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These requests for disposition authority documents are agency requests to NARA submitted since 1973.  Older items may have subsequently been superseded by more recent submissions.  Please see the FAQ for more information. Questions about active disposition authorities should be directed to the agency records officer.

NOTE: NARA’s process for determining which records schedules in the RCS are currently valid is an ongoing work in progress. Records schedules will be marked inactive when all items on the schedule have been superseded. Before implementing disposition using these records schedules, always verify that you are using the most recent and current disposition authority (or item).

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RG-au: Army

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Title Number/Filename
The Army Prepositioned Stocks Radio Frequency Identification Program (APS RFID) System DAA-AU-2011-0001
Army Regulation 190-11, Physical Security of Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives - Key Control System Master File DAA-AU-2012-0009
Army Regulation 380-40, Policy for Safeguarding and Controlling Communications Security (COMSEC) Material, Communication Security (COMSEC) Incident Management Monitoring System (CIMMS) and Secure File Management System (SFMS) Master Files DAA-AU-2012-0010
Videotape Recordings of Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District Office DAA-AU-2013-0003
Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) DAA-AU-2013-0007
Investigative Case Files of Significant Cases that Resulted in National Media Attention, Congressional Investigation, and/or Substantive Changes in Army Policy or Procedures DAA-AU-2013-0010
Individual Deceased Personnel Files (IDPF) DAA-AU-2013-0014
Depot Execution System (DEXS) DAA-AU-2014-0019
Test Equipment Management Information System (TEMIS) DAA-AU-2014-0021
Automated Tool Inventory Control Tracking System (ATICTS) Master Files DAA-AU-2014-0022
Oil Analysis Standard Inter-Service (OASIS) - RN 700-132a DAA-AU-2014-0025
Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Actions System (FRACAS) DAA-AU-2014-0028
Army Military Human Resource Records Management, AR 600-8-104 DAA-AU-2014-0029
Versatile Information System Integrated On-Line (VISION) DAA-AU-2014-0030
Life Cycle Management Solutions for Rockets, Missile, and Launcher System (LCMS-RMLS) DAA-AU-2014-0031
Worldwide Ammunition Reporting System New Technology (WARS-NT) DAA-AU-2014-0032
Automated Orders and Resource System (AORS) DAA-AU-2014-0033
Post Laundry Program (PLP) DAA-AU-2014-0034
Standard Management Asset Readiness Tool (SMART) DAA-AU-2014-0036
PM Soldier Weapons Collaborative Data Environment (PM SW-CDE) DAA-AU-2015-0002
Multi-User EP Automated Review System (MEARS) DAA-AU-2015-0003
Financial Management Information System (FMIS) DAA-AU-2015-0004
Army Mobility Asset Tracking System (AMATS) DAA-AU-2015-0005
Facilities and Equipment Maintenance System (FEMS) DAA-AU-2015-0006
Corporate Management System (CMS) DAA-AU-2015-0007
United States Military Entrance Processing Command (USMEPCOM) Integrated Resource System (MIRS) also referred to as MIRS (MEPCOM lngergared Resource System) DAA-AU-2015-0010
Integrated Commercial Intrusion Detection System (ICIDS) DAA-AU-2015-0011
TMDE Integrated Material Management System (TIMMS) DAA-AU-2015-0012
Army Career Tracker (ACT) DAA-AU-2015-0013
Arlington National Cemetery and the United States Soldiers' & Airmen's Home National Case Files DAA-AU-2015-0014
Overseas Entitlement Tracker (OET) DAA-AU-2015-0015
Civilian Academic Papers DAA-AU-2015-0016
Senior Enterprise Talent Management System (SETMS) DAA-AU-2015-0019
The Standard Army Maintenance System Enhanced (SAMS-E) DAA-AU-2015-0020
Rock Island District Office Project Files - Aerial Photography, 1947-2008 DAA-AU-2015-0021
Consolidated Human Resources Management System (CHRMS) Database DAA-AU-2015-0023
Standard Depot System (SDS) DAA-AU-2015-0024
Army Sustainment Command Enterprise Board (E-Board) DAA-AU-2015-0025
Unmanned Aircraft System - Initiative (UAS-I) DAA-AU-2015-0026
Food Service Management Program (FSMP) DAA-AU-2015-0030
Maintenance Consolidated Database System - The Army Maintenance Management System DAA-AU-2015-0031
Care and Use of Laboratory Animals in DoD Programs DAA-AU-2015-0032
Forensic Toxicology Drug Testing Laboratory - IMS (FTDTL-IMS) DAA-AU-2015-0035
Performance Review Interface for Managers and Employees (PRIME) DAA-AU-2015-0036
Logistics Readiness Center - Product Data Management System (LRC - PDM) DAA-AU-2016-0004
Medical Electronic Data for Care History and Readiness Tracking (MED-CHART) DAA-AU-2016-0006
Personnel Procurement DAA-AU-2016-0007
Non-Army Managed Item - Supply Discrepancy Report (NAMI-SDR) System Master Files DAA-AU-2016-0008
Tank Automotive Research Development Engineering Center Advanced (RDandE) Center Engineering (TARDEC-ACE) DAA-AU-2016-0009
Readiness Module (RM) of the Logistics Integrated Database (LIDB) Master Files DAA-AU-2016-0010
Corps of Engineering Planning DAA-AU-2016-0018
Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant (IWTP) Control System DAA-AU-2016-0021
Passport Files - Visa Passport System (VPAS) DAA-AU-2016-0023
AR 702-16 - Chemical Materiel Stockpile Reliability Program, and AR 740-3 -Stock Readiness, Chemical Biological Defense Materiel Surveillance Program (CBDMSP) Records DAA-AU-2016-0025
Logistics Information Warehouse DAA-AU-2016-0026
The Distribution and Allowance (DNA) System Master Files DAA-AU-2016-0028
Environmental Document System (EDS) DAA-AU-2016-0031
Procurement DAA-AU-2016-0032
Civilian Personnel DAA-AU-2016-0033
Personnel - General DAA-AU-2016-0034
Joint Electronic Type Designed Automated System (JETDAS) Master Files DAA-AU-2016-0035
Personnel Procurement DAA-AU-2016-0042
Logistics DAA-AU-2016-0045
North Atlantic Treaty Organization Status of Forces Agreement Claims System DAA-AU-2016-0049
General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS) Master File DAA-AU-2016-0050
Force Management DAA-AU-2016-0051
Inventory Management DAA-AU-2016-0052
Deserter Verification Information System (DVIS) Master Files DAA-AU-2016-0053
Training DAA-AU-2016-0055
Third Party Request System (TPR) DAA-AU-2016-0056
Army Geospatial Center Imagery Access Solution (JAGWIRE) Master File, RN 115-11rr/ACRS 1200A/6+ DAA-AU-2016-0057
CID Digital Forensic Standalone Servers Master File DAA-AU-2016-0061
Facilities Engineering DAA-AU-2016-0062
Army Safety Management Information System (ASMIS) DAA-AU-2016-0063
Personnel-General DAA-AU-2016-0066
Partnership for Youth Success System (PaYS) Master Files DAA-AU-2016-0070
Scholarship Processing DAA-AU-2016-0072
Worldwide Individual Augmentation System (WIAS) Master Files DAA-AU-2016-0077
The Logistics Readiness Center (LRC) Automatic Return Item List (ARIL) Master Files DAA-AU-2016-0078
The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program Records DAA-AU-2017-0001
Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) DAA-AU-2017-0002
Consolidated Equipment Data Review Application (CEDRA) DAA-AU-2017-0003
General Officer Pistol Program (GOPP) System DAA-AU-2017-0004
Army Materiel Command Certificate of Equivalency (AMCOM-COE) DAA-AU-2017-0006
Acquisition Lessons Learned Portal (ALLP) DAA-AU-2017-0014
Cape Environmental (CE) Hazardous Material Database Master File DAA-AU-2017-0015
Army Aerial Photography DAA-AU-2017-0017
Tobyhanna Army Depot - Geographic Information System (TYAD-GIS) DAA-AU-2017-0018
Geographic Information System (GIS) Anniston Army Depot DAA-AU-2017-0020
Donations Records DAA-AU-2017-0021
Mobilization Common Operating Picture (MOBCOP) System Master File/RN 500-5e/ACRS 900 (TEMP) DAA-AU-2017-0022
The Event Registration System (REGSTR) Website DAA-AU-2017-0023
Performance and Injury Research Standalone Network (PIRSN) Master Files DAA-AU-2018-0008
Safety of Use Messaging Management System (SOUM MS) DAA-AU-2018-0015
Installation Management: Series 210 Installations Schedule DAA-AU-2018-0021
Joint Analytic Real-Time Virtual Information Sharing System (JARVISS) Master File DAA-AU-2018-0025
Army Export Control System (SIPR) -ARMY ECS (SIPR), Master File, RN 12-1f /A CRS 300C (0-6) DAA-AU-2018-0028
Electronic Disaslity Evaluation System (EDES) Master File DAA-AU-2019-0017
Training Resource Model Information System (TRMIS) Master File DAA-AU-2019-0023
Commanders Risk Reduction Dashboard Increment II (CRRD INC II) Master File RN: 600-63b/ACRS 600A/6+ DAA-AU-2019-0026
Revision of Army Inspector General Agency Records Retention Periods for Army Regulation 20-1 DAA-AU-2020-0024
Human Resources Command (HRC) Enterprise Data Warehouse (HEDW) Master File, RN 601-2100/ARCS 600E/0-6 DAA-AU-2020-0029
Integrated Logistics Support Center - PACKAGING System DAA-AU-2021-0003
Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) - Master File DAA-AU-2021-0010
Investigative Case Files on Anthrax DAA-AU-2022-0006
Department of the Army Muster Rolls DAA-AU-2022-0012
Fitzsimons Army Medical Center (FAMC) Records, 1986-96 N1-AU-00-002
Judge Advocate General Legal Services Files N1-AU-00-005
Information Systems Security Monitoring Files N1-AU-00-007
Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF) Employee Benefits and Insurance Files N1-AU-00-008
Security Assistance Programs N1-AU-00-009
Army Respiratory Protection Program Records N1-AU-00-010
Test Material Inventories N1-AU-00-011
Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP) N1-AU-00-012
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS): National Guard, Army Reserve, Reserve Officer Training Corps, and Emergency Employment N1-AU-00-013
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS): Petroleum Management, Inventory Management, and Maintenance Management Records N1-AU-00-014
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS): Food Program, and Clothing and Textile Materiel Records N1-AU-00-015
Rosters of Readiness Training (REDTRAIN) Management Files N1-AU-00-016
Active Duty for Special Work (ADSW) Files N1-AU-00-017
U.S. Army Security Affairs Command Foreign Military Sales Cases N1-AU-00-018
Individual Academic Records N1-AU-00-019
Airworthiness Approval Documents N1-AU-00-021
Intelligence Oversight Activities Records N1-AU-00-022
Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Official Personnel Folders (OPFs) N1-AU-00-023
Dental Readiness (DENTRAD) Records N1-AU-00-024
Automated Abbreviated Ground Accident Reporting System (AAGARS) N1-AU-00-026
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS): Climatic, Hydrological, and Topographic services; multiple Corps of Engineers programs; Topography and Geodesy; Real Estate; Military Installations and Facilities Construction N1-AU-00-027
