment Management Files NC1-AU-79-059
Plant Correspondence File NC1-AU-79-060
Real Estate Management Files NC1-AU-79-061
Project Authorization Files NC1-AU-79-062
Unit Mailroom Accountable Mail Receipt Files NC1-AU-79-063
Labor Negotiation Files NC1-AU-79-064
Blood Program Files NC1-AU-79-065
Nursing Service Schedule Files NC1-AU-79-066
Dental Worksheet and Tabulation Files NC1-AU-79-067
Military Establishment Audit Files NC1-AU-79-068
American Red Cross Audit Files NC1-AU-79-069
Master Planning Files NC1-AU-79-070
Contractor Qualification Files NC1-AU-79-071
Reservoir Sedimentation Data Files NC1-AU-79-072
Active Recruiting Prospect Files NC1-AU-79-073
United States Army Military Academy, West Point, Master Planning Files NC1-AU-79-074
Climatological Data Files and Storm Study Files NC1-AU-79-075
Ethics in Government Control Files and Financial Disclosure Statements NC1-AU-79-076
Housing Files NC1-AU-79-077
Nuclear and Chemical Warfare Budget Formulation Files NC1-AU-79-078
Civil Work Project Files NC1-AU-79-079
Foreign Training Reporting Files NC1-AU-79-080
United States (US) Army Labor Services Agency, Heidelberg, Germany NC1-AU-80-001
Department of the Army Heraldic Files NC1-AU-80-002
Referral and Selection Files NC1-AU-80-003
Army Military History Program Activities NC1-AU-80-004
Maneuver and Right-of Entry Permit Files NC1-AU-80-005
Personnel Type Order Files NC1-AU-80-006
Hours of Work Files NC1-AU-80-007
Historical Photographic Files NC1-AU-80-008
Memorialization Board Files NC1-AU-80-009
Army Continuing Education System Files NC1-AU-80-010
Army Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Defense Program Review and Analysis Files NC1-AU-80-011
Command Inspection Files NC1-AU-80-012
Contract Surgeon Personnel Files NC1-AU-80-013
Periodic Reporting Files NC1-AU-80-014
Water Supply Storage Space Contract Files NC1-AU-80-015
Standard Permit Files NC1-AU-80-016
Department of the Army Radiation Files NC1-AU-80-017
New Equipment Training Program Development Files NC1-AU-80-018
Small Arms Sales Record Files NC1-AU-80-019
Veterinary Subsistence Service Files NC1-AU-80-020
Daily Accounting of Military Personnel and United States Military Academy (USMA) NC1-AU-80-021
Organizational Roster Files NC1-AU-80-022
Army Stength Reporting Files NC1-AU-80-023
Personnel Data Card Files NC1-AU-80-024
Personnel Strength Zero Balance Report NC1-AU-80-025
Order Records Set Files NC1-AU-80-026
Organization Planning Files NC1-AU-80-027
Ammunition Lot History Files NC1-AU-80-028
Commercial-Industrial Type Activity (CITA) NC1-AU-80-029
National Match Files NC1-AU-80-030
Electronic Equipment Environmental Files NC1-AU-80-031
United States Tank-Automotive Material Readiness NC1-AU-80-032
United States (US) Army Tank-Automotive Materiel Readiness Command NC1-AU-80-033
United States (US) Army Tank-Automotive Materiel Readiness Command NC1-AU-80-034
United States (US) Army Tank-Automotive Materiel Readiness Command Historians Background Material Files NC1-AU-80-035
Traffic Volume Reporting Files NC1-AU-80-036
Privelege Card Application Files NC1-AU-80-037
Permanent Order Background Files NC1-AU-80-039
Office of the Secretary of the Army NC1-AU-80-040
Military Functional Files NC1-AU-80-041
Chaplain Activity Reporting Files NC1-AU-80-042
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Statistical Files NC1-AU-80-043
Scored Qualification Test Files NC1-AU-80-044
Contract Clause Deviation Files NC1-AU-80-045
Stock Record Account Serial Number Register Files NC1-AU-80-046
Check Cashing Privilege Files NC1-AU-80-047
Personnel-Type Order Files NC1-AU-80-048
Approved Military Award Case Files NC1-AU-80-049