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS): Medical Services, Nuclear and Chemical Weapons and Materiel N1-AU-00-028
Acquisition Information Management and Report System (AIMARS) Files N1-AU-00-029
Personnel Dosimetry Files N1-AU-00-030
Military and Civilian Personnel Records N1-AU-00-031
Ammunition Accountability (AMMO) System Records N1-AU-00-032
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS): Management, Information Management, Management Information Control, Office Management, and Army Information Records N1-AU-00-033
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS): Standardization, Communcations-Electronics, and Facilities Engineering Records N1-AU-00-034
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS): Transportation and Travel, Surface, Motor, and Air Transportation, Courier Service, and Aviation Records N1-AU-00-035
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS): Logistics, Product Assurance, Cataloging of Supplies, Procurement, Requisition, Issue, Maintenance, Utilization and Disposal of Supplies and Equipment N1-AU-00-036
Personnel Bioassays and Radiation Safety Surveys N1-AU-00-037
Army Stationing and Installation Plan (ASIP) Files N1-AU-00-038
Hazardous Substance Management System (HSMS) Files N1-AU-00-039
Central Site Artifact Management System (CSAMS) Records N1-AU-00-040
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS): Administrative and Organization and Functions Records N1-AU-00-041
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS): Boards, Commissions, and Committees; Field Organizations; Publications; Heraldic Activities; and Historical Activities N1-AU-00-042
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS): Audits, Property Accountability, Statistics, and Inspector General Activities Records N1-AU-00-043
Military Personnel Transition Point Processing (TRANSPROC) II Records N1-AU-01-001
Criminal Investigation Laboratory Reports N1-AU-01-002
Environmental Compliance Assessment System (ECAS) Records N1-AU-01-003
Army Criminal Investigation Reporting System (ACIRS III+) Records N1-AU-01-004
In-Processing (INPROC) System Records N1-AU-01-005
Out-Processing (OUTPROC) System Records N1-AU-01-006
Production Base Support Program (PBSP) Construction Projects Records N1-AU-01-007
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS): Security Assistance, Military Intelligence, Foreign Countries and Nationals N1-AU-01-008
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS): Explosives and Safety Records N1-AU-01-009
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS): Security, Military Operations, and Signal Security Records N1-AU-01-010
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS): Religious Activities, Morale, Welfare, and Recreation, Schools, Service Organizations, Manpower and Equipment Control, and Force Development Records N1-AU-01-011
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS): Legal Services, Military Police, and Criminal Investigation Records N1-AU-01-012
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS): Army Programs, Installations, and Cemeteries Records N1-AU-01-013
Equal Opportunity Surveys Records N1-AU-01-014
Housing Operation Management System (HOMES) Records N1-AU-01-015
Vehicle Registry Inquiry Network (VERINET) Records N1-AU-01-016
Central Issue Facility (CIF) System Records N1-AU-01-017
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS): Education Management Information System (EDMIS) Records N1-AU-01-018
Management of Army Models and Simulation Records N1-AU-01-020
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS): Research, Development, and Aqcuisition Records N1-AU-01-022
Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Compensation Case Files N1-AU-01-023
Radiation Safety Program Records N1-AU-01-025
Inspector General (IG) Records N1-AU-01-026
Offpost Housing Complaints and Investigations Records N1-AU-01-028
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Accounting and Control Records N1-AU-01-029
Facilities Engineering Materials, Equipment, and Relocatable Building Management Records N1-AU-02-002
Environmental Pollution Abatement Records N1-AU-02-003
Public Works Work Management/Workload Records N1-AU-02-004
Public Works Correspondence Records N1-AU-02-005
Notarial Services Records N1-AU-02-006
Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Job Descriptions Records N1-AU-02-007
Contracts with Troop Care (TC) / Technical Expert (TE) / Analytical Support (AS) Requirements Records N1-AU-02-008
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Testing for Chemical and Nuclear Weapons and Materiel Personnel Records N1-AU-02-010
Records Disposition Standard Exceptions and Freezes N1-AU-02-011
Advanced Technology Assessment Records N1-AU-02-013
U.S. Army Reserve Military Technicians Records N1-AU-02-014
Demilitarization and Trade Security Controls Records N1-AU-02-015
Utilities Operating Manuals and Logs; Solid Waste, Water, and Wastewater Records N1-AU-02-016
Certifying/Accountable Officials Appointments Records N1-AU-02-017
Officer Transfers and Discharges Records N1-AU-02-018
Automated Information System Security Incident Reports - Instrusions Records N1-AU-02-019
Certification of Sanitization/Destruction of DoD Computer Hard Drives N1-AU-02-020
Continuity of Operations Records N1-AU-02-021
General Correspondence Files Inactive N1-AU-02-022
Radiation Safety Program Records N1-AU-02-023
Standards of Conduct and Legal Office Mismanagement Inquiry Records N1-AU-02-024
Enlistment / Reenlistment / Transfer Packets Records N1-AU-02-025
Army Central Registry (ACR) Child/Spouse Abuse Reporting System (CSARS) Records N1-AU-03-001
Group Operation Passenger (GOPAX) Reports Records N1-AU-03-002
Asset Management System (AMS) Records N1-AU-03-003
Information Systems Planning and Programming System (ISPPS) Records N1-AU-03-005
Military Assistance to Safety and Traffic (MAST) Records N1-AU-03-006
Regimental Honorary/Distinguished Postitions Program Records N1-AU-03-007
Enlisted Selection Board and Promotion Packets Records N1-AU-03-008
Global Freight Management (GFM) System Records N1-AU-03-009
Research and Experimental Case Files N1-AU-03-010
Individual Flight Record and Flight Certificate Records N1-AU-03-011
Army Antiterrorism Program Records N1-AU-03-012
Total Army Personnel Database (TAPDB) Records N1-AU-03-013
Ammunition Facility Assessment Reports and Replies N1-AU-03-014
Army Continuity of Operations (COOP) Program Records N1-AU-03-015
Unconventional Warfare (UW) and Psychological Operations Source Files Records N1-AU-03-016
Installation Status Report System (ISR) Records N1-AU-03-018
National Guard Bureau (NGB) Counterdrug Support Program Records N1-AU-03-019
Army National Guard (ARNGUS) and the United States Army Reserve (USAR) Incentive Programs Records N1-AU-03-020
Army Educational Incentives and Entitlements Records N1-AU-03-021
Integrated Total Army Personnel Database (ITAPDB) Records N1-AU-03-022
Tort Claims Records N1-AU-03-023
Educational and Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS) Records N1-AU-03-024
Practitioner Credentialing Files N1-AU-04-001
Research Medical Volunteer Registry N1-AU-04-002
The Army Corrections System N1-AU-04-003
Basic Topographic Data Files - Aerial Photography, 1935-41, 1947-92 N1-AU-04-005
Army Family Team Building (AFTB) Program N1-AU-04-006
Quality Information Program (QIP) Claims, Appeals and Final Adjudication N1-AU-04-007
Quality Information Program (QIP) Controls and Administration Files N1-AU-04-008
Tactical Personnel System (TPS) Masterfile and Output Reports N1-AU-04-009
Personal Identification Instruments N1-AU-04-010
Family Advocacy Component Prevention N1-AU-05-001
Safety Training Meetings N1-AU-05-002
Central United States Registry NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Documents, 1949-2002 N1-AU-05-003
Supply Property Books and Supporting Documents N1-AU-05-004
Correction of Military Records Case Files N1-AU-06-001
Memoranda of Reprimand N1-AU-06-002
Chemical Agents and Munitions Training Attendance Records N1-AU-06-003
Arlington National Cemetery Interment Scheduling System (ISS) N1-AU-06-004
Oil Analysis Records, Product Quality Deficiency Reports N1-AU-06-005
Incapacitation Pay Case Files N1-AU-06-006
Waiver for Enlistment Inactive N1-AU-06-007
Total Army Personnel Database (TAPDB) Component Databases N1-AU-06-008
Leave Control Logs N1-AU-06-009
Risk Management for Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF) Instrumentalities, NAF Program Files N1-AU-06-010
Pregnancy and Family Counseling N1-AU-06-011
Controller/Maintainer Training and Proficiency Files N1-AU-06-012
Firearms Authorizations, Use of Deadly Force, Carrying of Firearms on Commercial Transportation N1-AU-06-014
Structural Certifications; Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives Security Management N1-AU-06-015
Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) Cases N1-AU-07-002
Individual Aircrew Training Folder (IATF), Aircraft Weight and Balance Files, Mission Schedule/Brief (DA Form 5484) N1-AU-07-003
Reception Battalion Automated Support System-Redesign (RECBASS-R) N1-AU-07-004
Synchronized Personnel Operational Tracker (SPOT) N1-AU-07-005
Long-Haul Circuits/Services Tracking Records, Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Systems/Equipment Management N1-AU-07-006
Aircraft Maintenance Equipment Files N1-AU-07-007
Visual Information Records and Website Records N1-AU-07-010
Training Media Files N1-AU-07-011
Storage and Supply Activities Locator Records, Warehouse Plans and Layouts, and Supply Item References N1-AU-07-012
Corps of Engineers Survey Report Status Files and Agency Project Reviews N1-AU-07-013
Policies and Procedures for Property Accountability N1-AU-07-015
Sexual Assault Data Management System (SADMS) N1-AU-08-001
Materiel Type Classification and Materiel Release N1-AU-08-002
Supporting Strategy (SS), Supportability Analysis (SA)/Logistics Management N1-AU-08-003
Enlisted Promotion Model (EPM) System N1-AU-08-003
The Army Records Information Management System (ARIMS) N1-AU-09-002
Enlisted Promotion Model (EPM) N1-AU-09-003
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Management Files N1-AU-09-004
Army/American Council on Education Registry Transcript System (AARTS) Master File N1-AU-09-005
United States Army Audit Agency System for Information Storage and Transmission (AAAsist) Records N1-AU-09-009
Total Army Sponsorship Program Files N1-AU-09-010
Web-Based Training and Doctrine Command Automated Schedules System Master Files N1-AU-09-011
Benning Automated Training Schedule System (BATSS) Master File N1-AU-09-012
Fire Simulation (FIRESIM XXI) Master File N1-AU-09-013
Distributed Learning Management Information System (DLMIS) Master File N1-AU-09-014
Combat XXI Combined Arms Analysis System Master File N1-AU-09-015
Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) Master File N1-AU-09-016
Accreditation Standards List Master File N1-AU-09-017
Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Budget Guidance (TBG) Master File N1-AU-09-018
System Training Plan (STRAP) Writing Tool Master File N1-AU-09-019
Equal Opportunity Reporting System (EORS) Master File N1-AU-09-020
Independent Simulation Module (ISM) Master File N1-AU-09-021
Automated Systems Approach to Training (ASAT) N1-AU-09-022
After Action Review System (AARS) Master File Records N1-AU-09-023
Battle Laboratory Collaborative Simulation Environment Records N1-AU-09-024
Advanced Warfighting Simulation (AWARS) Master File N1-AU-09-025
Operational Environment Lab (OEL) Master File N1-AU-09-026
Training Support - Materiel Army-wide Tracking System (TS-MATS) N1-AU-09-027
Family Advocacy Case Records N1-AU-09-028
Drug and Alcohol Management Information System (DAMIS) Records N1-AU-09-029
Defense Casualty Information Processing System (DCIPS) N1-AU-09-030
Multi-Source Assessment and Feedback (MSAF) System Master File N1-AU-09-031
Army Master Range Plan Master File N1-AU-09-032
Training Support Information Management System (TSIMS) Master File N1-AU-09-033
Civilian Mobilization Tracking System (CIVTRACKS) Master File N1-AU-09-034
Enlisted Distribution Target Model (EDTM) System Master File N1-AU-09-035
Keystone-Retention System-Client Server (RETAIN) Master File N1-AU-09-036
Enlisted Distribution and Assignment System (EDAS) Master File N1-AU-09-037
Capabilities and Army Requirements Oversight Council (AROC) Management System (CAMS) Records N1-AU-09-038
Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Database N1-AU-10-001
Army Selection Board System (ASBS) Master File N1-AU-10-003
Personnel - General Master Files N1-AU-10-004
Environmental Restoration Information (ERIS) System Master File N1-AU-10-005
Criminal Investigation Laboratory Information Management System Master File N1-AU-10-006
Criminal Investigative Activities Resource Management Online System Master File N1-AU-10-007
Structure and Manpower Allocation System (SAMAS) Master File N1-AU-10-008
Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation System (NES) Master File N1-AU-10-009
The Army Authorization Docs System (TAADS) Master File N1-AU-10-011
Military Occupation Speciality Codes (MOSC) N1-AU-10-012
Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (ADPAAS) Master File N1-AU-10-014
Security Information Management System (SIMS) Master File N1-AU-10-015
Civilian Personnel Employment Systems Master File and Fully Automated System For Classification (FASCLASS) Master File N1-AU-10-016
Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence Automated Reporting Collecting System (CHARCS) Master File N1-AU-10-018
Meteorological Measuring Set (MMS) Master File N1-AU-10-019
Automated Military Postal System (AMPS) Master File N1-AU-10-021
Troop Program Unit Management Subsystem (TPUMS) Master File N1-AU-10-022
Reserve Recruiting and Retention System (RRS) Master File N1-AU-10-023
Army Review Board Agency (ARBA) Case Tracking System (ACTS) Master File N1-AU-10-024
Analyst Projection Assistance System (APAS) Master File N1-AU-10-025
Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Programs (MWR) and Non-appropriated Fund Instrumentalities (NAFI) Systems Master Files N1-AU-10-026
Real Property Master Planning Files N1-AU-10-028
Biometrics Identification System for Access (BISA) Master File N1-AU-10-029
Security Master File N1-AU-10-030
Special Liaison Office (SLO) Master File N1-AU-10-031
Personnel Authorizations Module (PAM) System Master File N1-AU-10-032
Army Food Management Information System (AFMIS) Master File N1-AU-10-033
Construction Project Prioritization System (PPS) Master File N1-AU-10-034
Construction Programming Administration and Execution (PAX) Master File N1-AU-10-035
Engineering and Base Operations Support System (ENBOSS) Master File N1-AU-10-036
Construction Installation Executive Information System (IEIS) Master File N1-AU-10-037
Construction Army Criteria Tracking System (ACTS) Master File N1-AU-10-038
Construction Computer Aided Cost Engineering System (CACES) Master File N1-AU-10-039
Construction Resident Management System (RMS) Master Files N1-AU-10-040
Training Management Information System Master File N1-AU-10-041
Training Automated Survey Generator (AUTOGEN) Master File N1-AU-10-043
Training Resident Individual Training Management System (RITMS) Master File N1-AU-10-044
Digital Training Management System (DTMS) Master File N1-AU-10-045
Manuever Center of Excellence, Modeling and Simulation Tool (MCOE, M & S) Master File N1-AU-10-046
Standard Army Maintenance Systems Level I (SAMS-1) and Level II (SAMS-2) Master File N1-AU-10-047
Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC) Decision Support System (ADSS) Master File N1-AU-10-049
Equal Employment Opportunity Discrimination Complaints Internet Complaints Tracking System (I - COMPLAINTS) Master File N1-AU-10-050
Court-Martial Files,1940-76, and Special Court-Martial Files with a Bad Conduct Discharge, 1940-76 N1-AU-10-051
Competition Advocate's Shopping List (CASL) N1-AU-10-053
Electronic Maintenance System (EMS) N1-AU-10-054
Ammunition Peculiar Equipment Management System (APEMS) N1-AU-10-055
Security Assistance Management Directorate Repair and Return (SAMDR-R) N1-AU-10-056
Army Logistics Management College (ALMC) Computer Information System Master File N1-AU-10-057
Roofing Engineered Management System (ROOFER) Master File; Railroad Track Engineered Management System (RAILER) Master File; Pavement Management System (PAVER) Master File N1-AU-10-058
Army Management Staff College Computer Information System Master File N1-AU-10-059
Capabilities Needs Analysis Master File N1-AU-10-061
Army Energy and Water Reporting System (AEWRS) Master File N1-AU-10-063
Sustainable Range Program (SRP) Geographic Information System (GIS) Toolkit N1-AU-10-064
Range Facility Management Support System (RFMSS) Master File N1-AU-10-065
Go Army Education (GoArmyEd) System Master File N1-AU-10-066
Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) System Master File N1-AU-10-067
Army Center for Substance Abuse Program Web (ACSAP Web) System Master File N1-AU-10-068
Centralized Inventory Management of the Army Supply System Master Files N1-AU-10-070
Replacement Operations Automated Management System (ROAMS) Master File N1-AU-10-071
Department of the Army Photograph Management Information System (DAMPIS) Master File N1-AU-10-072
Munitions Transportation Management System (MTMS) Master File N1-AU-10-073
Deployment and Reconstitution Tracking Software (DARTS) Master File N1-AU-10-074
Retirement Points Accounting System (RPAS) Master File N1-AU-10-075
Wounded Warrior Accountability System (WWAS) Master File N1-AU-10-076
Reserve Statistics Accounting System / Reserve Components Common Personnel Data System (RSAS/RCCPDS) Master File N1-AU-10-077
Certified Pay (CEP) System Master File N1-AU-10-078
Receipt and Issue Transactions (RIT) Workload Forecasting System (WSF) Master File N1-AU-10-079
Training Evaluation and Scheduling System (TESS) Master File and Army Training Information Management System (ARTIMS) Master File N1-AU-10-080
Cost Analysis Strategy Assessment (CASA) System Master File N1-AU-10-081
Substance Abuse Program Risk Reduction Program (RRP) System Master File N1-AU-10-082
Financials and Asset Management System (FAMS) Master File N1-AU-10-084
My Army One Source N1-AU-10-085
Property Accountability Innovator System Master File N1-AU-10-086
Mobility Inventory Control Accountability System (MICAS) N1-AU-10-087
Resumix (RSX-CFSC-Resumix) N1-AU-10-090
Condition Based Maintenance - Data Warehouse (CBM - DW) N1-AU-10-091
Design Review and Checking System (DrChecks) N1-AU-10-092
Homeowner's Assistance Program Management Information System (HAPMIS) Master File N1-AU-10-093
Military Police Security Management System (SMS) Countermeasures (CM) N1-AU-10-095
Real Property Planning and Analysis System (RPLANS) N1-AU-10-096
Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF) Employee Benefits Management Systems (NEBMS) N1-AU-10-097
Patient Administration - Medical Services Account Third Party Collections; Medical Affirmative Claims N1-AU-10-098
Army Point and Click Web Ordering System Master File N1-AU-10-099
Criminal Investigation Command (CIDC) Information Management System (CIMS) N1-AU-10-100
Budget, Contracting, and Acquisition Systems N1-AU-10-103
Unit Level Logistics System - Aviation (ULLS-A) N1-AU-10-104
Standard Army Retail Supply System-1 (SARRS-1) N1-AU-10-105
Acquisition Program Control System (PCS) II Master File N1-AU-10-107
Soldier Management System - Korea (SMS-K) Master File N1-AU-11-001
Resource Management On-Line Master File N1-AU-11-003
Munitions Items Dispositions Action System (MIDAS) Master File N1-AU-11-004
Ammunition Stockpile Reliability Program-Firing Data (ASRP Firing Data) N1-AU-11-005
Product Data Management System (PDMS) Master File N1-AU-11-009
Contract File Room (CFR) System Master File N1-AU-11-010
Total Officer Personnel Management Information System (TOPMIS) Master File N1-AU-11-011
Force Management System (FMS) Master File N1-AU-11-012
Reserve Component Automation System (RCAS) Master File N1-AU-11-013
Integrated Resource Management Information System (IRMIS) Master File N1-AU-11-014
United States Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) Resource Management System (FRMS) Master File N1-AU-11-015
National Guard Bureau Budget Track (NGB BT) Master File N1-AU-11-016
Senior Leader Development Management System (SLDMS) Master File N1-AU-11-017
Objective Supply Capability Redesign (OSCAR) System Master File N1-AU-11-018
Inter-Component Data Transfer (ICDT) System Master File N1-AU-11-019
Force Development Investment Information System (FDIIS) Master File N1-AU-11-020
Aviation Roundout Maintenance Management System (ARMMIS) Master File N1-AU-11-021
Program Optimization and Budget Evaluation (PROBE) System Master File N1-AU-11-022
Electronic-Military Personnel Office (e-MILPO) System Master File N1-AU-11-023
Automated Battlebooks System (ABS) Master File N1-AU-11-024
Army War Reserve Deployment (AWRDS) System Master File N1-AU-11-025
Wildcat Maintenance Management System - Directorate of Logistics (WMMS-DoL) N1-AU-11-026
The Computerized Movement Planning and Status System (COMPASS) N1-AU-11-027
Personnel Records Management System (PRMS) Master File N1-AU-11-028
Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced (PBUSE) Master File N1-AU-11-029