Personal Clothing Record Files NC1-AU-80-050
Radiation Facility Files NC1-AU-80-051
Hull Registration Files NC1-AU-80-052
Medical Training Material Files NC1-AU-80-053
Operation of Commissaries, Clothing Sales Stores, and Field Ration Accounts NC1-AU-80-054
Product Improvement Project Files NC1-AU-81-001
Approved Congressional Medal of Honor Award Case Files and Military Award Case Files NC1-AU-81-002
Course Publications Files Held by West Point, the Army War College, and Joint Colleges NC1-AU-81-003
Informant Files - Documents Relating to Information Used in the Conduct of Investigation NC1-AU-81-004
Committee Files NC1-AU-81-005
Advisory Committee Activity Reporting Files NC1-AU-81-006
Adjutant Generals Office - Trip Book Files NC1-AU-81-007
Adjutant Generals Office - Officer Evaluation Report Appeal Files NC1-AU-81-008
Office of The Adjutant General - Materiel Status Files NC1-AU-81-009
Office of the Adjutant General - Leave Record Files NC1-AU-81-010
The Adjutant Generals Office - Personnel Processing Activities Reporting Files NC1-AU-81-011
The Adjutant Generals Office - Congressional Visit Reporting Files NC1-AU-81-012
The Adjutant Generals Office - Severely Physically Handicapped Appointment Applicant Files NC1-AU-81-013
The Adjutant Generals Office - Foreign Training Program Files and Training Assistance Files NC1-AU-81-014
The Adjutant Generals Office - Burial Register Files, Installation and Gravesite Layout Files NC1-AU-81-015
The Adjutant General Center - Nontactical Telecommunications Project NC1-AU-81-016
The Adjutant Generals Office - Test and Experiment Raw Data Files NC1-AU-81-017
The Adjutant Generals Office - Machine Readable Records (Developing Agency Program Analysis System) and the Army Functional Files System (TAFFS) for Equivalent Paper Records NC1-AU-81-018
The Adjutant Generals Office - Machine Readable Records (Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDTE) Manpower System) and the Army Functional Files System (TAFFS) for Equivalent Paper Records NC1-AU-81-019
Non-Appropriated Fund Employee Entitlement Files NC1-AU-81-020
Referral and Selection Files and Placement Consideration Files NC1-AU-81-021
Comprehensive Report of Survey Files and Report of Survey Control Register Files NC1-AU-81-022
Adverse Suitability Information Files and Suitability Evaluation Board Files NC1-AU-81-023
Level of Cash Balance Review Files NC1-AU-81-024
Individual Deceased Personnel Files, Cemetary Interment Files, and Interment Control Files NC1-AU-81-025
Daily Journal, Staff Journal, and Tactical Operations Center (TOC) Log Files - Military Police Journal Files - News Media and Release Files - Command Information General Files NC1-AU-81-026
Private Organization Files NC1-AU-81-027
Machine Readable Records (United States Army Communications Command (USACC) Automation Budget Sytem) and the Army Functional Files System (TAFFS) Identification for Equivalent Paper Records NC1-AU-81-028
United States (US) Army Audit Agency Audit Reporting Files NC1-AU-81-029
Machine Readable Records (Reserve Component Authorization Post Conversion) and the Army Functional Files System (TAFFS) Identification for Equivalent Paper Records NC1-AU-81-030
United States Military Academy (USMA) Honor Code Case Files NC1-AU-81-031
Machine Readable Records (Aquatic Growth Control System) and the Army Fuctional Files System (TAFFS) Identification for Equivalent Paper Records NC1-AU-81-032
Machine Readable Records (Leave Board Permits) and the Army Fuctional Files System (TAFFS) Identification for Equivalent Paper Records NC1-AU-81-033
Master Planning Files NC1-AU-81-034
Marine Design and Construction Files NC1-AU-81-035