Property Book and Supporting Documents for 401nd and 402nd Army Field Support Brigades in Iraq/Afghanistan N1-AU-11-030
Army Correctional System N1-AU-11-031
Investigative Case - Project Yellow Fruit Inactive N1-AU-12-001
Enlisted Promotion Files N1-AU-86-001
Foreign Scientific Information Files N1-AU-86-002
News Media and Release Files N1-AU-86-003
Organizational Effectiveness Files N1-AU-86-004
Manufacturing License and Technical Assistance Agreements N1-AU-86-005
Commercial Arms Export Cases N1-AU-86-006
Access Road Project Files N1-AU-86-007
Passport Files N1-AU-86-008
Materiel Status Record N1-AU-86-009
Research Reporting Files N1-AU-86-010
Test Material Inventory Files N1-AU-86-011
Savings Program Reporting Files N1-AU-86-013
Miscellaneous Expense Contingency Funds N1-AU-86-014
Adjustment Documents N1-AU-86-015
Currency Controls N1-AU-86-016
Military Payment Certificate Accountability Files N1-AU-86-017
Indemnity Bonds N1-AU-86-018
Audit Background Files N1-AU-86-019
Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Audit Files N1-AU-86-020
Department of Defense Inspector General (DODIG) Audit Reporting Files N1-AU-86-021
Civil Works Cost Basic Reporting Files N1-AU-86-022
Ration Control Systems Files N1-AU-86-023
Patient Treatment Film N1-AU-86-024
Temporary Army Series N1-AU-86-025
Corp of Engineers / Mapping Program Priority Files N1-AU-86-026
Mapping Index Files N1-AU-86-027
Corp of Engineers / Map Format Files N1-AU-86-028
Corp of Engineers / Map Accuracy Files N1-AU-86-029
Corp of Engineers / Map Identification Files N1-AU-86-030
Corp of Engineers / Mapping Contract Specifications Files N1-AU-86-031
Map Correction Files N1-AU-86-032
Work Assignment Files N1-AU-86-033
Production and Reproduction Control Files N1-AU-86-034
Corp of Engineers / Cartographic Reference Files N1-AU-86-035
Corp of Engineers / Map Distribution Policy Files N1-AU-86-036
Corp of Engineers / Marginal Data Files N1-AU-86-037
Geodetic Computation Control Files N1-AU-86-038
Preliminary Geodetic Computation Files N1-AU-86-039
Corp of Engineers / Geodetic Reference Files N1-AU-86-040
Intermediate Manuscript Files N1-AU-86-041
Final Reproduction Manuscript Negative Files N1-AU-86-042
Diapositive Files N1-AU-86-043
Map Requisition Files N1-AU-86-044
Corp of Engineers / Mapping, Charting, and Geodetic Publication Record N1-AU-86-045
Map Stock Level Files N1-AU-86-046
Reproduction Manuscript Control Files N1-AU-86-047
Corp of Engineers / Field Recovery Note Files N1-AU-86-048
Corp of Engineers / Topographic Symbol Files N1-AU-86-049
Reproduction Manuscript Cancellation Files N1-AU-86-050
Fire Training Records N1-AU-86-051
Research Medical Volunteer Registry N1-AU-86-052
Individual Aircrew Training Folder N1-AU-86-053
Training Task Analyses and Development Files N1-AU-86-054
Accounting Documents N1-AU-86-055
Medical Statistical Summaries N1-AU-86-058
Health and Hospitalization Data N1-AU-86-059
Technical Report Record Files N1-AU-86-060
RD Project Control Files N1-AU-87-001
Research and Development Supervisory Files N1-AU-87-002
Project Management Planning Files N1-AU-87-003
Information Manager Designations/Appointments N1-AU-87-004
Army Information Management Program N1-AU-87-005
Information Management Plans N1-AU-87-006
Information Management Master Plan (IMMP) N1-AU-87-007
Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Individual Pay Records for Korean Nationals N1-AU-87-008
Technology Transfer Cases N1-AU-87-011
Country Files N1-AU-87-012
Systems and Materiel Files N1-AU-87-013
Child Development Services N1-AU-87-014
Ammunition and Explosives Malfunction N1-AU-87-015
Vietnamese Financial Archives (Pay Related Records) N1-AU-87-016
Enlisted Evaluation Report Appeals N1-AU-87-018
Vietnamese Financial Archives (Contract Records) N1-AU-87-019
Capability Request (CAPR) for Information Mission Area (IMA) Resources N1-AU-87-020
Environmental Support Group Case Files N1-AU-88-001
Army Court Martial Management Information Systems (ACMIS) N1-AU-88-002
Court Martial and Disciplinary Information Management Systems (CDIMS) N1-AU-88-003
United States Army Environmental Support Group (ESG) Vietnam Battalion Tracking Study N1-AU-88-004
Military Intelligence Excepted Career Program N1-AU-88-005
Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) Counterintelligence, Imagery Reports, Sensors Data N1-AU-88-006
Nontextual Records Relating to General Court Martial of Lieutenant (1Lt) William F. Calley, Junior N1-AU-88-007
Legal Assistance Interview Records N1-AU-88-008
Legal Assistance Cases N1-AU-88-010
Inquiry and Eligibility Files N1-AU-88-011
Civil Works Projects Files, Civil Works Small Project Files, and Project Operation Maintenance Basic Files N1-AU-88-012
Army Library Management Reporting Systems (ALMRS) N1-AU-88-013
Physical Security Equipment (PSE) Enhancement N1-AU-89-004
Court-Martial Locators N1-AU-89-005
Reduction and Realignment Actions N1-AU-89-006
Child Care Center Veterinary Inspections N1-AU-89-008
Intelligence Confidential Funds N1-AU-89-009
Individual Retirement Record Controls N1-AU-89-010
Clothing Issue/Sales Stores N1-AU-89-011
Vending Facility for the Blind on Federal Property Files N1-AU-89-012
Contract Audits N1-AU-89-013
Guard and Reserve Officer and Enlisted Promotion Records N1-AU-89-014
Command Logistics Review Program (CLRP) N1-AU-89-015
Faculty Board Files N1-AU-89-016
Flagging System Management N1-AU-89-017
Personnel Action Suspension Reports N1-AU-89-018
Internal Review and Audit Compliance (IRAC) N1-AU-89-019
Summaries of Significant Actions N1-AU-90-002
Laundry and Drycleaning Operations N1-AU-90-003
Materiel Fielding Files N1-AU-90-004
Military Personnel Survey Files N1-AU-90-005
System Safety Historical Files N1-AU-90-006
Non Appropriated Fund Employment Applications N1-AU-90-007
Criminal Investigation Cases N1-AU-90-009
Occupational Health Surveillance X-Rays N1-AU-90-010
Medical Materiel Adoption N1-AU-90-013
Passenger Standing Routing Orders N1-AU-90-014
Report of Discrepancy (ROD) - Foreign Military Sales (FMS) N1-AU-90-015
Controlled Substance Record N1-AU-90-016
Commissary N1-AU-90-017
Configuration Management N1-AU-90-018
Surgeon General Equipment, Logistics, and Mobilization N1-AU-90-019
Economic Analysis Studies and Program Instruction N1-AU-90-021
Judge Advocate General Investigative Case Files N1-AU-90-022
Department of Defense (DOD) Wage Setting Division Inactive N1-AU-90-023
Microfilmed Press Releases Pertaining to Korean War Casualties, 1952-1955 N1-AU-90-024
Personnel Strength Zero Balance Reports and Personnel Transaction Register by Unit N1-AU-91-001
Register Number Files N1-AU-91-002
Electronic Records Created During the War in Southeast Asia by Headquarters, Pacific Command (PACOM) N1-AU-91-003
Country Law Tax Studies and DOD Foreign Tax Relief Program Report Files N1-AU-91-004
Tax Negotiations N1-AU-91-005
Installation Management and Organization Files N1-AU-91-006
Evaluation and Control of Occupational Exposure to Agent GB (Isopropyl Methylphosphonoflouridate) N1-AU-91-008
Carrier Performance Files N1-AU-91-009
General/Flag Officer's Quarters Management Files N1-AU-91-010
Office of the Surgeon General (OTSG) Clinical Reference File N1-AU-91-011
Accommodation of Religious Practices Files N1-AU-91-013
Army Apprenticeship Program N1-AU-91-015
Special Access Programs (SAP) Policy Files N1-AU-92-001
Program Records and Investigative Case Files of the Joint Clemency Processing Center Relating to Vietnam War-Era Unconvicted Military Deserters, 1974-1975 N1-AU-92-002
Authorization for Early Disposal of Short Term Records Accumulated by Closing Bases N1-AU-92-003
Published Map and Chart Records N1-AU-92-004
Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) Billet Files and Contractor Operation Files; Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) Accreditations and Physical Security N1-AU-92-005
Army Nuclear Test Personnel Review (ANTPR), 1978-1987 N1-AU-92-006
Civilian Dental Files N1-AU-93-001
Medical Malpractice Case Files N1-AU-93-002
Medical Expense and Performance Reporting System (MERPS) Data Source Files and Health Care Cost, Workload, and Performance Reports and Files N1-AU-93-003
Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Registry Files N1-AU-93-004
Exceptional Family Member Program N1-AU-93-005
Army Combatting Terrorism Program and Terrorist Threat/Attack Reporting System N1-AU-93-006
Office of Chief Legislative Liaison N1-AU-93-008
Health Hazard Assessment Reports N1-AU-93-009
Army Health Promotion Files N1-AU-94-001
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Program Management N1-AU-94-002
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Program (ADAPCP) Clinical Certification N1-AU-94-003
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Rehabilitation N1-AU-94-004
Counterintelligence Special Operations Files N1-AU-94-005
Foreign Personnel and Organizational Files N1-AU-94-006
Provisioning Army Systems Documentation N1-AU-94-007
Delay Board Proceedings N1-AU-94-008
USA (United States of America) Reenlistment Eligibility N1-AU-94-009
Army Spectrum Management N1-AU-94-010
Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) Program N1-AU-94-011
Vessel Logbooks and Crew List Records N1-AU-94-012
Technical Surveillance Index of People Whose Communications Were Intercepted N1-AU-94-013
Total Ammunition Management Information System (TAMIS) Data Input Records N1-AU-94-016
Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) Records N1-AU-94-017
Patient Treatment Film N1-AU-94-018
Financial Privacy Requests and Reports N1-AU-94-019
Telephone Circuit Usage Reports N1-AU-94-021
Enlistment Contracts N1-AU-94-022
Army Foreign Materiel Program (FMP) N1-AU-94-023
Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors Survey Reports N1-AU-94-025
Quality File Test Reporting Files N1-AU-94-027
Wetlands Delineator Certification Program N1-AU-94-029
Corps of Engineers Case Management Information Files N1-AU-94-030
Corps of Engineers Civilian Uniform Records Files N1-AU-94-031
Leased Bachelor Housing Files N1-AU-94-033
Counterintelligence Collection Files N1-AU-94-034
Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Collection Files N1-AU-94-035
United States Prisoners of War (POW) / Missing in Action (MIA) / Detainee Intelligence Files N1-AU-94-036
Counterintelligence/Security Investigations N1-AU-95-001
Polygraph Technical Files N1-AU-95-002
Numerical Files (Internal) N1-AU-95-003
District of Columbia National Guard Records Enlistment Records, 1887-1945; Members Called to Active Duty, 1917-18; Members Called to Active Duty in U.S. Navy, 1887-45 N1-AU-95-004
Technical Surveillance Index (TSI) N1-AU-95-005
Life Cycle Management of Reserve Facilities N1-AU-95-006
Ammunition Lot Histories N1-AU-95-007
Laboratory Notebooks N1-AU-95-008