Machine Readable Records (Organizational Data Control Structure) and the Army Functional Files System (TAFFS) Identification for Equivalent Paper Records NC1-AU-81-036
Ground Maintenance Files NC1-AU-81-037
Machine Readable Files (Army Operating Budget (AOB) Information Retrieval System) and the Army Fuctional Files System (TAFFS) Identification for Equivalent Paper Records NC1-AU-81-038
Machine Readable Records (Programming Budgeting Accounting System) and the Army Fuctional Files System (TAFFS) Identification for Equivalent Paper Records NC1-AU-81-039
Machine Readable Records (Command Analysis Budget Submission) and the Army Fuctional Files System (TAFFS) Identification for Equivalent Paper Records NC1-AU-81-040
Machine Readable Records (The Army Automated Budget System Operation) and the Army Fuctional Files System (TAFFS) Indentification for Equivalent Paper Records NC1-AU-81-041
Machine Readable Records (Maintenance of Budget Systems) and the Army Functional Files System (TAFFS) Identification for Equivalent Paper Records NC1-AU-81-042
Machine Readable Records (Army Automation Command Operating Budget Estimate) and the Army Functional Files System (TAFFS) Identification for Equivalent Paper Records NC1-AU-81-043
Machine Readable Records (Army Automated Budget System Master Code File) and the Army Functional Files System (TAFFS) Identification for Equivalent Paper Records NC1-AU-81-044
Machine Readable Records (Joint Resource Assessment Data Base Maintenance) and the Army Functional Files System (TAFFS) Identification for Equivalent Paper Records NC1-AU-81-045
Army Strength Reporting Files NC1-AU-81-046
Building Maintenance Files NC1-AU-81-047
Installation Maintenance Program Files NC1-AU-81-048
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Permit and License Files NC1-AU-81-049
Guide Specification Files NC1-AU-81-050
Entomology Service Files NC1-AU-81-051
Machine Readable Records (Enlisted Loss Inventory Model - Computation of Manpower Programs Using Linear Programming (ELIM_COMPLIP) and the Army Functional Files System (TAFFS) Identification for Equivalent Paper Records NC1-AU-81-052
Machine Readable Records (Central Accounting Division Centralized Nonappropriated Fund Payroll System) and the Army Functional Files System (TAFFS) Identification for Equivalent Paper Records NC1-AU-81-054
Machine Readable Records (National Memorial Cemetary System) and the Army Functional Files System (TAFFS) Identification for Equivalent Paper Record NC1-AU-81-055
Machine Readable Records (Automated Manpower Utilization Reporting System) and the Army Functional Files System (TAFFS) Identification for Equivalent Paper Records NC1-AU-81-056
Training Reporting Files NC1-AU-81-057
Surface Meteorological Observation Files NC1-AU-81-058
Machine Readable Records (Aviation Management Information System) and the Army Functional Files System (TAFFS) Identification for Equivalent Paper Records NC1-AU-81-059
Army Community Service Program Files NC1-AU-81-060
Machine Readable Records (MARDIS ABB) and the Army Functional Files System (TAFFS) Identification for Equivalent Paper Records NC1-AU-81-061
Health Professional Registrant Files NC1-AU-81-062
Employee Service Record Files NC1-AU-81-063
Office Military Personnel Folder Files NC1-AU-81-064
Security Clearance Information Files NC1-AU-81-065
Medical Examination Files NC1-AU-81-066
Evidence Ledger and Evidence Custody Files NC1-AU-81-067
Issues to Soldiers Files NC1-AU-81-068
Military Personnel Assignment Files NC1-AU-81-069
Senior Executive Career Reference Files NC1-AU-81-070
Career Management Individual Files NC1-AU-81-071
Unfulfilled and Erroneous Enlistment Contract Files NC1-AU-82-001
MP (Military Police) Investigator Credential Control Files NC1-AU-82-002
Freight Rate Negotiation Files NC1-AU-82-003
Cryptonet Management Files NC1-AU-82-004
Signal Security Reporting Files NC1-AU-82-005
Official Military Personnel Folder Files NC1-AU-82-006
Army's Work on the Collection of Vietnam War Records NC1-AU-82-008
Subfunctional Category 513, Prisoner of War/ Civilian Internee/ Detainee Files NC1-AU-82-009
Individual Deceased Personnel Files NC1-AU-82-010
Command Reporting Files NC1-AU-82-011
Instruction Files AR 340-18-2 thru AR 340-18-16 NC1-AU-82-012
Legislation Executive Orders Files NC1-AU-82-013
Automated Systems Security Management Files NC1-AU-82-014
Individual Flight Record Files NC1-AU-82-015
Aviator Flight Records NC1-AU-82-016
Research and Experimental Case Files NC1-AU-82-017
Utilities Operation Files NC1-AU-82-018
Locator Card Files NC1-AU-82-019
Transmittal Letter Files NC1-AU-82-020
Master Development Plan Files NC1-AU-82-021
Access Control Records NC1-AU-82-022
Establishment of New Record Series Within Schedules of AR 340-18-7 NC1-AU-82-023
Maintenance and Disposition of Facilities Functional Files NC1-AU-82-024
Individual Enemy Detainee Files NC1-AU-82-025
Individual Patient Diet Files NC1-AU-82-026
Storm Study Files NC1-AU-83-001
Accreditation of Automated Systems Security Files NC1-AU-83-002
Conservation of Natural Resources Files NC1-AU-83-003
Announcement, Notification and Publicity Files NC1-AU-83-004
Real Property Title/ Historical Files NC1-AU-83-005
Airfield Project Case Files NC1-AU-83-006
Postal and Mail Services Files NC1-AU-83-007
Ammunition Data Card Files NC1-AU-83-008
Correction of Military Records Case Files NC1-AU-83-009
Destruction of Permanent Paper Source Documents After Conversion to Microforms NC1-AU-83-010
Hazardous Material Management Files NC1-AU-83-011
Public Award Case Files NC1-AU-83-012
Administrative Systems and Equipment Management Files NC1-AU-83-013
Maintenance and Disposition of Military Personnel Functional Files NC1-AU-83-014
Climatological Date Files NC1-AU-83-015
Non-Interstate Highway System Files NC1-AU-83-016
Foreign National Tour Arrangement Files NC1-AU-83-017
Family Advocacy Case Management Team Files NC1-AU-83-018
Civil Works Guide Specification Files NC1-AU-83-019
Military Guide Specifications Files NC1-AU-83-020
Personnel Research and Test Validation Files NC1-AU-83-021
Management Survey Case Files NC1-AU-83-022
Military Personnel Files NC1-AU-83-023
Weight Control Files NC1-AU-83-024
Map Project Assignment Files NC1-AU-83-025
Production and Project Order Memorandum Files NC1-AU-83-026
Trophy Firearm and Registration Files NC1-AU-83-027
Industrial Information Security Files NC1-AU-83-028
Signal Security Management Files NC1-AU-83-029
Intelligence Collection Files NC1-AU-83-030
Intelligence Dissemination Files NC1-AU-83-031
Scientific and Technical Intelligence Product Files NC1-AU-83-032
Captured Documents Files NC1-AU-83-033
Counterintelligence Collection Files NC1-AU-83-034
Counterintelligence Production Files NC1-AU-83-035
Counterintelligence Spot Reporting Files NC1-AU-83-036
Department of Defense Hotline Program Files NC1-AU-83-037
Organization Effectiveness Files NC1-AU-83-038
Relief from Responsibility (Liability Admitted) Files NC1-AU-83-039
General Court-Martial Files NC1-AU-83-040
Claim Reporting Files NC1-AU-83-041
Foreign Jurisdiction Reporting Files NC1-AU-83-042
Claim Journal and Index Files NC1-AU-83-043
Claim Operating Policy Files NC1-AU-83-044
Legal Assistance Reporting Files NC1-AU-83-045
Reserve Unit Attendance Files NC1-AU-83-046