Radiation Records N1-AU-96-001
Federal Advisory Committee Files N1-AU-96-002
American University Chemical Experiment Station Records, 1917-1918 N1-AU-96-003
Oncology/Therapy Records N1-AU-96-004
Patient Treatment Film N1-AU-96-005
Environmental Restoration Programs N1-AU-96-006
Congressional Visit Reports N1-AU-97-001
Ammunition and Explosives Malfunction N1-AU-97-002
Military Affiliated Radio System (MARS) Member Files N1-AU-97-003
Casualty Cases N1-AU-97-005
Lawyers and Judges Professional Conduct Files and Legal Office Mismanagement Inquiry Files N1-AU-97-007
Personal Financial Record Folders N1-AU-97-008
Individual Retirement Records N1-AU-97-009
Army Aircraft; Readiness of Ground Equipment; Missile Readiness; Selected Command Unit Review (SCUR); Total Logistics Readiness and Sustainability (TlRS) Reports N1-AU-97-010
Aircraft Maintenance Records N1-AU-97-011
Periodical Approvals and Distribution Management N1-AU-97-012
General Counseling Statements N1-AU-97-013
Inspector General (IG) Inspections N1-AU-97-014
Civilian Misconduct Action Authority Files N1-AU-97-017
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Sample Prescreening/Testing Report Files and Biochemical Drug Testing Program N1-AU-97-019
Office Temporary Duty Travel N1-AU-97-020
Family Support, Child Custody, and Paternity Information Inquiries and Operations N1-AU-97-021
Museums and Historical Properties N1-AU-97-023
Suitability Evaluation Boards; Appeals of Academic, Officer, and Enlisted Evaluation Reports N1-AU-97-025
Enlistment Standards Functional Area Analysis N1-AU-97-026
Combined Federal Campaign Planning, Organizational, and Report Files N1-AU-97-029
Production/Financial Management Files N1-AU-97-030
Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Registry Files N1-AU-97-031
Quality Film Test Report Files N1-AU-98-002
Individual Mobilization Augmentation (IMA) Program N1-AU-98-003
Congressional Correspondence Files N1-AU-98-004
Army Civilian Personnel Program Files N1-AU-98-006
Ammunition and Explosives Grounding Systems Inspection and Test Files N1-AU-98-007
Individual Travel Charge Card Records N1-AU-98-008
Ordnance Incident Reports N1-AU-98-011
Short-Term Records Accumulated by United States Army South (USARSO) N1-AU-98-013
Foreign National Personnel Training Files N1-AU-99-003
Nonappropriated Fund Wage Rates N1-AU-99-006
Foreign National Tours N1-AU-99-007
Domestic Technology Transfer Files N1-AU-99-008
Gorgas Hospital Mortuary Records, 1906-Present N1-AU-99-009
Museums and Historical Properties N1-AU-99-010
Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) Billet Files and Accreditations and Physical Security Files N1-AU-99-012
Fort Amador Local Intelligence, Counterintelligence, and Security Files NC-AU-75-0002
United States Army Communications Command NC-AU-75-0003
Forms Composing the Individual Flight Record and Flight Certificate NC-AU-75-0004
Birth Reporting Files NC-AU-75-0005
Veterinary Activities Reporting Files NC-AU-75-0006
Scientific and Professional Article Files NC-AU-75-0008
Remote Area Designation Files NC-AU-75-0009
Medical Records Access Files NC-AU-75-0010
Blood Program Files NC-AU-75-0011
Medical Information Release Files NC-AU-75-0012
Microforms Document and Information System NC-AU-75-0014
Command Health Reporting Files NC-AU-75-0015
Electroencephalographic Tracing Files NC-AU-75-0016
Criminal Investigator Accreditation Files NC-AU-75-0017
Organization Planning Files NC-AU-75-0018
List of Selected File Numbers Designated for Microfilming NC-AU-75-0019
Counterintelligence Survey and Inspection Files NC-AU-75-0020
Serious Incident Reporting Files NC-AU-75-0021
Birth and Death Reporting Files NC-AU-75-0022
Civil Disturbance Task Force Operation and Reporting Files NC-AU-75-0023
Oversea Base Right Files, Army Planning Files, Mobilization Plans, Emergency Test and Exercise Files, and Unconventional Warfare Files NC-AU-75-0024
United States Military Academy Cadet Files NC-AU-75-0025
Foreign Jurisdiction Case Files NC-AU-75-0026
Military Real Property Record Drawing Files NC-AU-75-0027
Organizational History Files NC-AU-75-0028
Medical Statistical Machine Tabulation Files NC-AU-75-0029
Individual Deceased Personnel Files, Gravesite Files, Cemetery Reporting, and Burial Register Files NC-AU-75-0030
Military Personnel Procurement Planning Files NC-AU-75-0031
Military Occupational Specialities Information Files NC-AU-75-0032
Test Background Data and Specimen Test Material Files NC-AU-75-0033
Prisoner Admission Files NC-AU-75-0034
Baptism, Marriage, and Funeral Files NC-AU-75-0035
Army Audit Agency (AAA) Audit Reporting Files NC-AU-75-0036
Test Material Stock Control Files NC-AU-75-0037
Test Material Inventory Files NC-AU-75-0038
Qualification Test Answer Files NC-AU-75-0039
Military Police Investigator Certification and Consideration Files NC-AU-75-0040
Separation Statistical Files NC-AU-75-0041
United States Military Academy Entrance Examination Result Files NC-AU-75-0042
Program and Budget Guidance Files NC-AU-76-0001
Utilities Contract Files NC-AU-76-0002
Principal Project Cost Files NC-AU-76-0003
General Accounting Office Audit Reporting Files NC-AU-76-0004
Appeal and Grievance Log Files NC-AU-76-0005
Repromotion Eligibility Files NC-AU-76-0006
Data Processing Register and Schedule Files NC-AU-76-0007
Individual Academic and Collateral Training Records 1892 - 1946 NC-AU-76-0008
Army Emergency Relief Organization Files NC-AU-76-0009
Reserve Officers' Training Corps Scholarship Selected Applicant Files NC-AU-76-0010
Bandsman Evaluation Board Planning Files NC-AU-76-0011
Vehicle Registration and Driver Record Files NC-AU-76-0012
Criminal Investigation Case Files NC-AU-76-0013
Official Military Personnel Folder Files NC1-AU-76-014
Corps of Engineers Management Information System Files for Finance and Accounting Subsystems NC1-AU-76-015
Baptism, Marriage, and Funeral Files NC1-AU-76-016
Accounting Documents Files NC1-AU-76-017
Judge Advocate General Petitions Under Article 69 and Article 73 NC1-AU-76-019
Personnel Processing Activities Reporting Files NC1-AU-76-020
Postal Planning, Design, and Construction Correspondence Files NC1-AU-76-026
Postal Design Development Files NC1-AU-76-027
Postal Construction Project Files NC1-AU-76-028
Postal Construction Contract Files NC1-AU-76-029
Postal Project Authorization Files NC1-AU-76-030
Postal Procurement Transactions Files NC1-AU-76-031
Postal Construction Supervisory Files NC1-AU-76-032
Personnel Type Order Files NC1-AU-76-034
Publication Record Set Files NC1-AU-76-035
Permanent Order Record Set Files NC1-AU-76-036
Secretary of the Army Designee Files NC1-AU-76-037
Medical X-Ray Teaching Files NC1-AU-76-038
Civil Works Site Audit Files NC1-AU-76-039
Finance and Fiscal Principal Reporting Files NC1-AU-76-040
Cost Accounting Principal Reporting Files NC1-AU-76-041
Project Construction Work Order Cost Files NC1-AU-76-042
Project Plant in Service Subsidiary Ledger Files NC1-AU-76-043
Military Establishment Audit Files NC1-AU-76-044
Civil Works Contract Files NC1-AU-76-045
Military Construction Contract Files NC1-AU-76-046
Civil Works Construction and Maintenance Contract Files NC1-AU-76-047
Utilities Contract Files NC1-AU-76-048
Communication Facility Lease Request Files NC1-AU-76-049
Foreign National Clinical Record Files NC1-AU-76-050
Atomic Information Exchange Files NC1-AU-76-051
NATO Personnel Clinical Record Files NC1-AU-76-053
NATO Personnel Outpatient Record Files NC1-AU-76-054
Foreign National Clinical Record Files NC1-AU-76-055
X-Ray Films NC1-AU-76-056
Dining Facility Operations Files and Field Ration Issue and Delivery Files NC1-AU-76-057
Practitioner Credentialing Files NC1-AU-76-058
Army Gift Offer Files NC1-AU-76-059
Coordinating Committee Files for Long Range Guidance on Research and Development NC1-AU-76-060
Navigable Waterway Files NC1-AU-76-061
Installation Master Planning Files NC1-AU-76-062
Career Management, Value Engineering, Civilian Training Program, and Stock Record Account Files NC1-AU-76-063
Ground and Amphibious Military Operations Interface Planning Files NC1-AU-76-064
Ground and Amphibious Military Operations Test Procedure Planning NC1-AU-76-065
Ground and Amphibious Military Operations Configuration Management Files NC1-AU-76-066
Ground and Amphibious Military Operations Data Standardization Files NC1-AU-76-067
Counterintelligence Special Operations File NC1-AU-77-004
Intelligence/Counterintelligence Source Files NC1-AU-77-006
United States Prisoner of War/Missing in Action/Detainee Intelligence Files NC1-AU-77-010
Litigation Case Files NC1-AU-77-012
Congressional Correspondence Files NC1-AU-77-015
Congressional Visit Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-017
Nontactical Telecommunications Project Files NC1-AU-77-019
Tactical or Combat Telecommunications Project Files NC1-AU-77-020
Tactical or Combat Telecommunications Policy Files NC1-AU-77-021
Emergency Planning Files NC1-AU-77-022
Operational Test Files NC1-AU-77-023
Child Protection Case Management Files NC1-AU-77-024
Information Book Files NC1-AU-77-025
Security Assistance Program Files NC1-AU-77-026
Security Assistance Planning Files NC1-AU-77-027
Security Assistance Organizations Files NC1-AU-77-028
Security Assistance Personnel Files NC1-AU-77-029
Readiness Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-030
Chemical and Nuclear Accident/Incident Control Files NC1-AU-77-031
Chemical and Nuclear Demilitarization Files NC1-AU-77-032
Chemical and Nuclear Site Restoration Files NC1-AU-77-033
Chemical and Nuclear Site Upgrading Files NC1-AU-77-034
Chemical and Nuclear Planning Files NC1-AU-77-035
Chemical and Nuclear Surety Files NC1-AU-77-036
Chemical and Nuclear Safety Files NC1-AU-77-037
Alcohol/Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Files NC1-AU-77-038
Small Business Solicitation Review Files NC1-AU-77-039
Safety Hazard Files NC1-AU-77-040
Procurement and Separation X-Ray Files NC1-AU-77-042
Contract Appeal Files NC1-AU-77-043
Cataloging Activity Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-044
Maintenance Summary and Management Files NC1-AU-77-045
Maintenance Technical Assistance Files NC1-AU-77-046
National Stockpile Shipping Files NC1-AU-77-047
Packing, Boxing, and Crating Files NC1-AU-77-048
Ammunition, Guided Missile, and Rocket Status Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-049
Food Program Project Files NC1-AU-77-050
Food Program Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-051
Port Control Files NC1-AU-77-052
Procurement Misconduct Case Files NC1-AU-77-053
Debarred Bidder List Files NC1-AU-77-054
Military Urgency Planning List Files NC1-AU-77-055
Labor-Management Dispute Files NC1-AU-77-056
Labor Standard Exception Files NC1-AU-77-057
Labor Standard Violation Files NC1-AU-77-058
Contractors Insurance Files NC1-AU-77-059
Contractors Bond Files NC1-AU-77-060
Bid and Award Protest Files NC1-AU-77-061
Coordinated Procurement Program Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-062
Equipment Management Survey Files NC1-AU-77-063
Recreation and Entertainment Case Files NC1-AU-77-064
Recreation Services Recognition Files NC1-AU-77-065
Recreation Services Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-066
Army Band Official Music File NC1-AU-77-067
Production Requirement Data Files NC1-AU-77-068
Production Equipment History Files NC1-AU-77-069
Strategic and Critical Material Requirement Forecasting Files NC1-AU-77-070
Value Engineering Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-072
Value Engineering Study Files NC1-AU-77-073
Supply Operations Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-074
Standardization Document Formulation Files NC1-AU-77-075
Organizational Records for Units Below Regimental Command Level NC1-AU-77-077
Representative Sample Files NC1-AU-77-078
Bid Experience Files NC1-AU-77-079
Chaplain Privileged Counseling Interview Communication Case Files NC1-AU-77-080
Sound Recording Files NC1-AU-77-082
Radio Recording Files NC1-AU-77-083
Alcoholic Beverage Files NC1-AU-77-084
Course Publications Files NC1-AU-77-087
International Nuclear Logistics Files NC1-AU-77-088
Nuclear and Chemical Capabilities Files NC1-AU-77-089
Secondary School Academic Record Files NC1-AU-77-090
Individual Academic Record Files and Class Academic Record Files NC1-AU-77-091
Theater Nuclear Force Structure Development Files NC1-AU-77-093
Special Strategic Forces Planning Files NC1-AU-77-094
Nuclear and Chemical Progress and Statistical Reporting NC1-AU-77-095
Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological National Security Affairs Files NC1-AU-77-096
Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Warfare Arms Control Files NC1-AU-77-097
Nuclear and Chemical Strategy Formulation Files NC1-AU-77-098
Nuclear and Chemical Politico-Military Affairs Files NC1-AU-77-099
Nuclear and Chemical Requirements Files NC1-AU-77-103
Nuclear and Chemical Cost Analysis File NC1-AU-77-104
Nuclear Command and Control Communications Files NC1-AU-77-105
Basis of Issue File NC1-AU-77-107
Nuclear, Chemical Warfare and Biological Defense Scientific and Technical Information Files NC1-AU-77-109
Aviation Policy Files NC1-AU-77-110
Operations Security Files NC1-AU-77-114
Tables of Organization and Equipment Development Files NC1-AU-77-115
Nuclear and Chemical Manpower Allocation Files NC1-AU-77-116
Household Shipment Bill of Lading Files NC1-AU-77-117
Ammunition Lot History Files NC1-AU-77-118
Legal Opinion Precedent Files NC1-AU-77-119
CID Fund Files NC1-AU-77-120
Joint Research Development Objectives and Joint Operational Requirement File NC1-AU-77-121
Solicitation Review Files NC1-AU-77-123
Procurement Directive Files NC1-AU-77-124
Local Criminal Information Files NC1-AU-77-125
Criminal Investigative Case / Complaint Log Files NC1-AU-77-126
Polygraph Certification Files NC1-AU-77-127
Foreign Jurisdiction Case Files NC1-AU-77-128
Criminal Investigation Case Files NC1-AU-77-131
Legislation Files NC1-AU-77-132
Congressional Investigation Files NC1-AU-77-133
School Accreditation Files NC1-AU-77-135
Operating Program Progress Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-138
General Ledger Files NC1-AU-77-140
Corps of Engineers Omaha and Kansas City Districts Finance and Accounting Files NC1-AU-77-141
Personnel Control Facilities Files NC1-AU-77-142
Civil Affairs Function Records NC1-AU-77-143
Basic Topographic Data Files NC1-AU-77-144
Hydrological and Hydraulic Data Files NC1-AU-77-145
Commercial - Industrial Type Functions Program Files (CITF) NC1-AU-77-146
Atmospheric Annual Graph Files NC1-AU-77-147
Master and Special Menu Files NC1-AU-77-148
Branch Office Ledger Files NC1-AU-77-151
Alcohol and Narcotic Control Files NC1-AU-77-154
Individual Academic Record Files NC1-AU-77-155
Program and Budget Guidance Files NC1-AU-77-156
Criminal Information Reports and Cross Index Cards NC1-AU-77-157
Criminal Information Bulletins NC1-AU-77-158
Lateral Criminal Information Reports NC1-AU-77-159
Essential Elements of Criminal Information NC1-AU-77-160
Criminal Information Data Files NC1-AU-77-161
Criminal Information Index Printout NC1-AU-77-162
Chaplain Activity Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-163
Energy Conservation Activities NC1-AU-77-164
Postal Personnel Designation Files NC1-AU-77-166
Commercial Vessel Pier Files NC1-AU-77-167
Government Vessel Pier Files NC1-AU-77-168
Miscellaneous Series for Microfiching NC1-AU-77-169
Heraldic Item Files NC1-AU-77-171
Personal Clothing Record Files NC1-AU-77-172
Postal Directory Files NC1-AU-77-173
General Combat Development, Study, Material Requirement Files NC1-AU-77-174
Program and Budget Input Files, Budget Files, and Construction Program Files NC1-AU-77-175
Training and Education Functional Files NC1-AU-78-001
Training and Education Functional Files NC1-AU-78-002
Criminal Investigation Status Reporting Files NC1-AU-78-004
Evidence Ledger and Evidence Custody Documents NC1-AU-78-005
Facilities Functional Files NC1-AU-78-006
Army Band Utilization Files NC1-AU-78-007
Operational Management NC1-AU-78-008
Statistical Material Clearance Files NC1-AU-78-009
Investigative Activities Reporting Files NC1-AU-78-011
Recruiting Publicity Campaign Files NC1-AU-78-012
Communications Functional Files NC1-AU-78-013
Intelligence, Security, Military Police and Mapping Functional Files NC1-AU-78-014
Legal and Information Functional Files NC1-AU-78-015
Military History Program and Operations Files NC1-AU-78-017
Office of the Secretary of the Army: Committee Management Files and Advisory Committee Activity Reporting Files NC1-AU-78-018
Management and Control of Transactions Entering International Balance of Payments NC1-AU-78-019
Investigative Project Files NC1-AU-78-020
Prisoner of War Censorship Files NC1-AU-78-023
R&D Specification and Drawing Files NC1-AU-78-024
Legal Systems of Nations where United States Forces are Stationed NC1-AU-78-025
Court Martial Case Files and Related Locator and Statistics NC1-AU-78-026
Budget Estimate and Inputs, Congressional Budget Justification NC1-AU-78-029
Foreign Trade Zone Files NC1-AU-78-033
International Standardization of Tactical Doctrine, Organizations, Intelligence and Training, Operations, Administration NC1-AU-78-034
TOE Manpower Authorization Criteria (MACRIT) Files NC1-AU-78-035
Program Briefing Files and Plans for and Material Presented at Conferences NC1-AU-78-036
Department of Army Five-Year Plan Records NC1-AU-78-037
International Conference and International Treaty Files NC1-AU-78-038
Psychological Operations NC1-AU-78-039
Unconventional Warfare Non-materiel Research NC1-AU-78-040
General Personnel Management and Safety Functional Files NC1-AU-78-041
Periodic Reports on National Cemeteries and Cemetery Historical Files NC1-AU-78-042
Radiology Records NC1-AU-78-044
Training and Equipment Publication Scheduling Files NC1-AU-78-047
Joint Planning Comment Files NC1-AU-78-048
Preventive Dentistry Files NC1-AU-78-049
Civilian Personnel, Wage Rate Files, Hours of Work Files, and Labor Negotiation Files NC1-AU-78-051
Testing and Evaluation of Combat Related Concepts and Equipment NC1-AU-78-052
Army's Assessment of its Capabilities in Meeting National Security Crises NC1-AU-78-053
Wargame Files NC1-AU-78-054
Qualitative and Auantitative Personnel Requirements Information (QQPRI) Files NC1-AU-78-055
Army Military Police Jurisdiction Responsibility Files, Crime Prevention Program and Provost Marshal Activities Reporting Files NC1-AU-78-056
Enemy Prisoners of War and Civilian Internees / Detainees Program NC1-AU-78-057
Medical Facility Incident Reporting Files NC1-AU-78-058
Contract Appeal Files NC1-AU-78-059
Army Band Utilization Files NC1-AU-78-060
Study, Selection, Use and Management Control of Automatic Data Processing Equipment, Operations and Systems NC1-AU-78-062
Military Personnel Procurement Statistics Files, Personnel Identification Instrument Files, Military Personnel Trend Files, and DA Selection Board Reporting Files NC1-AU-78-063
Committee Files NC1-AU-78-064
Command Reporting NC1-AU-78-065
Working Capital Fund Charter Files NC1-AU-78-067
Files to be Converted to Microform NC1-AU-78-068
Chief of Engineers Budget, Appropriation Historical Data Files, and Five-year Program Reporting Files NC1-AU-78-069
Differential and Allowance Files NC1-AU-78-071
Doctrinal Media Formulation Files and Non-Army Doctrine Comment Files NC1-AU-78-072
Housing Referral Service, Realtor Listing, Specific Rental Actions Files NC1-AU-78-073
Foreign Personnel and Organizational Files NC1-AU-78-075
System Safety Files, System Development Management and Engineering, and Type Classified Item Files NC1-AU-78-077
Criminal Investigation Data Reference Files NC1-AU-78-078
Individual Interment Reporting Files and Control Files NC1-AU-78-079
Morning Reporting Files NC1-AU-78-080
Appeal and Grievance Case Files NC1-AU-78-081
Adverse Action Files NC1-AU-78-082
Photograph Identification Files NC1-AU-78-083
Military Police Investigator Certification Files NC1-AU-78-084
Standing Signal Instruction Files NC1-AU-78-086
Permanent Order Record Set Files NC1-AU-78-088
Microfilm Conversion of all Temporary Hardcopy Records NC1-AU-78-089
Energy Survey and Study Files NC1-AU-78-090
Supply Files NC1-AU-78-091
Military Construction Project Files NC1-AU-78-092
Access to Information Files NC1-AU-78-093
Research and Study Fellowship Files, Civilian Training Waiver Files, Foreign Training Approval Files, Civilian Training Material Files NC1-AU-78-094
Safety Award Files, Accident and Incident Case Files, Gravesite Reservation Survey Files NC1-AU-78-095
Station Establishment Files NC1-AU-78-096
Mail Distribution Scheme Files NC1-AU-78-097
Army Post Office Establishment Files NC1-AU-78-098
Automatic Data Processing Management Reporting Files NC1-AU-78-099
Clothing Material Project Files NC1-AU-78-101
Public Appearance Schedule Reporting Files, News Media and Release Files, Contractor Information Release Files, Army-Authored Information Clearance Files, and Command Information General Files NC1-AU-78-102
Research Clearance Files, Correspondent Accreditation Files, and Commercial Authorship Approval Files NC1-AU-78-104
Trademark Soliciting and Opposition Files NC1-AU-78-105
Security Clearance Information and Security Briefing and Debriefing Files NC1-AU-78-106
Test Scheduling Files NC1-AU-78-107
Flight Information Files, Installation Flight Rules Files, Rule-Making Airspace Case Files, Rule-Making Airspace Comment Files, and Warning and Controlled Firing Area Files NC1-AU-78-108