Labor Negotiation Files NC1-AU-83-047
ROTC Scholarship Non-Selected Applicant Files NC1-AU-83-048
ROTC Cadet Record Files NC1-AU-83-049
Postage Meter Licenses NC1-AU-83-050
Nonjudicial Punishment Files NC1-AU-83-051
Examination Files NC1-AU-83-052
Tumor Registry Files NC1-AU-83-053
Vietnamese Financial Archives NC1-AU-83-054
Practitioner Credentialing Files NC1-AU-83-055
Postal Activity Reporting Files NC1-AU-83-056
Collateral Individual Training Record NC1-AU-84-001
Centralized Background Instruction Files NC1-AU-84-002
Internal Control Systems Files NC1-AU-84-003
Merit Pay Computation Files NC1-AU-84-004
Consultation Service Files NC1-AU-84-005
Army Club/NAF Activity Membership Files NC1-AU-84-006
DA (Department of Army) Program Development Files NC1-AU-84-007
DA (Department of Army) Budget Estimate Files NC1-AU-84-008
Congressional Budget Justification Files NC1-AU-84-009
Committee Files NC1-AU-84-010
Operating Budget Files NC1-AU-84-011
Telecommunications Center Message Files NC1-AU-84-012
International Material Evaluation Files NC1-AU-84-013
International Professional Exchange Program Files NC1-AU-84-014
Cooperative Research and Development NC1-AU-84-015
MWDDEP (Mutual Weapons Development Date Exchange Program) and DDEP (Defense Development Exchange Program) Files NC1-AU-84-016
Development Sharing Program Files NC1-AU-84-017
International Military Standardization Agreement Files NC1-AU-84-018
International Equipment Reciprocal Use Files NC1-AU-84-019
International Research, Development and Standardization Files NC1-AU-84-020
International Meeting Files NC1-AU-84-021
International Standardization Policy Files NC1-AU-84-022
Official Military Personnel Folder Files NC1-AU-84-023
Nonjudicial Punishment Files NC1-AU-84-024
Driving Records NC1-AU-84-025
Special Court-Martial Files NC1-AU-84-026
Privilege Card Application Files NC1-AU-84-027
Authorized Supply Representative Card Files NC1-AU-84-028
Academic and Institutional Research Records NC1-AU-84-029
Patient Condition Reporting Files NC1-AU-84-030
Vehicle Registration and Driver Record Files NC1-AU-84-031
Management Survey Case Files NC1-AU-84-032
Civilian-Contractual Individual Service Review Board Files NC1-AU-84-033
Management Improvement Project Files NC1-AU-84-034
Instructor Information Files NC1-AU-84-035
Equipment Name Files NC1-AU-84-036
Government Copyright and Trademark License Grant Files NC1-AU-84-037
Copyright License and Assignment Files NC1-AU-84-038
Copyright Authorization Files NC1-AU-84-039
Marine Qualification Board Files NC1-AU-84-040
Sick Books, Morning Reports, and Burial Registers, 1942- 1946 NC1-AU-84-041
Individual Financial History Files NC1-AU-84-042
Commercial Business Solicitation Files NC1-AU-84-043
Religious Census, Education, and Registration Files NC1-AU-84-044
Personnel Action Suspense Reporting Files NC1-AU-85-001
Harbor Line Approval Files NC1-AU-85-002
Post Action Reporting Files NC1-AU-85-003
Waterway and Boundary Map Files NC1-AU-85-004
Pavement and Cold Regions Laboratory Files NC1-AU-85-005
Investigational Project Files NC1-AU-85-006
Geological and Soil Data Files NC1-AU-85-007
Economic Data Files NC1-AU-85-008
Environmental Pollution Abatement Files NC1-AU-85-009
Hydrological and Hydraulic Data Files NC1-AU-85-010
Basic Topographic Data Files NC1-AU-85-011
Withholding Tax Files NC1-AU-85-012
Individual Pay Record Files NC1-AU-85-013
File Number -01-05 Committee Files NC1-AU-85-014
Quality of Life Administrative Files NC1-AU-85-015
Photographic Negative Files NC1-AU-85-016
Unit Award Case Files NC1-AU-85-017
Flood Plain Management Assistance Files NC1-AU-85-018
Project and Index Map Files NC1-AU-85-019