Publication Approval Files and Printing Plant Establishment Files NC1-AU-78-109
International Logistics Program (ILP) NC1-AU-78-110
Custodial Service Files, Fire Prevention Files, Community Shelter Process Reporting Files, Labor Relation Administration File, and Plant Logbook Files NC1-AU-78-113
Telephone Equipment and Service Control Files NC1-AU-78-114
Legal Assistance Operation Files NC1-AU-78-115
Installation Status Evaluation Files and Procurement Action Summary and Special Reporting Files NC1-AU-78-116
Security Classification Files, Security Regarding Case Files, Security Information Access Case Files, and Security Information Release Files NC1-AU-78-117
Interference Reduction Files, Radio Frequency Files, Fixed Communications Directory Reporting Files, Radio Efficiency Reporting Files, and Army Transport Radio Logbook Files NC1-AU-78-118
Recruiting Facilities, Installation Housing, and Food Processing Facility Files NC1-AU-78-119
Proffer and Infringement Claim Docket Files and Patent Docket Files NC1-AU-78-120
Acquisition Files NC1-AU-78-121
Disposal and Disposal Reporting Files NC1-AU-78-122
Research and Development Project Register Files NC1-AU-78-126
Relocation Assistance Case Files and Homeowners Assistance Case Files NC1-AU-78-127
Emergency Reporting File, Activation and Status Change Files, Operating Procedure Files, Cost Research Files, and Historical Program Progress Reporting Files NC1-AU-78-128
Personnel Type Order Files 1973- 1975 NC1-AU-78-129
Individual Academic Record Files NC1-AU-78-131
Recruiter Malpractice Investigation Files NC1-AU-78-132
United States Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory Reporting Files NC1-AU-79-002
Reserve Unit Attendance Files NC1-AU-79-003
Loss, Theft, and Recovery of Firearms, and Foreign Student Officer Files NC1-AU-79-005
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Management Files NC1-AU-79-006
Command Information Planning Files and Command Information Reporting Files NC1-AU-79-007
Counterintelligence Information Request Files NC1-AU-79-008
Inspector General Complaint Files NC1-AU-79-009
Register Number Files NC1-AU-79-010
Automatic Data Processing Systems Specific Study Files NC1-AU-79-011
Surface Meteorological Observation Files NC1-AU-79-012
Privately Owned Animal Record Files NC1-AU-79-013
Key Facilities List File NC1-AU-79-014
Ceremony Files NC1-AU-79-016
Numerical Files NC1-AU-79-017
Practitioner Credentialing Files NC1-AU-79-018
Automatic Data Processing Equipment Acquisition Case Files NC1-AU-79-019
Army Medical Corps Officer Status Cards NC1-AU-79-020
Test Development Files and AWOL Statistical Reporting Files NC1-AU-79-021
Tariff and Tender Files, Personal Property Rate Tariff/Tender Files, Freight Rate Litigation Files and Passenger Agreement Files NC1-AU-79-022
International Balance of Payments Budget Schedule Files NC1-AU-79-023
Dental Reporting Files NC1-AU-79-024
Civilian Personnel Program Reporting Files, Training and Promotion Agreement Files, Research and Study Fellowship Files, and Civilian Training Reporting Files NC1-AU-79-026
Office Nonregistered Classified Document Destruction Certificates NC1-AU-79-027
Congressional Real Estate Acquisition Reporting Files NC1-AU-79-028
Congressional Real Estate Disposal Reporting Files NC1-AU-79-029
Record Holding Reporting Files NC1-AU-79-030
Command Inspection Files NC1-AU-79-031
Individual Deceased Personnel Files and Individual Interment Reporting Files NC1-AU-79-032
Audiovisual Records NC1-AU-79-033
Reserve Unit Attendance Files NC1-AU-79-034
Informant Files NC1-AU-79-038
IG Inspection and Investigative Files NC1-AU-79-039
Army Inventory of Privacy Act Issuances NC1-AU-79-040
Privacy Act Statistical Report NC1-AU-79-041
Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP) NC1-AU-79-042
Homeowners Assistance and Relocation Assistance Program NC1-AU-79-043
Investigative Activities Reporting Files NC1-AU-79-044
Railway Engineering and Operational Data NC1-AU-79-045
Non- Interstate Highway System Files NC1-AU-79-046
Blood Donor Files NC1-AU-79-047
Acquisition Management Review Files NC1-AU-79-048
Army Aircraft Inventory, Status, and Flying Time Reporting Files NC1-AU-79-049
Dental Stock Records Files NC1-AU-79-050
Acquisition Files Held by the Office of the Chief of Engineers NC1-AU-79-051
Intellectual Property Clause Deviation Files NC1-AU-79-053
Aircraft Operations Files NC1-AU-79-054
Patent Application Security Review Files NC1-AU-79-055
Sanitary Inspection of Foodstuffs During Preparation, Processing, Shipment, and Storage NC1-AU-79-056
Accident Experience Files NC1-AU-79-057
Office Equipment Management Files NC1-AU-79-059
Plant Correspondence File NC1-AU-79-060
Real Estate Management and Real Property Summary Files NC1-AU-79-061
Project Authorization Files NC1-AU-79-062
Unit Mailroom Accountable Mail Receipt Files NC1-AU-79-063
Blood Program Files NC1-AU-79-065
Nursing Service Schedule Files NC1-AU-79-066
Dental Worksheet and Tabulation Files NC1-AU-79-067
Military Establishment Audit Files NC1-AU-79-068
American Red Cross Audit Files NC1-AU-79-069
Contractor Qualification Files NC1-AU-79-071
Reservoir Sedimentation Data Files NC1-AU-79-072
Active Recruiting Prospect Files NC1-AU-79-073
United States Army Military Academy, West Point, Master Planning Files NC1-AU-79-074
Climatological Data Files and Storm Study Files NC1-AU-79-075
Ethics in Government Control Files and Financial Disclosure Statements NC1-AU-79-076
Housing Files NC1-AU-79-077
Nuclear and Chemical Warfare Budget Formulation Files NC1-AU-79-078
Civil Works Project Files NC1-AU-79-079
Foreign Training Reporting Files NC1-AU-79-080
United States (US) Army Labor Services Agency, Heidelberg, Germany Civilian Personnel Instruction Files NC1-AU-80-001
Heraldic Manufacturing Drawings and Heraldic General Reference Collection NC1-AU-80-002
Army Military History Program Annual Historical Summary Files NC1-AU-80-004
Maneuver and Right-of Entry Permit Files NC1-AU-80-005
Personnel Type Order Files in NARS Record Centers and Retired before July 1, 1981 NC1-AU-80-006
Hours of Work Files NC1-AU-80-007
Historical Photographic Files NC1-AU-80-008
Memorialization Board Files NC1-AU-80-009
Army Continuing Education System Files NC1-AU-80-010
Army Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Defense Program Review and Analysis Files NC1-AU-80-011
Command Inspection Files NC1-AU-80-012
Contract Surgeon Personnel Files NC1-AU-80-013
Periodic Reporting Files NC1-AU-80-014
Water Supply Storage Space Contract Files NC1-AU-80-015
Standard Permit Files NC1-AU-80-016
Radiation Analyses, Radiation Sources Accounting Files, and Diagnostic Medical and Dental X-ray System and Specific Component Files NC1-AU-80-017
New Equipment Training Program Development Files NC1-AU-80-018
Small Arms Sales Record Files NC1-AU-80-019
Military Food Establishment Reporting Files NC1-AU-80-020
Daily Accounting of Military Personnel and United States Military Academy (USMA) NC1-AU-80-021
Organizational Roster Files NC1-AU-80-022
Army Strength Reporting Files NC1-AU-80-023
Personnel Data Card Files NC1-AU-80-024
Personnel Strength Zero Balance Report NC1-AU-80-025
Permanent Order Records Set Files NC1-AU-80-026
Organization Planning Files NC1-AU-80-027
Ammunition Lot History Files NC1-AU-80-028
Commercial-Industrial Type Activity (CITA) NC1-AU-80-029
National Match Files NC1-AU-80-030
Electronic Equipment Environmental Files and Traffic Volume Reporting Files NC1-AU-80-031
United States (US) Army Tank-Automotive Material Readiness Command Installation Historical Files NC1-AU-80-032
United States (US) Army Tank-Automotive Materiel Readiness Command Organizational History Files NC1-AU-80-033
United States (US) Army Tank-Automotive Materiel Readiness Command Annual Historical Summary Files NC1-AU-80-034
United States (US) Army Tank-Automotive Materiel Readiness Command Historians Background Material Files NC1-AU-80-035
Traffic Volume Reporting Files NC1-AU-80-036
Privilege Card Application Files NC1-AU-80-037
U.S. Military Academy Prepatory Files NC1-AU-80-038
Permanent Order Background Files NC1-AU-80-039
Central Files at Office of the Secretary of the Army, Office of the Chief of Staff Army, and Headquarters Department of the Army Staff Levels NC1-AU-80-040
Military Personnel NC1-AU-80-041
Chaplain Activity Reporting Files NC1-AU-80-042
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Statistical Files NC1-AU-80-043
Scored Qualification Test Files NC1-AU-80-044
Contract Clause Deviation Files NC1-AU-80-045
Stock Record Account Serial Number Register Files NC1-AU-80-046
Check Cashing Privilege Files NC1-AU-80-047
Personnel-Type Order Files NC1-AU-80-048
Approved Military Award Case Files NC1-AU-80-049
Personal Clothing Record Files, Organization Clothing, and Individual Equipment NC1-AU-80-050
Radiation Facility Files NC1-AU-80-051
Hull Registration Files NC1-AU-80-052
Medical Training Material Files NC1-AU-80-053
Commissary Records and Field Ration Accounts NC1-AU-80-054
Approved Congressional Medal of Honor Award Case Files and Military Award Case Files NC1-AU-81-002
Collateral Individual Training Record Files from the Judge Advocate General's School and Course Publications Files Held by West Point, the Army War College, and Joint Colleges NC1-AU-81-003
Informant Files - Documents Relating to Information Used in the Conduct of Investigation NC1-AU-81-004
Committee Files NC1-AU-81-005
Advisory Committee Activity Reporting Files NC1-AU-81-006
Trip Book Files for Senior Army Staff NC1-AU-81-007
Officer Evaluation Report Appeal Files NC1-AU-81-008
Leave Record Files NC1-AU-81-010
Personnel Processing Activities Reporting Files NC1-AU-81-011
Congressional Visit Reporting Files NC1-AU-81-012
The Adjutant Generals Office - Severely Physically Handicapped Appointment Applicant Files NC1-AU-81-013
Foreign Training Program Files and Training Assistance Files NC1-AU-81-014
Nontactical Telecommunications Project NC1-AU-81-016
The Adjutant Generals Office - Test and Experiment Raw Data Files NC1-AU-81-017
Non-Appropriated Fund Employee Entitlement Files NC1-AU-81-020
Referral and Selection Files and Placement Consideration Files NC1-AU-81-021
Report of Survey Files and Report of Survey Control Register Files NC1-AU-81-022
Suitability Evaluation Board Files NC1-AU-81-023
Level of Cash Balance Review Files NC1-AU-81-024
Individual Deceased Personnel Files, Cemetery Interment Files, Interment Control Files, and Individual Gravesite Reservation Files NC1-AU-81-025
Daily Journal, Staff Journal, and Tactical Operations Center (TOC) Log Files - Military Police Journal Files - News Media and Release Files - Command Information General Files NC1-AU-81-026
Private Organization Files NC1-AU-81-027
United States Army Communications Command (USACC) Automation Budget System NC1-AU-81-028
United States (US) Army Audit Agency Audit Reporting Files NC1-AU-81-029
Reserve Component Authorization Post Conversion System NC1-AU-81-030
Aquatic Growth Control System NC1-AU-81-032
Leave Board Permits NC1-AU-81-033
Master Planning Files NC1-AU-81-034
Marine Design and Construction Files NC1-AU-81-035
Organizational Data Control Structure NC1-AU-81-036
Ground Maintenance Files NC1-AU-81-037
Army Operating Budget (AOB) Information Retrieval System NC1-AU-81-038
Programming Budgeting Accounting System NC1-AU-81-039
Command Analysis Budget Submission NC1-AU-81-040
The Army Automated Budget System Operation NC1-AU-81-041
Maintenance of Budget Systems NC1-AU-81-042
Army Automation Command Operating Budget Estimate NC1-AU-81-043
Army Automated Budget System Master Code File NC1-AU-81-044
Joint Resource Assessment Data Base Maintenance NC1-AU-81-045
Army Strength Reporting Files NC1-AU-81-046
Building Maintenance Files NC1-AU-81-047
Installation Maintenance Program Files NC1-AU-81-048
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Permit and License Files NC1-AU-81-049
Guide Specification Files NC1-AU-81-050
Entomology Service Files NC1-AU-81-051
Enlisted Loss Inventory Model - Computation of Manpower Programs Using Linear Programming (ELIM-COMPLIP) NC1-AU-81-052
Land Management Files NC1-AU-81-053
Central Accounting Division Centralized Nonappropriated Fund Payroll System NC1-AU-81-054
National Memorial Cemetery System NC1-AU-81-055
Surface Meteorological Observation Files NC1-AU-81-058
Aviation Management Information System NC1-AU-81-059
Army Community Service Program Files NC1-AU-81-060
Health Professional Registrant Files NC1-AU-81-062
Employee Service Record Files NC1-AU-81-063
Security Clearance Information Files NC1-AU-81-065
Medical Examination Files NC1-AU-81-066
Evidence Ledger and Evidence Custody Files NC1-AU-81-067
Issues to Soldiers Files NC1-AU-81-068
Military Personnel Assignment Files NC1-AU-81-069
Senior Executive Career Reference Files NC1-AU-81-070
Career Management Individual Files NC1-AU-81-071
Unfulfilled and Erroneous Enlistment Contract Files NC1-AU-82-001
MP (Military Police) Investigator Credential Control Files NC1-AU-82-002
Freight Rate Negotiation Files NC1-AU-82-003
Cryptonet Management Files NC1-AU-82-004
Signal Security Reporting Files NC1-AU-82-005
Army's Work on the Collection of Vietnam War Records NC1-AU-82-008
Prisoner of War / Civilian Internee / Detainee Files NC1-AU-82-009
Individual Deceased Personnel Files NC1-AU-82-010
Command Reporting Files NC1-AU-82-011
Instruction Files NC1-AU-82-012
Legislation Executive Orders Files NC1-AU-82-013
Automated Systems Security Management Files NC1-AU-82-014
Individual Flight Record Files NC1-AU-82-015
Aviator Flight Records NC1-AU-82-016
Utilities Operation Files NC1-AU-82-018
Locator Card Files NC1-AU-82-019
Transmittal Letter Files NC1-AU-82-020
Master Development Plan Files NC1-AU-82-021
Access Control Records NC1-AU-82-022
World-wide Locator Files NC1-AU-82-023
Office of Chief Engineers Standard Design Files and Division and District Standard Drawing Files NC1-AU-82-024
Individual Enemy Detainee Files NC1-AU-82-025
Individual Patient Diet Files NC1-AU-82-026
Storm Study Files NC1-AU-83-001
Accreditation of Automated Systems Security Files NC1-AU-83-002
Conservation of Natural Resources Files NC1-AU-83-003
Recruitment and Hiring of Civilians NC1-AU-83-004
Real Property Title/ Historical Files NC1-AU-83-005
Airfield Project Case Files, 1940-48 NC1-AU-83-006
Postal and Mail Services Files NC1-AU-83-007
Ammunition Data Card Files NC1-AU-83-008
Correction of Military Records Case Files NC1-AU-83-009
School Study Files NC1-AU-83-010
Hazardous Materiel Management Files NC1-AU-83-011
Public Award Case Files NC1-AU-83-012
Administrative Systems and Equipment Management Files NC1-AU-83-013
Climatological Data Files NC1-AU-83-015
Non-Interstate Highway System Files NC1-AU-83-016
Foreign National Tour Arrangement Files NC1-AU-83-017
Family Advocacy Case Management Team Files NC1-AU-83-018
Civil Works Guide Specification Files NC1-AU-83-019
Military Guide Specifications for Construction Contracts NC1-AU-83-020
Recruiter Malpractice Investigation Files NC1-AU-83-023
Trophy Firearm and Registration Files NC1-AU-83-027
Industrial Information Security Files NC1-AU-83-028
Signal Security Management Files NC1-AU-83-029
Intelligence Collection Files NC1-AU-83-030
Intelligence Dissemination Files NC1-AU-83-031
Scientific and Technical Intelligence Product Files NC1-AU-83-032
Captured Documents Files NC1-AU-83-033
Counterintelligence Collection Files NC1-AU-83-034
Counterintelligence Production Files NC1-AU-83-035
Counterintelligence Spot Reporting Files NC1-AU-83-036
Department of Defense Hotline Program Files NC1-AU-83-037
Relief from Responsibility (Liability Admitted) Files NC1-AU-83-039
Claim Reporting Files NC1-AU-83-041
Foreign Jurisdiction Reporting Files NC1-AU-83-042
Claim Journal and Index Files NC1-AU-83-043
Reserve Unit Attendance Files NC1-AU-83-046
Labor Negotiation Files NC1-AU-83-047
ROTC Scholarship Non-Selected Applicant Files NC1-AU-83-048
ROTC Cadet Record Files NC1-AU-83-049
Postage Meter Licenses NC1-AU-83-050
Nonjudicial Punishment Files NC1-AU-83-051
Examination Files NC1-AU-83-052
Tumor Registry Files NC1-AU-83-053
Postal Activity Reporting Files NC1-AU-83-056
Collateral Individual Training Record NC1-AU-84-001
Centralized Background Instruction Files NC1-AU-84-002
Internal Control Systems Files NC1-AU-84-003
Merit Pay Computation Files NC1-AU-84-004
NATO Consultation Service Files NC1-AU-84-005
Army Club/NAF Activity Membership Files NC1-AU-84-006
International Material Evaluation Files NC1-AU-84-013
International Professional Exchange Program Files NC1-AU-84-014
Cooperative Research and Development NC1-AU-84-015
MWDDEP (Mutual Weapons Development Date Exchange Program) and DDEP (Defense Development Exchange Program) Files NC1-AU-84-016
Development Sharing Program Files NC1-AU-84-017
International Military Standardization Agreement Files NC1-AU-84-018
International Equipment Reciprocal Use Files NC1-AU-84-019
International ABCA Standardization Files NC1-AU-84-020
International Meeting Files NC1-AU-84-021
International Standardization Policy Files NC1-AU-84-022
Official Military Personnel Folder Files NC1-AU-84-023
Nonjudicial Punishment Files NC1-AU-84-024
Diving Records NC1-AU-84-025
Privilege Card Application Files NC1-AU-84-027
Receipting Authority Files NC1-AU-84-028
Academic and Institutional Research Records NC1-AU-84-029
Patient Condition Reporting Files NC1-AU-84-030
Vehicle Registration and Driver Record Files NC1-AU-84-031
Management Survey Case Files NC1-AU-84-032
Civilian-Contractual Individual Service Review Board Files NC1-AU-84-033
Management Improvement Project Files NC1-AU-84-034
Instructor Information Files NC1-AU-84-035
Equipment Name Files NC1-AU-84-036
Government Copyright and Trademark License Grant Files NC1-AU-84-037
Copyright License and Assignment Files NC1-AU-84-038
Copyright Authorization Files NC1-AU-84-039
Marine Qualification Board Files NC1-AU-84-040
Sick Books, Morning Reports, and Burial Registers for German and Italian Prisoners of War, 1942-46 NC1-AU-84-041
Individual Financial History Files NC1-AU-84-042
Commercial Business Solicitation Files NC1-AU-84-043
Religious Census, Education, and Registration Files NC1-AU-84-044
Personnel Action Suspense Reporting Files NC1-AU-85-001
Harbor Line Approval Files NC1-AU-85-002
Corps of Engineers Post Action Reporting Files NC1-AU-85-003
Corps of Engineers Investigational Project Files NC1-AU-85-006
Economic Data Files NC1-AU-85-008
Environmental Pollution Abatement Files NC1-AU-85-009
Withholding Tax Files NC1-AU-85-012
Korean National Direct Hire Individual Pay Record NC1-AU-85-013
Committee Files NC1-AU-85-014
Quality of Life Administrative Files NC1-AU-85-015
Corps of Engineers Louisville District Photographic Negative Files NC1-AU-85-016
Unit Award Case Files NC1-AU-85-017
Flood Plain Management Assistance Files NC1-AU-85-018
Civil Works Projects Project and Index Map Files NC1-AU-85-019
Flood Plain Management Data Files NC1-AU-85-020
Processing of Oversea Replacement (POR) Files NC1-AU-85-021
U.S. Army Arsenals Records Held at NPRC (Military) and WNRC NC1-AU-85-022
Army Service School Records, 1917-67 NC1-AU-85-023
NPRC (Military) Various Organizational Files, 1947-63 NC1-AU-85-024
NPRC (Military) Hospital Records, 1946-65 NC1-AU-85-025
Flood Plain Management Services Study Files NC1-AU-85-026
Chief of Engineers Survey Report Files NC1-AU-85-027
Top Secret Material Accountability Files NC1-AU-85-028
Road Test Research Files NC1-AU-85-029
Traffic Engineering Survey and Study Files NC1-AU-85-030
Interstate Highway System Files NC1-AU-85-031
Commercial Film Certificates NC1-AU-85-032
Receipt for Petty Cash and Change Fund Files NC1-AU-85-033
Internal Distribution Scheme Files NC1-AU-85-034
Military Mapping and Geodetic Program Files NC1-AU-85-035
Mapping Agreement Files NC1-AU-85-036
Mapping and Geodetic Study Files NC1-AU-85-037
Questionnaire Survey Files NC1-AU-85-038
Mapping and Geodetic Conference Files NC1-AU-85-040
Mapping Intermediate Manuscript Files NC1-AU-85-041
Geographic Position and Universal Transverse Mercator Coordinate Files NC1-AU-85-042
Army War Crimes Reporting Files NC1-AU-85-043
Civil Works Plant Data Files NC1-AU-85-044
Unsatisfactory Subsistence Files NC1-AU-85-045
Reserve Component Evaluation Files NC1-AU-85-046
Loan and Grant Administration Files NC1-AU-85-047
Commitment Document Files NC1-AU-85-048
Preventative Medicine Survey Files NC1-AU-85-049
Commercial Food Establishment Reporting Files NC1-AU-85-050
Telecommunications Center Message Files NC1-AU-85-058
Real Estate Management Files NC1-AU-85-059
Commercial Activities Files NC1-AU-85-060
Personnel Management Study Files NC1-AU-85-061
Joint Airborne/ Air Transportability Training Files NC1-AU-85-062
Competition Advocacy Files NC1-AU-85-063
Army Science Board (ASB) NC1-AU-85-064
United States Military Academy (USMA) Admission Files NC1-AU-85-065
Material Engineering Case Files NC1-AU-85-066
Communicable Disease Reporting Files NC1-AU-85-067
Quarters Terminations NC1-AU-85-069
Standardization Documents NC1-AU-85-070
Veterinary Sanitation Inspection of Animal Facilities NC1-AU-85-071
Technical Report Record Files NC1-AU-85-072
Unfunded Study Files NC1-AU-85-073
Manpower Staffing Standard NC1-AU-85-075
Manpower Statistical Data NC1-AU-85-076
Manpower Reporting Files NC1-AU-85-077
Manpower Requirements Criteria Development Files NC1-AU-85-078
Commissioned Officer Aviation Position Criteria Files NC1-AU-85-079
Aircraft Maintenance Records NC1-AU-85-080