Flood Plain Management Data Files NC1-AU-85-020
Processing of Oversea Replacement (POR) Files NC1-AU-85-021
Army Organizational Records NC1-AU-85-022
Army Service School Records NC1-AU-85-023
Army Office Files NC1-AU-85-024
Army Hospital Files NC1-AU-85-025
Flood Plain Management Services Study Files NC1-AU-85-026
Survey Report Files NC1-AU-85-027
Top Secret Material Accountability Files NC1-AU-85-028
Road Test Research Files NC1-AU-85-029
Traffic Engineering Survey and Study Files NC1-AU-85-030
Interstate Highway System Files NC1-AU-85-031
Commercial Film Certificates NC1-AU-85-032
Receipt for Petty Cash and Change Fund Files NC1-AU-85-033
Internal Distribution Scheme Files NC1-AU-85-034
Military Mapping and Geodetic Program Files NC1-AU-85-035
Mapping Agreement Files NC1-AU-85-036
Mapping and Geodetic Study Files NC1-AU-85-037
Questionnaire Survey Files NC1-AU-85-038
United States Army Corps of Engineers Records NC1-AU-85-039
Mapping and Geodetic Conference Files NC1-AU-85-040
Intermediate Manuscript Files NC1-AU-85-041
Geographic Position and Universal Transverse Mercator Coordinate Files NC1-AU-85-042
Army War Crimes Reporting Files NC1-AU-85-043
Plant Data Files NC1-AU-85-044
Unsatisfactory Subsistence Files NC1-AU-85-045
Reserve Component Evaluation Files NC1-AU-85-046
Loan and Grant Administration Files NC1-AU-85-047
Commitment Document Files NC1-AU-85-048
Preventative Medicine Survey Files NC1-AU-85-049
Commercial Food Establishment Reporting Files NC1-AU-85-050
DA (Department of Army) Program Development Files NC1-AU-85-051
DA (Department of Army) Budget Estimate Files NC1-AU-85-052
Congressional Budget Justification Files NC1-AU-85-053
Operating Budget Files NC1-AU-85-054
Program Briefing Files NC1-AU-85-055
Operating Program Progress Reporting Files NC1-AU-85-056
Commitee Files NC1-AU-85-057
Telecommunications Center Message Files NC1-AU-85-058
Commercial Activities Files NC1-AU-85-060
Personnel Management Study Files NC1-AU-85-061
Joint Airborne/ Air Transportability Training Files NC1-AU-85-062
Competition Advocacy Files NC1-AU-85-063
Army Science Board (ASB) NC1-AU-85-064
United States Military Academy (USMA) Admission Files NC1-AU-85-065
Material Engineering Case Files NC1-AU-85-066
Communicable Disease Reporting Files NC1-AU-85-067
Military Construction Project Files NC1-AU-85-068
Quarters Terminations NC1-AU-85-069
Standardization Documents NC1-AU-85-070
Veterinary Sanitation Inspection of Animal Facilities NC1-AU-85-071
Technical Report Record Files NC1-AU-85-072
Unfunded Study Files NC1-AU-85-073
Manpower Resource Data Files NC1-AU-85-074
Manpower Staffing Standard Development Files NC1-AU-85-075
Manpower Statistical Data NC1-AU-85-076
Manpower Reporting Files (Planned MARKS Number) NC1-AU-85-077
Manpower Requirements Criteria Development Files NC1-AU-85-078
Commissioned Officer Aviation Position Criteria Files NC1-AU-85-079
Aircraft Maintenance Records NC1-AU-85-080
Savings Program Reporting Files NC1-AU-86-013
Ration Control Systems Files NC1-AU-86-023
Mapping Index Files NC1-AU-86-027
Map Correction Files NC1-AU-86-032
Work Assignment Files NC1-AU-86-033
Production and Reproduction Control Files NC1-AU-86-034
Geodetic Computation Control Files NC1-AU-86-038
Preliminary Geodetic Computation Files NC1-AU-86-039
Intermediate Manuscript Files NC1-AU-86-041
Final Reproduction Manuscript Negative Files NC1-AU-86-042
Diapositive Files NC1-AU-86-043
Reproduction Manuscript Control Files NC1-AU-86-047
Reproduction Maunscript Cancellation Files NC1-AU-86-050
Medical Statistical Summaries NC1-AU-86-058
Register of Operations Files; Medical Facility Incident Reporting Files NN-174-000005